Best Porch Lights

10 Best Porch Lights You’ll Love

Finding the best porch lights doesn’t have to take hours. Here’s our top 10 outdoor wall lights, perfect for a range of homes and styles.

best artificial grass

What Is The Best Artificial Grass?

Considered a novelty years ago, fake grass is here to stay. What’s the best artificial grass available? How does it come? Can you install yourself?

Best Rattan Garden Furniture

What Is The Best Rattan Garden Furniture?

Rattan is a fantastic material for garden furniture as it’s hard wearing and long lasting. Discover our top picks of the best rattan garden furniture.

Staging Outdoor Spaces

Staging Outdoor Spaces – Make Your Garden Sell

Nothing introduces a property to a potential buyer like it’s garden. Here are our to the basics of staging outdoor spaces.

Dog Friendly Garden Designs

How To Create Dog-Friendly Garden Designs

Dogs, the nation’s favourite pet and so deserve a friendly garden. It’s actually possible to create dog-friendly garden designs, which human can also enjoy!

DIY Garden Design Basics

6 DIY Garden Design Basics You Should Know

Creating your dream outdoor space, takes some works. You’ll also need to know some DIY Garden Design Basics. Here are our top tips to get you started.

Seasonal Lawn Care: Get Great Looking Grass All Year

You might consider lawn care to be boring. However, well-looked after turf will make you want to use your garden more. Here’s our seasonal lawn care plan.

Beautify Your Garden tips

7 Affordable Tips To Beautify Your Garden

While it’s cold outside, Spring is the perfect time to get into the garden and start to plant for summer. Here’s a few tips on how to beautify your garden.

Garden Design

Understanding the principals of Garden Design will ensure you have a blooming outdoor space! We have lots of great tips and tricks to share. From how to light your garden to when to mow and what tools to use. Let’s get planting!