home automation starter kit

What’s The Best Home Automation Starter Kit?

Starting your smart home journey can be stressful. You know you want to start with a home automation starter kit. But which one? We’ll here to help decide!

Best Soundbars Under £100

Top 10 Best Soundbars Under £100 For 2019

The best way to improve your tv watching experience is to add a soundbar. Having searched the internet, here are our top 10 best soundbars under £100.

Lightwave vs Z-Wave: How To Make The Right Choice

As major tech geeks, we’ve covered both Lightwave and Z-Wave in depth. But how do they compare? Let’s try and settle the Lightwave vs Z-wave debate.

Top Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Top 10 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For 2019

While robotic vacuum cleaners aren’t the saviour we were promised, they do make a boring chore easier. Discover our top picks across the price range.

Z-Wave Smart Home Automation

How To Automate Your home with Z-Wave

What makes a Z-Wave smart home very exciting is underlying technology, the range of products available and the big brands who have invested in the system.

smart home automation system

How To Design The Ultimate Home Automation System

As smart homes have become more affordable over the last decade designing your home automation system doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.


How To Build Your Lightwave Smart Home

In the past decade, home technology has moved at lightning fast speed. Lightwave have been at the front of the home automation revolution.

Home Automation

Building a smart home isn’t a thing of tomorrow. We have that technology now! Whether you want to control your lights, heating, or media, there are many ways to automate a home.


In the last few years, home automation has expanded to include voice control. “Alexa, hold my beer!”