10 Ant Killer Ideas

10 Ant Killer Ideas To Safely Control An Infestation

Ants can be one of the trickiest pests to rid from a house or garden. Here are 10 ant killer ideas to deal with your infestation problem right away.

Best Wheelbarrows

20 Best Wheelbarrows That Make Gardening Easier

Make light work of moving piles of stuff in the garden with a wheelbarrow! With a wide choice available, which are the best wheelbarrows on the market?

Cat Repellents

15 Cat Repellent Ideas – Keep Your Garden Feline Free

Adorable and cute, cats can cause all kinds of mischief in a garden. Here are 16 cat repellent ideas you can try today to keep your garden feline free.

Organic Pest Control

How To Garden Effectively Using Organic Pest Control

Are pests always nibbling your plants and vegetables? Thankfully, numerous organic pest control options exist and all will keep your plants and veg safe.

Top 10 Robotic Lawn Mowers

Top 10 Robotic Lawn Mowers for 2019

As self-confessed geeks who love their garden but hate gardening, robotic lawn mowers provides a way to automate a boring, dirty task.

10 Essential Spring Gardening Tips

13 Essential Spring Gardening Tips For All Gardens

If it seems like winter continues forever, just remember spring actually is right around the corner. So, here are our essential spring gardening tips.

Why Is My Swimming Pool Green

Why Is My Swimming Pool Green?

You pull back the pool cover for the first time that summer and the water’s green, not a cool, calm blue. Confused! So why is my swimming pool green?

Essential Gardening Tools

10 Essential Gardening Tools for Every Gardener’s Shed

Purchasing the essential gardening tools can be tricky, especially if you’re not overly green fingered. Here are our top 10 tools you need for your garden and how to use them.

Top 10 Electric Lawn Mowers Under £100

Get a lush lawn! If you’re looking for a new lawn mower, then our crack team has researched 10 of the best Electric Lawn Mowers Under £100.

Gardening Tips

No matter how long you’ve been gardening, there’s still lots of tips and tricks to learn. New tools are always coming on the market. Our team continue to experiment with unique ways to grow plants and veg.


Plus, we have loads of seasonal advice and tips. No matter the month, there’s plenty to do in the garden! So let our gardening tips inspire you!