Best wine rack under £100 reviewed 2021

best wine rack

Wine is the best antidote to many of life’s problems. Whether you look forward to a glass after work, using it in cooking or sharing a bottle with friends. So, it makes sense to use the best wine rack to store your favourite bottles.


Some will have an extensive collection of wine with bottles from a variety of the leading producers the world over, that needs to be correctly stored to maintain them. Others will have a few bottles they will want to display in their kitchen.


As the best wine rack for your needs is different from your neighbours, we’ve found a range from hand-crafted units that sit on the counter-top as well as modular systems that hold over 50 bottles. All solutions on our list of the best wine racks cost under £100, with most available for £50 or less.



Homfa 28 Bottle Wine Rack

Homfa Wine Rack

photo by Homfa


With it’s an understated and simplistic design, the Homfa 28 Bottle Wine Rack allows you to present 28 bottles of your favourite wines horizontally. It’s natural wood tones, means it blends superbly into most kitchens.


Ideal if you’re limited on space, this bottle rack suits for all standard wine bottle sizes and can be used in the kitchen, dining room and living room. On each of the seven shelves, display up to 4 bottles, for a total of 28. The top is perfect for displaying glasses, plates, or mugs.


Made from sustainable natural bamboo, it’s sturdy and stable construction ensure long time performance and ease of cleaning. Arriving flat packed with illustrated instructions for easy assembly. It measures 47 cm (w) by 29 cm (d) by 94 cm (h).




Namesakes Handcrafted Wooden Wine Rack Tree for 6 Bottles

Namesakes Handcrafted Wooden Wine Rack

photo by Namesakes


These beautiful Wine Holders by Namesakes have all been handmade by skilled artisan craftsmen! Each Wine rack is carved from a single piece of solid wood and it holds 6 bottles.


As a fairtrade item, it is ethically sourced. With their beautiful natural wood grains and smooth tactile finish, each wine rack is unique. They make a wonderful gift for Christmas or Birthday present.


While it’s a superb wine rack, it can double as a superb ornament for the home. The approximate size 23 cm (w) by 8.5 cm (d) by 39 cm (h).




GRIZZLY Modular Bottle Rack for 72 Wine Bottles

GRIZZLY Modular Bottle Rack

photo by GRIZZLY


For a large wine collection, consider the GRIZZLY Modular Bottle Rack for 72 Wine Bottles. This free-standing modular wine rack is moisture resistant and is suitable for your cellar, garage and basement. Plus, it can be wall-mounted.


The compartments offer space to organise bigger bottles of champagne, sparkling wines, bottles of water and soft drinks up to 1,5 l. You can easily store bottles of a wide range of sizes and shapes.


Made from plastic and arriving ready to use, simply stack them as the compartment-parts interlock. There are no complicated set-up instructions.


The subtle Anthracite colour makes the unit suitable for the kitchens or the dining or living room as it blends in with all your modern or classic furniture. Measures 60 cm (w) by 28 cm (d) by 147 cm (h).




IFA LIVING Wall Mounted Wine Rack for 8 Bottles

IFA LIVING Wall Mounted Wine Rack

photo by IFA LIVING


Stylishly display your wine collection with the LIFA LIVING Wall Mounted Wine Rack. Designed to hold eight bottles, this vertical wine storage rack is ideal for use in the kitchen, living room and home. Made from metal with a subtle black finish, it measures 30 cm (w) by 9 cm (d) by 100 cm (h).


This elegant wall wine rack comes with eight slots to firmly display favourite bottles in place. Its open design also makes it easier to reach each bottle while impressing your guests.


Crafted from high-quality metal, this stainless steel wall rack is rust-resistant and offers a long term performance that you will enjoy for years to come. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble.




Zeller 25 Bottle Wine Rack

Zeller 25 Bottle Wine Rack

photo by Zeller Present Handels GmbH


If you prefer a more rustic vibe, then consider the Zeller 25 Bottle Wine Rack. This handy wine rack is made from natural wood and can accommodate up to 25 bottles.


Use this wine rack within your kitchen or dining room and enjoy direct access to your wine collection. It is stackable and can therefore is adaptable to your room. If you need more wine storage, then simply add additional modules.


No assembly required and the Zeller wine rack measures 52 cm (w) by 52 cm (h) by 25 cm (d). It could easily be painted or saint to fit within your interior.




