How long does it take to fit a bathroom?

How long does it take to fit a bathroom

When work is being done on your bathroom, it’s essential to know how long it will take as you will not have access to that space during that time. So, you might wonder how long does it take to fit a bathroom?


If you’re hoping for a definite answer that can help you prepare, you may be disappointed to know that no set amount of time can be guaranteed.


Many factors can determine the length of the process and help you come up with a good estimate so the time it takes you to fit a bathroom or renovate your space will take a different amount of time.


The good news is that before the actual construction starting, you can come up with a good estimate as to the timeline you are looking at for your bathroom fitting.



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What does it mean to fit a bathroom?

Fitting a bathroom is the process of installing all of the different features that need to be placed into your basic bathroom layout. You may have a fully built bathroom that you are aiming to replace, or you may have an empty room that you need to fit with a toilet, sink, and bathtub.


Every bathroom fitting or renovation will look slightly different as the process is customized to each house and each person who is managing the project.


Some bathroom fitting projects can include knocking out a wall and rebuilding so the basic structure of the bathroom is entirely different, and naturally, this can take several weeks depending on the exact scope of work.


Now that you know what fitting a bathroom might entail, let’s look at some of the many factors that can influence how long it takes.



Who is completing the work?

When it comes to having anything done, a professional bathroom fitter will likely be able to complete the work at a faster pace than you due to their experience and education.


That doesn’t mean you can’t fit a bathroom or complete a renovation project yourself, it just means you may run into delays or have some difficulties that a professional would not have.


On the other hand, if you were to hire a professional, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the job is being done quickly and properly. When it comes to plumbing, you want to make sure everything is done well as you’ll want to avoid water damage.


If you know how to address plumbing issues and feel comfortable doing it yourself, that’s completely fine, but if you are unsure about your abilities, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional who can handle all of the aspects of the bathroom fitting efficiently.


When it comes to electrical or plumbing systems, it’s always a good idea to hire someone. It also may end up being cheaper in some cases as certain tasks require specialist tools and skills that you may not already have.



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How many aspects of the bathroom are changing?

Naturally, the amount of time it will take to complete the fitting process will depend on how many things have to be done. If the process is simply replacing a toilet, it will take significantly less time than if a sink, bathtub, and toilet need to be replaced.


If the floor needs to be redone, that may add a day to the process. Do you want to add a built-in shelf or additional bathroom lighting? Add a day or two to your timeline.


A professional contractor can help you figure out exactly how much time each task will take so that you have a more accurate timeline.



How significantly different is the new layout from the old one?

If the work that’s being done is mostly cosmetic, it may not take very long. For example, if you’re replacing several aspects of the bathroom like a bathtub and a sink, but the new ones are going into the same location, it may not cause too many delays in the process.


However, if you’re hoping to completely rearrange the layout and add features, it may take several days to complete.


It sounds obvious, but if you are planning on expanding the size of the bathroom, the process will take longer than if you are not.


Knocking down existing walls and building new ones can take time, especially if there are plumbing or electrical systems that need to be moved and adjusted as this process is being completed.



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Where is the bathroom located within your property?

If the bathroom is located in a flat that’s on the top floor of a building, for example, it may take slightly longer to complete the work as items will have to be hauled up to the higher floors.


If the bathroom is located near the front of the house and is easy to get to, there may be some benefits and it will not take quite as long.



Additional factors that also determine your timescale

There are many additional factors involved that determine how long a bathroom fitting may take, and you can’t predict them all.


For example, during the renovation process, some damage may be located behind a bathtub or toilet that was not visible before the item being removed. This hypothetical damage would have to be addressed before the work could be completed so your timeline may extend by a few hours or a few days.


Products that you ordered may be delayed, or there may be some other kind of external issue that would cause the project to be completed at a date later than expected.



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Allow an extra day or two to fit a bathroom

When planning to fit a bathroom, it is a good idea to take the estimated timeline and acknowledge that there may be a few extra days required to complete the work.


There’s no guarantee that these extra days will be necessary, but it’s best to be prepared in case there is a delay.


You’ll either be happy that the original timeline ends up being adhered to, or you’ll be prepared to be without that particular bathroom for a few more days.


Every bathroom fitting is different, but these factors can help you create an estimate to help you prepare for the project. And that’s to answer: How long does it take to fit a bathroom?