Top 15 best home office chairs for work at home

Best home office chair

As the work from home trend continues, you’ll want to treat yourself to the best home office chair to ensure you’re comfortable whether you’re typing, answering Zoom call or merely surfing the web!


There are thousands of office chairs and hundreds of home office desks currently available. You’d seemingly run out of patience long before you’ve seen every option!


So we’ve narrowed our selection option to only include chairs that are comfortable, height adjustable, flexible and feature a modern design. We’d quite happily have any of these, especially if we’re aiming to create a comfortable home office design on a budget.


So what’s the best home office chair for your office to that’s comfortable, hard-wearing and will encourage productivity.



JL Comfurni Gaming and Office Desk Chair

JL Comfurni Gaming and Office Desk Chair

photo by JL Comfurni


You might find seeing this gaming chair, a little disconcerting, however, if you have to work long hours, nothing with be as comfortable. Available in a range of colour options, the JL Comfurni Gaming and Office Desk Chair sports a modern design and measures 126 cm (h) by 64 cm (w) by 57 cm (d).


Designed for gaming but equally useful in a home office, this high-back swivel chair is made of premium PU leather and a robust metal frame. Its includes a soft footrest, excellent lumbar support and a headrest. Extra seat padding ensures comfort, regardless of how long you’ve been sat.


As a highly adjustable chair, each armrest offers 45° rotation of left and right and moved up and down function, allowing you to find a position which is comfortable for your arms and wrists. A retractable footrest provides further comfort for your feet.


The backrest easily tilts to the desired angle by laying on it, yet it returns to its original position when you leave the chair. The hard-wearing, anti-skid, feet offer 360° rotation, enabling you to move around with ease.


As it arrives flat-packed, you’ll need to assemble the chair, which takes around 20 minutes thanks to the well-written and detailed instruction manual. It comes with a 12-month warranty and free lifetime technical support.




ModernLuxe Mesh Office Chair

ModernLuxe Mesh Office Chair

photo by ModernLuxe


Sporting a classic design, the ModernLuxe Mesh Office Chair will slot into any interior scheme, making it ideal if you don’t have a dedicated home office. Arriving flat-packed, assemble is simple and requires no tools. It measures 100 cm (h) by 48 cm (w) by 66 cm (d).


The soft high-density sponge seat is covered with durable, breathable mesh fabric. It offers good elasticity and excellent comfort over long hours. The flip-up arms mean you can easily use or push them out of the way, depending on the situation. It easily slides under most desks.


With a 120° tilt, a tilt tension control knob is located under the seat and can adjust the recline angle. The rocking mode relaxes after a long day. Simple, pull out the handle to start rocking and push it in to stop.


The backrest design follows the natural curve of the human body, aiding in the releasing of pressure from your spine while reducing muscle fatigue. The heavy-duty base features smooth and silence rolling casters, which effortlessly glide no matter the flooring without leaving marks.




Vinsetto Velvet-Feel Tub Office Chair

Vinsetto Velvet-Feel Tub Office Chair

photo by Vinsetto


The Vinsetto Velvet-Feel Tub Office Chair features a subtle design and fabric colour, meaning it will look superb in a range of interiors and home office. A built massage function relaxes your body and muscles and is USB powered.


Sporting a tub-shaped design includes high sides and back, providing your body with a superior level of support. A thick foam filling provides the user with excellent comfort, while the velvet-feel upholstery is soft and smooth to the touch.


Adjust the chair’s height between 79 and 89 cm for the best sitting position. It measures 89 (h) cm by 55 cm (w) by 65cm (d). The swivel seat and a five-wheel base make moving it almost effortlessly.




COMHOMA Office Desk Chair

COMHOMA Office Desk Chair

photo by COMHOMA


The COMHOMA Office Desk Chair is inexpensive and features a solid, yet simple design. It’s ideal for work, gaming, watching TV, or having a rest. Measuring 103 cm (h) by 67 cm (w) by 60 cm (d), it can easily slot under most desks with ease.


A soft, high-density sponge seat is covered with durable breathable mesh fabric. It offers good elasticity and difficult to deform, allowing you to sit comfortably for hours. As a height-adjustable chair, the heavy-duty base and nylon smooth-rolling casters for stability and moveability.


The ergonomic design features a curved backrest, which perfectly lines up with the human body. A lumbar support system resembles a pair of hands, ensuring your back is supported. The thick padded back and seat, add to the feeling of comfort.


