best garden loppers

Top 15 best garden loppers for taming branches

Having researched the best garden loppers, our guide will help you to buy a suitable lopper for your garden whether you’re looking for a bypass or anvil lopper.

Bosch Indego S+ 350 connect robomower review

Bosch Indego S+ 350 connect robotic lawnmower review

Using Bosch’s Logicut technology, the Bosch indego S+ 350 robotic mower uses a 18V Lithium-ion battery. It has, 3 pivoting bladesa and superb anti-theft system.

Robomow RX12u review

Robomow RX12u robotic lawn mower review

Worth considering if you have a small garden, the Robomow RX12u can mow lawns up to 250m2. It offers a cutting width of 18 cm and uses a Lead Acid battery.

GARDENA smart sileno city 500 robomower review

GARDENA smart sileno city 500 robomower review

As a stylish robotic lawnmower, the GARDENA smart sileno city 500 offers app control, efficient battery life and a detail cut on small to medium lawns.

Honda MIIMO HRM310 robot mower review

Honda MIIMO HRM310 robot mower review

If you have a medium to large lawn then the Honda MIIMO HRM310 is worth the steep price. It charges quickly, offers 3 modes and has a built-in anti-theft alarm.

Automatic vs Bump feed trimmers

Automatic vs Bump feed trimmers: What’s the difference

When buying a garden strimmer it’s worth understanding how the string is fed. The difference between automatic vs bump feed trimmers can help cut weeds faster.

Mcculloch ROB R600 review

Mcculloch ROB R600 robotic lawn mower review

With its chic black and orange styling, the Mcculloch ROB R600 offers an impressive charge to use ratio, 17 cm cutting width and can cover a lawn up to 600 m2.

Yard Force SA650ECO robotic lawnmower review

Yard Force SA650ECO robotic lawnmower review

Powered by a Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery, the Yard Force SA650ECO covers 650 sq m with movable cutting height. This Robotic mower affords year-round lawn care.

Best Garden Shovels

Top 15 best garden shovels for 2020

If you need to move piles of materials around your garden, then you’ll need a shovel. But with such a wide range available, what are the best garden shovels?

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