best outdoor fire pits

15 Best outdoor fire pits for your garden

As day turns to night, the garden is still a superb place to entertain. Ensure you and your guests don’t freeze with one of our best outdoor fire pits.

maximise your kerb appeal

15 Affordable ways to maximise your kerb appeal

First impressions count when putting your home on the market for sale. By improving the attractiveness of your home, you can maximise your kerb appeal.

dog friendly balcony

How to easily design a dog friendly balcony

Living in the city with pets can be a challenge and so you’ll know how important it is to have a balcony. But can you easily design a dog friendly balcony?

best outdoor wi-fi security camera

Top 10 best outdoor Wi-Fi security camera

Outdoor cameras are a sophisticated home security method that records the moves of any unwanted intruders. But what is the best outdoor Wi-Fi security camera?

Container garden basics

Container garden basics: How to start a micro-garden

Don’t let a lack of space or budget hold you back from starting a beautiful garden! This container garden basics guide will enable you to start a micro-garden.

best driveway material

What’s the best driveway material to use?

As first impressions matter, keeping your driveway looking well-maintained is important. But what’s best driveway material for your home? How much will it cost?

Start a balcony garden that blooms all year round

Start a balcony garden that blooms all year round

Even the smallest balcony can be transformed into a peaceful garden that can be enjoyed all year round. With some creativity, you can start a balcony garden!

winter flowering pot plants

8 Winter flowering pot plants to add interest to your garden

Creating an ever-changing display of colour is possible during the colder months as there’s plenty of winter flowering pot plants that are easy to care for.

Introduction to solar panels

Introduction to solar panels: Are they worth adding to your property?

Installing solar panels enables you to generate cheap, green electricity and save money. In this introduction to solar panels, we’ll answer the main questions.

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Garden Design

By understanding the basic principals of garden design, you’ll have a blooming outdoor space! Use our superb tips and tricks to develop your dream garden. You’ll discover tips on lighting your garden, when to mow and what tools to use. Let’s get planting!