Robomow RX12u review

Robomow RX12u robotic lawn mower review

Worth considering if you have a small garden, the Robomow RX12u can mow lawns up to 250m2. It offers a cutting width of 18 cm and uses a Lead Acid battery.

Container garden basics

Container garden basics: How to start a micro-garden

Don’t let a lack of space or budget hold you back from starting a beautiful garden! This container garden basics guide will enable you to start a micro-garden.

best driveway material

What’s the best driveway material to use?

As first impressions matter, keeping your driveway looking well-maintained is important. But what’s best driveway material for your home? How much will it cost?

Start a balcony garden that blooms all year round

Start a balcony garden that blooms all year round

Even the smallest balcony can be transformed into a peaceful garden that can be enjoyed all year round. With some creativity, you can start a balcony garden!

GARDENA smart sileno city 500 robomower review

GARDENA smart sileno city 500 robomower review

As a stylish robotic lawnmower, the GARDENA smart sileno city 500 offers app control, efficient battery life and a detail cut on small to medium lawns.

winter flowering pot plants

8 Winter flowering pot plants to add interest to your garden

Creating an ever-changing display of colour is possible during the colder months as there’s plenty of winter flowering pot plants that are easy to care for.

Grow Cucumbers

How to grow cucumbers – an easy beginner’s guide

Cucumbers are a fantastic vegetable to grow in your garden especially as they’re used in many dishes and are tasty. Here is a guide on how to grow cucumbers.

Honda MIIMO HRM310 robot mower review

Honda MIIMO HRM310 robot mower review

If you have a medium to large lawn then the Honda MIIMO HRM310 is worth the steep price. It charges quickly, offers 3 modes and has a built-in anti-theft alarm.

Automatic vs Bump feed trimmers

Automatic vs Bump feed trimmers: What’s the difference

When buying a garden strimmer it’s worth understanding how the string is fed. The difference between automatic vs bump feed trimmers can help cut weeds faster.

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