Creating exciting interiors doesn’t have to cost the earth. Using our tips and tricks you will have a designer home in no time and within your budget!


Whether you like high end interiors or country cottage styles, there’s something for you here. Plus with regular reviews and discounts, you will be inspired about home interior design. So grab a coffee!

How To Clean Wooden Blinds

How To Clean Wooden Blinds

If you have blinds then you’ll know, it’s a daily struggle to keep them dust free. Luckily it’s easy to clean wooden blinds and keep them in top condition.

Z-Wave Smart Home Automation

Creating The Ultimate Z-Wave Smart Home

What makes a Z-Wave smart home very exciting is underlying technology, the range of products available and the big brands who have invested in the system.

Living Room Designs

Timeless and Cosy Living Room Designs

Regardless of the size of your space or budget, here is a range of living room designs which aim to be timeless and cosy. Get ready to be inspired!

Inspiring Bathroom Designs - Art of Relaxing

Bathroom Designs – the Art of Relaxing

Whether you love a quick shower or enjoy soaking in the bathtub, our bathrooms provide space to relax. Since bathroom design isn’t easy, we’re here to help!

4 Weekend Kitchen Upgrades

4 Easy and Affordable Weekend Kitchen Upgrades

As one of the most used room of the house, the Kitchen is the heart of the home. Here are four easy DIY Weekend Kitchen Upgrades. All are budget and time friendly and will add value to your house!

Working With Architects

How To Work With Architects

Whether you’re planning to add an en-suite bathroom or thinking about extending your kitchen, working with architects can save you money, time and headaches

Luxury Interiors

World Class Luxury Interiors Redefining Excellence

Luxury Interiors inspire us all, from the choice of materials to the size and scales of the rooms. Luxury redefines how we live and expands the mind.

5 Pro Inspired Interior Design Hacks

5 Pro Inspired Interior Design Hacks

With even a few interior design hacks, you can make your home look like a professional has worked on it. Albeit without the cost!

Smart Home Automation

Designing The Ulimate Home Automation System

Turing your house into a smart home doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. The current market is full of affordable Home Automation systems.