best place to raise a family

Where’s The Best Place To Raise A Family?

When it comes to successfully raising kids, there’s a lot of factors involved. Location easily tops the list. So, where’s the best place to raise a family?

How To Buy Property At Auction

How To Buy Property At Auction

As an alternative to traditional property buying methods, auctions can be a quick and cheap way to buy property. So how can you buy property at auction?

Property Buying Agent

Is It Worth Hiring A Property Buying Agent?

Once the secret of the super rich, more people are turning to a property buying agent. These firms work for the buyer to find and buy their dream property.

How Safe is Your Neighbourhood

How Safe is Your Neighbourhood?

If you’re planning to move soon, finding a safe neighbourhood will be high on your list. Here’s how to protect yourself and enjoy your new neighbourhood.

RICS Home Surveys worth it

Are RICS Home Surveys worth it?

One of the best ways to protect your next investment is RICS Home Surveys. A highly qualified surveyor completes of the 3 types of reports are available.

Understanding The Conveyancing Process

Why The Conveyancing Process Is Important

When it comes to purchasing a property, the conveyancing process is an essential legal part, yet it’s complex and often misunderstood.

How To Buy An Island

How To Buy An Island And Escape The Rat Race

Your dream home could be a Victorian two up two down, a modern apartment or even an island. Yes, some are quite affordable. So, here’s how to buy an island!

Home Security Basics - Think Like A Burglar

Home Security Basics – Think Like A Burglar

Improve your home security basics is with our tips and tricks gathered from security professionals, phycologists and burglars alike.

When Is The Right Time To Downsize

When Is The Right Time To Downsize?

While once considered something retirees did, downsizing has many benefits regardless of your age. So, when is the right time to downsize?

Estate Agents

With the rise of the internet, we’ve seen a shift in how estate agents operate. And while they are still useful when buying or selling property, you have to actively manage them.


If you’re buying or selling a property, we have advice for every step of the process.