Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Introduction To Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting systems are a great way to reuse water and lower bills. The recycled water can be used in toilets, washing machines, garden and more.

House Cladding Ideas

House Cladding Ideas: Ultimate Guide To Exterior Finishes

Transforming a tired-looking exterior is easy with the right type of cladding. Here’s a range of house cladding ideas to change your property’s appearance.

Autumn Gardening Tips

9 Autumn Gardening Tips To Maintain Your Garden

No matter the season, there’s always plenty of garden tasks to do. Autumn is ideal for maintaining your garden. Here are our 9 top autumn gardening tips.

Dog Friendly Plants

18 Dog Friendly Plants That Always Look Great

Dogs love to explore, sniff and destroy plants. So, when developing an inviting space for any pooch, you’ll want to incorporate some dog friendly plants.

swimming pool homes

25 Amazing Homes With A Swimming Pool

The best summers involve diving into a swimming pool! You might not be able to afford your dream home with a pool, but that shouldn’t stop you dreaming!

Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage Conversion Ideas: Create A Space You’ll Love

Not inspired to move but desperately need more space? Your garage could be the answer! Here are 15 garage conversion ideas to reimagine your unused space.

Best Climbing Frames For Kids

What’s The Best Climbing Frames For Kids

Climbing is a fantastic way to encourage kids to be creative and teach them to problem solve. Help them by buying one of the best climbing frames for kids.

Garden Privacy Ideas

Top 13 Garden Privacy Ideas For Every Home

Creating your dream outdoors escape always seems to starts with garden privacy ideas. Here are 13 easy ideas you can use to increase your garden’s privacy.

best charcoal bbq

What’s The Best Charcoal BBQ?

Summertime wouldn’t be complete without a few BBQ – regardless of the weather! Here are 15 of the best charcoal BBQ available across the price range.

Garden Design

Understanding the principals of Garden Design will ensure you have a blooming outdoor space! We have lots of great tips and tricks to share. From how to light your garden to when to mow and what tools to use. Let’s get planting!