House Buying Process

House Buying Process – Steps To Purchasing A Property

Regardless of the property you intend to purchase in England and Wales, the house buying process is the same. Stay on track and anticipate the next step.

where to keep spare keys

Where To Keep Spare Keys: 13 Burglar-Proof Locations In The Home

A downside of homeownership is what to do with spare keys. Rather than placing them under a doormat, try our recommendations of where to keep spare keys.

What is Home Buyers Protection Insurance

What is Home Buyers Protection Insurance?

Moving home is one of the most stressful and emotional aspects of life. Can you protect yourself from the risks? You need Home Buyers Protection Insurance!

shared property ownership

Shared Property Ownership: Most Affordable Way To Buy A Home?

Struggling to get on the property ladder? Shared property ownership could be the answer! These schemes enable you to buy a percentage and rent the rest.

What Are Local Authority Searches

What Are Local Authority Searches And Are They Essential?

As an important part of the conveyancing process, searches can reveal information that can be helpful when negotiating. But what are local authority searches?

New Home Warranties

New Home Warranties – What’s Covered and What’s Not

Offering buyers peace of mind, new home warranties ensure that defects in your property will be fixed. However, they’re not as straightforward as you think.

online conveyancing

Should I Use Online Conveyancing And Is It Safe?

Is online conveyancing safe and cheaper than using a local lawyer? It is so long as you chose a reliable conveyancing firm and take some basic precautions.

indemnity insurance

What Is Indemnity Insurance and Why It’s Important?

Taking out indemnity insurance when buying or selling your home is becoming more popular. However, most don’t know what it is and whether they need it.

sell your house on ebay

Can You Sell Your House on eBay Without An Estate Agent?

eBay is a fantastic place to bargin hunt and source hard to find items. You can also buy and sell property! But how easy is it to sell your house on ebay?


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