hacking smart home devices

Can you stop someone from hacking smart home devices?

If you’re trying to incorporate smart home automation, you probably wonder if the system can be easily compromised or if hacking smart home devices possible?

Best Smart Door Lock

Best smart door lock to keep your home safe and secured in 2020

Keep your home fully secure with a smart door lock which can be instantly checked as long as you have Wi-FI. We aim to find the best smart door lock for 2020.

Samsung SmartThings

Can Samsung SmartThings easily automate your home?

As a relatively new entry to the smart home market, Samsung SmartThings offers a unique perspective. The Z-wave certified system works with 1000s of products.

best robotic vacuum cleaner

What’s the best robotic vacuum cleaner for 2020?

While robovacs aren’t the saviour we were promised, they do make a boring chore easier. Discover 10 of the best robotic vacuum cleaner available.

Dyson 360 EYE™ robotic vacuum cleaner review

Dyson 360 EYE™ robotic vacuum cleaner review

As one of the leaders in vacuums Dyson has entered the robotic market. But does the Dyson 360 EYE™ live up to its bold claims and is it worth the price?

Mamibot ProVac Plus2 Review

Mamibot ProVac Plus2 robotic vacuum cleaner review

As one of the cheapest robotic vacuum cleaner on the market, the Mamibot ProVac Plus2 provides a budget way to start to explore home automated vacuuming.

Makita DRC200Z Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Makita DRC200Z robotic vacuum cleaner review

As one of the most expensive robotic vacuum cleaners available, the Makita DRC200Z is full of features. It’s ideal for commercial use and large properties.

DIGGRO KK320 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

DIGGRO KK320 robotic vacuum cleaner review

The very affordable DIGGRO KK320 packs a punch! It’s quiet, has plenty of suction and 4 cleaning modes. Plus it auto-docks to when it needs recharging.

iRobot Roomba 671 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

iRobot Roomba 671 robotic vacuum cleaner review

Built on 25 years of experience, the iRobot Roomba 671 has many patented features including 3-Stage Cleaning System, plenty of suction and charges quickly.

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Many imagine that home automation is either a fantasy or expensive. Thankfully, the technology does exist to control most elements of the home and the market is full of easy to install and affordable solutions.


With a few products, you can automate your lights, heating and power and control them using your smart device from anywhere in the world. You can even control your home cinema system from your phone.


In addition to the many affordable DIY home automation systems, there are several high-end brands with cost a small fortune. You can even add voice control. “Alexa, hold my beer!”