How To Build Your Lightwave Smart Home

In the past decade, home technology has moved at lightning fast speed. Lightwave have been at the front of the home automation revolution.

low cost interior design ideas

10 Low Cost Interior Design Ideas For Any Home

Here’s 10 low cost interior design ideas that are simple to achieve but will have a huge impact! Loving your home’s interior is just a few steps away!

Clive Christian Interiors

Clive Christian Interiors – British Luxury Brand

When it comes to Great British Brands, Clive Christian Interiors tops our list. The brand is known for creating the world’s finest kitchens and interiors.

DIY kitchen upgrade ideas

8 Affordable DIY Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

Many of us spent a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s really the heart of the home. It’s worth investing in the space. So here’s 8 DIY kitchen upgrade ideas.

draw a floor plan

How To Easily Draw A Floor Plan To Scale

When planning to redecorating or trying out a new interior layout, knowing how to draw a floor plan to scale is a really useful skill.

How to Read Floor Plans

How To Read Floor Plans and Other Architectural Drawings

As the most common architectural drawing, floor plans are everywhere. It’s always useful to know how to read floor plans, even if you’re not an architect.

candy & candy interiors

Candy & Candy Interiors – The Art of Design

Nick and Christian Candy are world renowned property developers. Candy & Candy Interiors have produced some of the most globally envy-inducing addresses.


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