First Time Buyer Advice: How To Make An Offer On A Property

First time buyer advice: How to make an offer on a property

Making an offer on a property can be nerve-racking, especially for first time buyers. Our best first time buyer advice will help you make an attractive offer.

Top 20 Self Build Tips: Keep Your Project On Track And Budget

Top 20 self build tips: Keep your project on track and budget

It’s very easy when self-building your dream house for issues to arise or the budget to be blown. Here are our top self build tips to keep your project moving.

sole agency vs multi-agency estate

Sole Agency vs Multi-agency: Is one estate agent enough?

When selling your home should you appoint one estate agent or a few? We’ll explain sole agency vs multi-agency and help you decide which is the best for you.

20 Stress-Reducing Home Packing Tips For Moving

40 Stress-reducing home packing tips for moving

Moving home can be a very stressful event. Thankfully there’s plenty of ways to prepare before to make it easier. Here are the 40 home packing tips for moving.

Budgeting For A Self Build

Budgeting for a self build: How to stay sane and in the black

A major reason self build stall is they run out of cash. To stay sane and in the black, you need a budget. Here are our top tips for budgeting for a self build.

Do You Need A Project Manager For Your Self Build?

Do you need a project manager for your self build?

Building your own home is a stressful process full of late nights and negotiations. But will hiring a project manager for your self build to reduce stress?

Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement

Where is the best carbon monoxide detector placement?

Every fuel-burning appliance within your home produces carbon monoxide. It’s critical to have detectors. Here’s a guide to carbon monoxide detector placement.

Serviced Plot

Is a serviced plot the best option for my self build?

Often finding a suitable plot is the hardest part of any self-build. A serviced plot can be your best option as they’re affordable and speed up the process.

when to reduce house asking price

When to reduce house asking price if your home doesn’t sell

If your property doesn’t sell within a few months, you might consider lowering the asking price. Here’s how and when to reduce house asking price to get your home sold.


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