CHRISTOW Boat Wine Rack for 17 Bottles

CHRISTOW Boat Wine Rack

photo by CHRISTOW


If the typical wine rack designs don’t appeal to you, then the CHRISTOW Boat Wine Rack should! This stylish freestanding Boat Wine Rack measures 34 cm (w) by 18 cm (d) by 98 cm (h) and stores up to 17 bottles of wine.


Modelled on a boat in a vertically standing position, it’s a perfect gift idea for a boating enthusiast or wine connoisseur. Arriving pre-assembled, you can immediately store and display your wine collection.


With traditional groove shelves, it is designed to hold up to 17 x 75cl bottles of wine or round spirit bottles. It’s also suitable for larger bottles, such as Prosecco bottles or 1-litre bottles of spirit, but these will stick out.


Made from composite wood with a dark oak finish, it has a premium look and feel. While strong and sturdy, it’s also very lightweight compared to solid wood. Moving it around is easy as is cleaning it!


Thanks to its slimline shape, it takes up minimal space when pushed against a wall, making it perfect for decorating a narrow hallway or smaller room.




Maison & White 6 bottle Rose Gold Wine Rack

Maison White Rose Gold Wine Rack

photo by Maison & White


This Maison & White 6 bottle Rose Gold Wine Rack is highly affordable, stylish and ideal for most modern interiors. Its hexagon design, made from stainless steel and is finished in a rose gold hue. Easily hold up to six bottles of your favourite wines.


Sporting a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing design, this wine rack is fantastic for storing your favourite bottles. The compact design makes it ideal for the kitchen, dining room or wine cellar.


The free-standing design looks at home on kitchen or side counters without risk of any movement. This Maison & White Rose Gold Wine Rack comes with a 2-year warranty. Dimensions: 28 cm (w) by 21 cm (l) by 27 cm (h).




Isasar Retro Wall Mount Wine Rack for 7 bottles

Isasar Vintage Retro Wine Rack

photo by Isasar


If you’re hoping to make a statement with your wine collection, then you need the Isasar Retro Wall Mount Wine Rack. Holding seven bottles, it’s ideal for the dining room, kitchen and even the cinema room.


The retro yet timeless design creates a stunning visual display for your wine, which will impress guests. It is easily mounted to almost any wall surface. The package includes mounting hardware.


This wine rack is perfect for any wine lover from the amateur to the connoisseur. It’s superb for any home and also as a gift. It measures 38 cm (l) by 8 cm (w) by 69 cm (h).




Display4top 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top

Display4top Wine Rack

photo by Display4top


There’s more to the Display4top 32 Bottle Display Wine Rack with Glass Table Top than you might spot at first glance. As a free-standing unit, it holds 32 wine bottles yet has a tabletop, allowing you to store glasses, cups or even place snacks on it!


Made from stainless steel and finished with a durable powder coating. The black tempered glass top is ideal for glasses or corkscrews and adds extra functionality and style. Adjustable feet add additional stability. The sleek, modern design has no visible screws on the exterior for a clean finish.


Specially designed keep bottles stable, while ensuring the corks are fully moisturized. Your wine stays fresh, yet each bottle is easily accessible. Arriving flat packed, it is easy to assemble and measures 71 cm (w) by 20 cm (d) by 53 cm (h).




DS Wineware 30 Bottle Traditional Wine Rack

DS Wineware Traditional Rack

photo by DS Wineware


If you’re looking for a classic design, then DS Wineware 30 Bottle Traditional Wine Rack is ideal. Made in the UK with FSC certified pine and British steel, the design is functional yet simplistic.


With plenty of slots, store up to 30 wine, champagne or 1-litre bottles safely. Arriving ready to use, there no assembly required. It measures 63 cm (w) 24 cm (d) by 44 cm (h).




Relaxdays Walnut Wine Rack For 25 Bottles

Relaxdays Walnut Wine Rack

photo by Relaxdays


As a Charming wooden wine rack, the Relaxdays Walnut Wine Rack For 25 Wine Bottles provides an excellent way to store wine within an earthy-toned unit.


Each of the 25 bottles is held horizontally, meaning the corks stay moist and the wine airtight. The five shelves, each holds five bottles ensuring the weight is evenly distributed.


Crafted from robust Walnut wood with fine grain patterns, both sides feature an interesting rutic pattern. The Walnut wood shelves ensure the bottles are safe and secure. The friendly-rustic style looks great in almost any home.