It easily swivels through 360° and features a rocking function which can be adjusted using a control under the seat. Adjustable armrests can be folded up or down, depending on the user.


Arriving flat-packed with an Allen key, it does require assembly. However, the instructions guide you step by step, using images and diagrams.




EUCO Desk Chair

EUCO Desk Chair

photo by EUCO


Highly affordable and available in a range of colours and both fabric and leather, the EUCO Desk Chair will add an air of sophistication to any home office or interior. It’s easy to assemble, and it comes with all accessories.


It’s constructed using high-quality fabric, which is simple to clean and durable. The heavy-duty steel base ensures stability, while five flexible, high-quality casters allow for easy movement. The chair offers 360-degree swivel.


The ergonomic design includes curved contours with high-elasticity sponge, which is stylish and enables the user to stay comfortable even over many hours of working.


Perfect for home office use, it measures 81 cm (h) by 38 cm (w) by 35 cm (d). The height is adjustable between 71 and 81 cm.




Yaheetech Executive Office Chair

Yaheetech Executive Office Chair

photo by Yaheetech


Combining mesh and PU Leather, the Yaheetech Executive Office Chair looks timeless. The leather seat cushion is easy to maintain and durable, which the breathable mesh back offers superior support.


It measures 106 cm (h) by 59 cm (w) by 61 cm (d). The soft seat cushion is padded with high-density sponge, offering a comfortable sitting experience.


Featuring an adjustable seat height and centre-tilt tension, you can easily adjust the chair to your preferred sitting positions. Five nylon castors ensure steady and smooth mobility without damaging the floor and with 360° rotation.


Assembly is required, but this process is easier thanks to the included illustrated instructions, necessary tools and fittings. You should be able to assemble the chair in around 15 minutes.




Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair with Footrest

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

photo by Hbada


If you like to lay nearly flat while reading or on the phone, yet be able to sit upright to type, then consider ordering the Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair with Footrest. Overall dimensions: 68 cm (w) by 127 cm (d – reclined) by 114 cm (h).


The black mesh office chair promotes increased airflow, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable during long sessions. Designed to provide you all-day comfort with fully upholstered back, a height-adjustable seat, armrests and pullout footrest.


The Synchro tilt reclines the backrest, increasing the angle between your torso and thighs for a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position. As a highly adjustable chair, after finding your best position, use the tilt lock function to keep it set-up for you.


The steel frame construction ensures durability, while five silence castors enable for quick and easy movement on any surface. Buy it with a risk-free 30 Day and 1 Year Warranty against any defects.




Umi Office Chair

Umi Office Chair

photo by Umi


Simple and minimalism designed, the Umi Office Chair adds a stylish accent to your home office and comes with a 1-year warranty. This chair has a modern look that perfectly blends in any interior scheme within your home and office.


The ergonomic design promotes a good sitting posture, avoiding stress on the back. Adding further comfort is the thick sponge padded seat and backrest. It measures 49 cm (h) by 45 cm (w) by 51 cm (d).


Covering the seat is gorgeous, vegan leather material that is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and long-lasting. A pneumatic seat height adjustment allows you to raise or lower it for comfort.


It also offers 360° swivel, tilt function, and upright lock function. The chair can swing back and forth between 0-15° by adjusting the Rock knob. Simply put, you could easily spend hours sitting in the chair and feel fresh the moment you stand up.




SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

photo by SIHOO


Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplistic design of the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair. Certified by BIFMA and SGS., this office chair uses the highest quality materials and can be assembled in eight steps!


Measuring 130 cm (h) by 70 cm (w) by 45 cm (d) and with five adjustable elements, easily find the most comfortable seating position. These include lumbar support, headrest, stepless seat height, and tilt adjustment, as well as height adjustable arms.


The W-shaped seat design ensures you sit centrally and feel the full support of the backrest. The waterfall front edge of the seat ensures minimum pressure on your legs. The cushioned seat is finished in a durable breathable mesh fabric.


A premium backrest with mesh fabric is flexible and promotes airflow to eliminate sweating. The chair’s arms can be tilted at 90-125°. The headrest can be swivelled up to 45° and can be adjusted 10 cm up and down to protect the spine.


Each armrest is made of excellent nylon material and can be easily lifted. The aluminium alloy frame is durable, polished, and practical. The five casters have PU covered edges to allow smooth and silent gliding over any surface without damaging it.




