10 Ant Killer Ideas

10 Ant Killer Ideas To Safely Control An Infestation

Ants can be one of the trickiest pests to rid from a house or garden. Here are 10 ant killer ideas to deal with your infestation problem right away.

Garden Privacy Ideas

Top 13 Garden Privacy Ideas For Every Home

ven if you’re not overlooked, creating your dream outdoors escape always seems to starts with a few basic garden privacy ideas.   Some might argue that privacy is a state of mind. However, when it comes to your garden, you want to shut out the world, recharge and find your inner peace.   Our 13 […]

best charcoal bbq

What’s The Best Charcoal BBQ?

Summertime wouldn’t be complete without a few BBQ – regardless of the weather! Here are 15 of the best charcoal BBQ available across the price range.

Best Wheelbarrows

20 Best Wheelbarrows That Make Gardening Easier

Make light work of moving piles of stuff in the garden with a wheelbarrow! With a wide choice available, which are the best wheelbarrows on the market?

Fast Growing Trees

15 Fast Growing Trees For Instant Garden Privacy

Whether you’re starting from dirt, hoping to add instant colour or trying to create privacy, fast growing trees could be the answer. Here are our top picks.

Cat Repellents

15 Cat Repellent Ideas – Keep Your Garden Feline Free

Adorable and cute, cats can cause all kinds of mischief in a garden. Here are 16 cat repellent ideas you can try today to keep your garden feline free.

8 Best Outdoor Dining Set

Top 8 Best Outdoor Dining Sets Under £500

With summer around the corner, it’s time to update your outdoor furniture. Here is our 8 best outdoor dining sets under £500! Love your garden this summer!

flood protection

How To Protect Your Home From Floods

While you’ll never be able to fully flood-proof your home, it’s better to invest in some flood protection than counting the cost of putting it right after.

Organic Pest Control

How To Garden Effectively Using Organic Pest Control

Are pests always nibbling your plants and vegetables? Thankfully, numerous organic pest control options exist and all will keep your plants and veg safe.


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