How To Convert A Loft And Create More Space

How To Convert A Loft And Create More Space

If you’ve run out of space and don’t want to move, you can always extend upwards. Here is a practical guide on how to convert a loft and create more space.

Do I need a structural engineer?

Do I Need A Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer can play a vital role in the construction of buildings. But, what they do to, why might you need one and how much will they cost.

Plan a House Extension

How To Plan A House Extension

Outgrown your home but can’t afford to move? Consider extending! Here’s how to plan a house extension that will add more space and create additional equity.

party wall agreements

What Are Party Wall Agreements and When Are They Required?

Party Wall Agreements will effect you if you’re planing to extending or revoating a property. It’s a complex and confusing legal aspect of homeownership.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

What Do I Need Planning Permission For?

Often misunderstood, planning is more of an art than science as the rules can be confusing. We aim to answer: “Do I need planning permission?” for your project.

What Does An Architect Do And How Can They Help?

What Does An Architect Do And How Can They Help?

Whether you’re planning to add an en-suite bathroom or thinking about a kitchen extension, working with an architect is key. But what does an architect do?

draw a floor plan

How To Easily Draw A Floor Plan To Scale

When planning to redecorating or trying out a new interior layout, knowing how to draw a floor plan to scale is a really useful skill.

How to Read Floor Plans

How To Read Floor Plans and Other Architectural Drawings

As the most common architectural drawing, floor plans are everywhere. It’s always useful to know how to read floor plans, even if you’re not an architect.


The right architect can make or break a project. Plus they do a lot more than drawings! Discover what architects do and how best to work with them.


We’ll also help you interperate typical draws, so you can make better decisions and communicate more clearly.