7 Steps to buy your dream home

Buy Your Dream Home

When thinking about how to buy your dream home, it’s worth considering what Samuel Johnson wrote in 1750 “to be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition”.


Imagine for a second that you’re just about to you buy your dream home. A place where your family can thrive, be safe and create long-lasting memories.


Now focus on what’s stopping you from achieving your dream. Is it lack of vision? No strategy? Or don’t know the first step?


All of these are common pitfalls. However, with the right mindset, all of these issues are easily overcome. Once you’ve got the right tools and mindset, it’s possible to buy your dream home.



#1 Know what YOUR dream home is (and isn’t)

know your dream property


You can’t realize your dream if you don’t know what it is and isn’t. Creating your dream home has little to do with the building. It’s more about how you choose to live.


A dream home will allow children to flourish. It’s a safe space away from the crazy daily life. Your dream will reflect your personality and be distinctive.


Our dream home shouldn’t prevent us from doing the things we want to do. It should be a problem-free zone.


Your dream home should not be defined by:

  • That over-the-top fantasy mansion on TV (fantasy being the key word here!)
  • The biggest, flashiest home on the market
  • Someone else’s dream


Understanding what dream property is and isn’t, can help you achieve your goal quicker. Don’t forget these house buying tips during the process.



#2 Your personal vision

vision for dream house


Before you can search for and buy your dream home, the first step is to create a clear vision. Start by sitting alone in a quiet place. Write down what you want your life to look like when you’re living in your dream property.


Start with big picture life objectives.


Who lives with you?


Where and how do you work (at home? nearby?). How you get to and from the office every day?


What does your family do in their spare time? Do any of them need a dedicated space?


Also, consider how important having neighbours, a local coffee shop and other daily essentials.



#3 “Be stubborn on the vision and flexible on the details”

flexible details


That’s a quote from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. It nicely explains his philosophy of creative problem-solving. There are parallels between this famous saying and the process you are going through when hunting for your dream home.


Whether you’re spending hundreds of thousands or millions to buy your dream home, compromise is unavoidable. Adopting this Amazon-style ‘flexibility on the details’ empowers all to suggest creative solutions.



#4 Communicate your dream clearly

Communicate dream clearly


A frequently issue is your estate agent is trying to reach his viewing targets. And so show us properties that simply don’t fit our requirements. Even if you have a great agent, you’ll still be disappointed when your champagne tastes and beer budgets don’t align.


The best way to avoid this is to be clear on your vision and budget. Then communicate this to your agent with crystal clarity.


Remember it’s your job to educate the estate agent!



#5 Stick to your plan!

dream house plan


Dreams may seem a general distraction from life. However, making your dream home come true requires a firm understanding of the numbers.


Consider your monthly budget for a moment. Could you trim the fat and save more each month? Probably.


This extra money could transform your finances and enable you to make your dream come true. Start by creating a list of your current spending. Please, be honest! Once complete, examine every item on the list.


Trust me there will be items on the list you can eliminate today. You can grow this money by saving or investing and end up with a larger deposit.


Being able to buy your dream home will involve a strong and sober commitment to managing your finances.


Financial management is a lot of eating well. Dieting doesn’t always produce the best long-term results. However, smaller portion sizes over a long period will help you to maintain a healthier life.



#6 Get uncomfortable



As you search to find and buy your dream home, bear in mind that creating a comfortable home might require you to do some uncomfortable things.


Creating and sticking to a budget, is one. Another is having frank conversations with your partner. Negotiating a potential purchase is uncomfortable. So is managing your emotions.


Thankfully, all of these awkward moments are temporary. However, avoiding any of them could land you in long-term problems and could hurt you financially.



#7 Know your long-term vision

long term vision


The home you buy now might not be your forever home. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with the prospect of staying put for at least 5-7 years before selling up.


Keep your eyes on the prize, the long-term goal, which is to buy your dream home. Don’t let the weight of life hold you back from achieving this goal.


If you have a goal and you get creative then you’ll find a solution to any problems that may arise.



How to buy your dream home!

These seven ideas will enable you to buy your dream home. If you’re still on the look out for properties, what’s your life’s vision? Start dreaming today, write down vision and plan out your 5 year plan and goals.