What Does An Estate Agent Do

What Does An Estate Agent Do?

Whether you’re buying or selling, your first port of call is usually an agent. But what does an estate agent do and how can you get the best from them?

Research Before Buying Property

How To Research Before Buying Property

The best way to get ahead in any property purchase is to research your chosen area better than everyone. Here’s how to research before buying property.

Tips House Hunting

25 Tips For House Hunting In Any Market

If you struggle to know where to start with your search for a new home, then our 25 tips for house hunting will enble you to kick-start your search today.

How To Make An Offer On A House That's Hard To Refuse

How To Make An Offer On A House That’s Hard To Refuse

It’s likely that in any property market there’s always room to negotiate a discount. So, here’s how to make an offer on a house.

house buying tips

5 House Buying Tips You Need To Know

If you’re depressed or confused about your property search, don’t worry. Here are 5 house buying tips to inspire you, whatever the housing market is doing.

Buy Your Dream Home

7 Steps To Buy Your Dream Home

If you’re struggling to stay focused on your search for a new property. Then follow these 7 tips ad tricks to buy your dream home.

How To Value A Property

How To Value A Property For Sale Like A Pro

Accurately valuing a property is an art rather than a science. Thankfully you can understand how to value a property and use to your benefit.


Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a property, our tips and tricks will enable you to make smart moving decisions and get the most for your money.


If you’re looking at selling, our cost effective ideas will add real value to your home. And so it should sell quicker and for more money.


However, if you’re buying, we have a range of tips and tricks on how to negotiate a great price and spend your budget smartly!