Best Rattan Garden Furniture

What Is The Best Rattan Garden Furniture for 2020?

Rattan is a fantastic material for garden furniture as it’s hard wearing and long lasting. Discover our top picks of the best rattan garden furniture.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower for 2020

Best Robotic Lawn Mower for 2020

If you love your garden but hate gardening, robomowers provides a way to automate a boring, dirty task. But which is the best robotic lawn mower?

Spring Gardening Tips

13 Essential Spring Gardening Tips For All Gardens

If it seems like winter continues forever, just remember spring actually is right around the corner. So, here are our essential spring gardening tips.

Swimming Pool Green

Why Is My Swimming Pool Green?

You pull back the pool cover for the first time that summer and the water’s green, not a cool, calm blue. Confused! So why is my swimming pool green?

Staging Outdoor Spaces

Staging Outdoor Spaces – Make Your Garden Sell

Nothing introduces a property to a potential buyer like it’s garden. Here are our to the basics of staging outdoor spaces.

top essential gardening tools

10 Essential Gardening Tools for Every Gardener’s Shed

Purchasing the essential gardening tools can be tricky, especially if you’re not overly green fingered. Here are our top 10 tools you need for your garden and how to use them.

Dog Friendly Garden Designs

How To Create Dog-Friendly Garden Designs

Dogs, the nation’s favourite pet and so deserve a friendly garden. It’s actually possible to create dog-friendly garden designs, which human can also enjoy!

best electric lawn mower

Best Electric Lawn Mower Under £100

Get a lush lawn! If you’re looking for a new lawn mower, then our crack team has researched 10 of the best Electric Lawn Mowers Under £100.

DIY Garden Design Basics

6 DIY Garden Design Basics You Should Know

Creating your dream outdoor space, takes some works. You’ll also need to know some DIY Garden Design Basics. Here are our top tips to get you started.


You don’t have to be green finger to have lovely gardens to enjoy! You probably just need some inspiration!


Whether you have a huge garden or no space at all, our tips and tricks, and how to guides will help you bring some plants into your home.


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