Easy to assemble, the package includes screws and hex key. it measures 63 cm (w) by 25 cm (d) by 73 cm (h).




CASART 72 Bottle Wine Rack

CASART Wine Rack

photo by CASART


As 6-tier free-standing Stackable unit, the CASART 72 Bottle Wine Rack is an excellent choice for the Kitchen, Dining Room, Bar and Wine Cellar. Easy to assemble. It measures 119 cm (w) by 29 cm (d) by 72cm(h).


Made of pine, this wine rack is of solid and stable construction. Each piece of wood has deep notches, which can be combined easily. The wave-shaped slots prevent wine bottles from rolling, giving you a tidy and safe storage environment.


Ideal for wine collectors, the 6-tier compact stacking wine rack can store 72 bottles of wine. As bottles are stored horizontally, your wine is kept fresh. Plus the natural wooden colour allows this wine holder to blends well with surroundings.




VintageView 24 Bottle Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack

VintageView Wall Wine Rack

photo by VintageView


As the perfect intersection of size and storage, the VintageView 24 Bottle Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack showcases your bottles in a modern fashion. It can be stacked to reach any commercial or residential collection requirements.


Crafted from high-quality steel, and offered in a range of finishes including satin black, brushed nickel, and chrome. Designed to hold up to 24 bottles (750ml). The modular design makes it easy to add multiple wine racks to a wall.


Backed by a lifetime warranty, this modern wine storage option is easy-to-install on any wall in your home. Hardware for plasterboard and wood-backed wall installs included. It measures 122 cm (h) by 33 cm (w) by 21 cm (d).




Deuba Wooden 12 Bottle Wine Rack Barrel Shape

Deuba Wine Rack Barrel

photo by Deuba


If your wine collection deserves an epic storage solution, then the Deuba Wooden 12 Bottle Wine Rack Barrel Shape will be the ticket. It’s truly impressive with its appealing vintage look and will leave your guests speechless! Not one for the shy or retiring!


As a free-standing wood design, barrel shape wine rack is unique and holds up to 12 bottles. It’s made from robust, pre-oiled acacia wood, which ensures it’s solid and will last.


Whether for your home or as a gift this beautiful wine rack is a real pleasure for every wine lover. It can hold a variety of bottles sizes and shapes, making it ideal for a games room or media/cinema room. It measures 49 cm (w) by 30 cm (d) by 89 cm (h).




COSTWAY Traditional Wine Rack for 24 Bottles and 18 Glasses

COSTWAY Traditional Wine Rack

photo by COSTWAY


Ideal as a bar, the COSTWAY Traditional Wine Rack seamlessly stores 24 bottles and 18 glasses as well as offering a tabletop. Such a stylish wine rack is perfect for your kitchen, wine cellar, bar, dining room and more. It’s a superb option for the wine collector.


Made from high-quality pine wood, this wine rack offers a sturdy frame that’s capable of holding up to 50 kg in weight and uses an anti-corrosion finish. It holds 24 bottles of wine and also offer six chutes on the top, which hold up to 18 glasses.


The wave-shaped shelves with arc design prevent wine bottles from sliding. As each bottle sits at a slight angle, corks are moisturized to guarantee the freshness of the wine. Regardless of what you’re storing, each bottle is easily accessible and well-protected.


As well as storing wine bottles, the tabletop is fantastic for displaying opened wine bottles, glasses, snacks and even books. Easy to assemble. It measures 80 cm (w) by 42 cm (d) by 90 cm (h).




And the best wine rack under £200 is?

Let’s face it, there are plenty of options when it comes to picking the best wine rack. It’s a tricky decision.


If you’re looking a small solution for a couple of bottles, then consider the Maison & White 6 bottle Rose Gold Wine Rack. It’s stylish, affordable and will fit into most interiors. We also love the IFA LIVING Wall Mounted Wine Rack for 8 Bottles as it’s compact, easy fitted to a wall and has a subtle finish.


You may be looking for a more traditional option, have a look at the Relaxdays Walnut Wine Rack For 25 Bottles or the COSTWAY Traditional Wine Rack for 24 bottles and 18 Glasses. Both draw inspiration from classic design yet offer a modern version.


Finally, if you’re trying to make an impression, then you’ve got to seriously consider the Deuba Wooden 12 Bottle Wine Rack Barrel Shape. It will elicit all kinds of reactions! But isn’t for the faint hearted!