Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawn Mower Review

Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower review

Maintain your lawn without much effort! The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower covers 30 sq m per charge with a 17 cm cutting width and a variable blade height.

build a swimming pool

How easy is it to build a swimming pool?

One of the most desired features homeowners want is a swimming pool yet many don’t consider if they can build a swimming pool and whether one adds value.

How to grow courgettes – an easy beginner’s guide

It’s very easy to grow courgettes and they always produce a plentiful crop. Whether you’re new to growing vegetable or not, we’ll help you to grow step by step.

WORX WR153E L1500 Landroid Robotic Mower Review

WORX WR153E L1500 landroid robotic mower review

The WORX WR153E L1500 Landroid Robotic Mower offers a 22cm cutting width, it’s near-silent and covers up to 1,500 m2. It uses an advanced app for easy control.

grow beetroot

How to grow beetroot – an easy beginner’s guide

Beetroot is a root vegetable that’s packed full of essential nutrients. It’s easy to grow beetroot and they quickly mature, allowing you to harvesting in weeks.

Grow Garlic

How to grow garlic – an easy beginner’s guide

If you’re expanding your vegetable patch, it’s worth trying to grow garlic! It’s one of the world’s oldest food flavourings which has many health benefits.

Grow Onions

How to grow onions – an easy beginner’s guide

If you’re just starting a veg patch, then try and grow onions! They don’t need much space and can either be planted between other veg or grown in containers.

Grow Tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes – an easy beginner’s guide

The humble tomato is one of the most used fruit in the world. We use in soup, sources and salads. It’s easy to grow tomatoes which make them ideal for a vegetable patch.

Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer Review

Mcculloch TRIMMAC petrol grass trimmer review

Ideal for use in larger gardens, the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer has an 25 cc petrol engine, impressive cutting width, and handles tasks with ease.

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