Ashley Saunders

In addition to being the editor-in-chief of My Dream Haus and CEO of AJS Digital Group, Ashley is passionate about dogs, Monaco, Bentley cars and classic style.

Hide Wheelie Bins

4 Cheap ways to hide wheelie bins

Don’t let rubbish and recycling boxes clutter your driveway. Instead, use one of our affordable ideas to hide wheelie bins and keep your front garden tidy.

Fibaro home automation system

How to build your dream Fibaro home automate system

As a relative new-comer, Fibaro has captured a large part of the home automation market with an innovative approach, excellent products, and Z Wave integration.

Cold Weather Payments

What are Cold Weather Payments and how do I apply?

If temperatures dip, then you could be eligible for Department for Work and Pensions cold weather payments. This top-up cash will help with your heating bills.

winter home renovations

12 DIY winter home renovations that add value

There are plenty of winter home renovations you can complete quickly and in poor weather that will add value to your home and make living there more enjoyable!

work with an architect

How do I work with an architect?

Your relationship with your architect can make or break your project. So, it’s vital you understand how best to work with an architect before employing one.

bedroom lighting ideas

12 bedroom lighting ideas to create calm

Creating a sense of calm in the bedroom is vital, especially if you want a good night’s sleep. Use our bedroom lighting ideas to improve the peacefulness.

roof repair signs

12 Signs your home needs roof repair immediately

Don’t wait for the sky to fall to address any roof repairs! Instead, look out for the common signs that your roof requires some attention and act quickly.

best TV stand

Best TV stand under £100 for 2021 Reviewed

Positioning your TV for the right viewing angle requires a stand. However with such a wide range available, what is the best TV stand under £100 for 2021?

Can estate agents lie about offers

Can estate agents lie about offers?

Few professions are more distrusted than estate agents. Whether you agree with the popular opinion or not, you might wonder can estate agents lie about offers?