SHA XiaZhi Office Chair

SHA XiaZhi Office Chair

photo by SHA


This SHA XiaZhi Office Chair is ideal for the home office or gaming. Its ergonomic design is closer to racing car bucket seats and will not easily deform. Available in a range of colours, it measures 114 cm (h) by 57 cm (w) by 46 cm (d).


This chair offers excellent comfort and convenience with high-quality PU leather and thick padding. Easily adjust the chair with its height-adjustable lever and vertical tilt and lock function.


Your body is supported by the double padded backrest and seat cradle, which ensure your comfort, even if you’re sat for a long time. The well-padded armrests ease the fatigue in your shoulders and arms. The newly designed casters with anti-skid pads allow you to glide with ease.




NICEMOODS Home desk chair

NICEMOODS Home desk chair

photo by NICEMOODS


Available in three subtle colours, the NICEMOODS Home desk chair is stylish enough to be useful around the home and not just for the study. Not only is the chair comfortable, but it also durable.


Made using high-quality materials, the chair is finished in artificial leather, which easy to clean and durable. The high-density sponge filling ensures comfort. 360-degree swivel legs and a stable base means moving it between rooms is easy.


Adjust the chair’s height according to your exact requirements or to adapt to different tables. It measures 92 cm (h) by 50 cm (w) by 35 cm (d).




LeMonde Adjustable Swivel Office Chair

LeMonde Office Chair

photo by LeMonde


If you’re looking for a more classic look, then consider the elegant LeMonde Office Chair. It is adjustable between 90 and 98 cm and swivels 360 degrees.


This vintage-inspired chair uses waterproof PU leather that is easy to clean it with a wet cloth. Its design ensures long, reliable performance. Five swivel wheels offer smooth movement on all floor types.


Both the backrest and armrests are filled with high-density sponge, ensuring your comfort, regardless of how long you’re sat in it for. Despite its classic styling, it will look superb in most rooms within your home.


Dimensions: 98 cm (h) by 48 cm (w) by 61 cm (d). Easy to assemble as both instructions and accessories.




Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair

photo by Dripex


Ideal the office, study and more, the Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair is reliable and comfortable. The specially designed backrest helps to relieve your spine, keep it aligned properly. It measures 119 cm (h) by 69 cm (w) and 52 cm (d).


Find your ideal sitting position thanks to the ergonomic design. Covered with high-density strength mesh, which improves air circulation, allowing you to you stay cool while working. The padded seat disperses hip pressure, offering you a comfortable sitting experience.


Two adjustable handles allow you to set the height of the chair and reclining angle of the backrest with ease. Its casters can rotate 360° without noise or leaving marks, making it ideal for most floors types and moving around.


Use the tilt mode to find the ideal sitting angle. Pull up the handle and recline, then pull it down to lock at any angle between 90°-140°. Arriving with all the necessary tools and well-written instructions, a single person can build the chair in around five minutes.




Fullwatt Office Chair

Fullwatt Office Chair

photo by Fullwatt


With a sophisticated yet simple design, the Fullwatt Office Chair is ideal for use in an office, study and around the home. It features a curved backrest with lumbar support to improve your posture and relieve the awful back pain caused by sedentary sitting.


Flip-up armrests enable you to slide the chair under the table after completing your work or study. The mesh backrest and soft linen sponge cushion keep you comfortable all day long. A tension knob allows you to adjust the inclination.


The castors can easily rotate 360°, making it easy to move the chair around. Use the control handle to raise or lower the seat. Easy to assemble with clear instruction. It measures 92 cm (h) by 59 cm (w) by 55 cm (d).




Panana Ergonomic Executive Chair

Panana Ergonomic Executive Chair

photo by Panana


Highly affordable and available several bright colours, the Panana Ergonomic Executive Chair spots a modern design and blends a striking galvanized metal frame with mesh backrest and padded seat.


Adjust the seat’s height using the push/pull lever beneath the seat. The built-in SGS-Certified gas lift ensures smooth, safe height adjustments. The backrest offers superb support while reducing the likelihood of back pains. Comfy armrests also reduce stress on your shoulders.


The heavy-duty nylon base allows 360-degree swivel and also includes a rocking function. Arriving flat-packed, it’s easy to assemble and keep clean. It measures 98 cm (h) by 48 cm (w) by 46 cm (d).




And the best home office chair is…?

It would be impossible for us to pick the best home office chair or even one suitable for your home office without knowing how much space you have available and your interior scheme.


That said, to us the best home office chair is the Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair with Footrest.


Closely followed by the Dripex Ergonomic Office Chair and LeMonde Adjustable Swivel Office Chair.