Fast Growing Trees

15 Fast growing trees for instant garden privacy

Whether you’re starting from dirt, hoping to add instant colour or trying to increase privacy, fast growing trees might be the solution for your garden.

8 Best Outdoor Dining Set

8 best outdoor dining sets under £500 for all year round

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home flood protection

Basic home flood protection ideas you should try

While you’ll never be able to fully flood-proof your home, it’s better to invest in some flood protection than counting the cost of putting it right after.

10 Garden Lighting Ideas

10 Garden lighting ideas to make your outdoors glow

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Best Porch Lights

11 Best porch lights that will illuminate your door

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best artificial grass

What’s the best artificial grass?

Considered a novelty years ago, fake grass is here to stay. What’s the best artificial grass available? How does it come? Can you install yourself?

Staging Outdoor Spaces

Staging outdoor spaces: Make your garden sell your home

Nothing introduces a property to a potential buyer like it’s garden. Here are our to the basics of staging outdoor spaces.

dog friendly garden designs

How to create dog friendly garden designs

Dogs, the nation’s favourite pet and so deserve a friendly garden. It’s actually possible to create dog friendly garden designs, which human can also enjoy!

DIY Garden Design Basics

6 DIY garden design basics you should know

Creating your dream outdoor space, takes some works. You’ll also need to know some DIY Garden Design Basics. Here are our top tips to get you started.

Garden Design

By understanding the basic principals of garden design, you’ll have a blooming outdoor space! Use our superb tips and tricks to develop your dream garden. You’ll discover tips on lighting your garden, when to mow and what tools to use. Let’s get planting!