House Viewing Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

House Viewing Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

Being armed with a list of house viewing questions is the best way to remain focused when viewing a property. It’s a smart way to uncover revealing answers!

quick house sale companies

Can You Trust Quick House Sale Companies?

You need to move fast for a very good reason and decide that accepting offers from quick house sale companies is your best idea. But should you trust them?

Flat Pack Homes

Flat Pack Homes: Introduction To Affordable Self Build

Using a streamlined manufacturing process, flat pack homes or kit houses can be an affordable, eco-friendly and quick way to self build your dream property.

best time to sell a house

When’s The Best Time To Sell A House?

Is there a right time to put your property on the market? Or is there no best time to sell a house? Here is how to decide the right time sell your property.

Cost of Buying a Home

What is the Actual Cost of Buying a Home?

The cost of buying a home can be higher than first anticipated. You might have budgeted for the basics but probably haven’t considered every cost involved.

Average Conveyancing Fees

What’s The Average Conveyancing Fees?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership. The average conveyancing fees can be expensive. We’ll help you understand what you’re paying for.

House Buying Process

House Buying Process – Steps To Purchasing A Property

Regardless of the property you intend to purchase in England and Wales, the house buying process is the same. Stay on track and anticipate the next step.

Shovel vs Spade

Shovel vs Spade: What’s The Difference (and does it matter)?

There’s a massive difference between Shovel vs Spade. While we use these terms interchangeably, it’s wrong, Both help to complete different gardening tasks.

hide spare keys

13 Burglar-Proof Places In The Home To Hide Spare Keys

A downside of owning a home is finding a safe place to hide spare keys. Rather than placing them under a doormat, try one of these better options.


Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a property, our tips and tricks will enable you to make smart moving decisions and get the most for your money.


If you’re looking at selling, our cost effective ideas will add real value to your home. And so it should sell quicker and for more money.


However, if you’re buying, we have a range of tips and tricks on how to negotiate a great price and spend your budget smartly!