Home Cinema Acoustics

Home Cinema Acoustics: Designing The Ultimate Sounding Room

Creating an immersive movie-watching experience in your home is more than equipment. Home cinema acoustics are just as important as the gear you are using.

Best 4K Projector

Best 4K Projector For A Home Cinema

If you’re building the ultimate high-end home cinema then you’ll want to use the best 4K projector. But what is the right projector for your space and budget?

Mattress Buying Guide

Mattress Buying Guide: The Secret To A Perfect Night’s Sleep

A secret to getting a perfect night’s sleep lies in the mattress! It’s vital to know what to look for. Our mattress buying guide will empower your choice.

best 65 inch TV

Best 65 Inch TV For A Home Cinema

When building a snug or a media room, you’ll want to use the largest television screen possible for th space. But what’s the best 65 inch TV for a home cinema?

Best Home Cinema Seats

How To Choose The Best Home Cinema Seats

Seating makes all the difference in a home cinema. Some prefer daybeds, others like leather recliners. Here is how to choose the best home cinema seats.

best projector under £1000

Best Projector Under £1000 For A Home Cinema

A projector is essential to any home cinema set-up. As a costly investment, you can’t afford to get it wrong. But what is the best projector under £1000?

best blu-ray player under £500

What’s The Best Blu-ray Player Under £500?

Looking for the best Blu-ray player under £500? Read reviews of some of the best units currently available on the market and make an informed decision.

TV vs Projector

TV vs Projector: Which Is Best For A Home Cinema?

Choosing the best display for your home cinema is more than aesthetics. Here’s how to decide on TV vs Projector and the range of factors involved in the choice.

Home Cinema Furniture

Home Cinema Furniture: How To Decorate Your Room

When designing a media room, we usually focus on the equipment. Furniture seems to be an afterthought. Here’s how to pick home cinema furniture for your room.


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