Budgeting For A Self Build

Budgeting For A Self Build: How To Stay Sane And In The Black

A major reason self build stall is they run out of cash. To stay sane and in the black, you need a budget. Here are our top tips for budgeting for a self build.

Do You Need A Project Manager For Your Self Build?

Do You Need A Project Manager For Your Self Build?

Building your own home is a stressful process full of late nights and negotiations. But will hiring a project manager for your self build to reduce stress?

Serviced Plot

Is A Serviced Plot The Best Option For My Self Build?

Often finding a suitable plot is the hardest part of any self-build. A serviced plot can be your best option as they’re affordable and speed up the process.

Flat Pack Homes

Flat Pack Homes: Introduction To Affordable Self Build

Using a streamlined manufacturing process, flat pack homes or kit houses can be an affordable, eco-friendly and quick way to self build your dream property.

15 Ways To Find Your Dream Self Build Plot

How To Find A Self Build Plot: 17 Creative Ways

Often, the biggest challenge of self-building is finding a suitable plot wth some taking years. Here are our top 17 creative ways to find a self build plot.

how to Self Build

How to Self Build Your Dream Home And Stay Optimistic

Dreaming of living in your ultimate house? Then don’t discount building it yourself! Here an introduction on how to self build your dream home.

Building vs Buying A House - What's Your Best Option?

Building vs Buying A House – What’s Your Best Option?

Building vs buying a house is an age-old debate. If your unsure which is right, we’ll help guide you to make the right decision and achieve your property goals.


Thanks to programmes like Channel 4’s Grand Design, building your own home has grown popular in recent years. While a self-build is more complex than simply buying a home, you get to specify every centimetre.


If your dream home isn’t on the market, then consider a self-build project. It’ll be worth the blood, stress and tears!