container home

How to design a container home

Container homes are a unique type of self-builds that are affordable, highly custom and unique. Come with us as we explore how to design a container home.

Country vs city living

Country vs city living: How to decide where to live

Deciding where to live isn’t easy. If you’re struggling to choose between country vs city living, our guide will help you look at both options unbiasedly.

moving nightmares

12 Moving nightmares you can easily avoid

Moving home is one of the most stressful events, not to mention how expensive it is. Here’s how to plan and overcome any moving nightmares you might encounter.

avoid moving company scams

How to avoid moving company scams

If the process of moving wasn’t stressful enough, you also need to be careful to avoid moving company scams. Here is a list of scams to avoid when moving home.

How to sell your home in winter (when the market is slow)

How to successfully sell your home in winter

As the housing market slows in winter, you need a different set of strategies to find the right buyer. Here are the top tips to sell your home in winter.


What is Passivhaus? And is it the future of self builds?

Gaining lots of attention in the UK, Passivhaus is a set of ideas for building a home with very low heating demand rather than relying on renewable energy.

property haggling tips

6 Property haggling tips for buying your next home

Finding a home you fall in love with is fairly easy. However, with the right property haggling tips, you can keep the deal on track and ensure you get a deal.

How not to sell your home

How not to sell your home: Common yet stupid mistakes to avoid

It’s easy when marketing a home to make small but stupid mistakes yet many impact your ability to sell. Here are the top ways of how not to sell your home.

first time buyer advice

First time buyer advice: How to make an offer on a property

Making an offer on a property can be nerve-racking, especially for first time buyers. Our best first time buyer advice will help you make an attractive offer.

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