12 Fun kids beds that ensure children sleep well

Fun Kids Beds

Getting children to sleep can be hard work. But what if they had fun kids beds, would that improve the situation? We hope so!


They’ll be more likely to want to play in their rooms and on the bed. An exciting bed can also provide the spark of imagination that keeps them entertained for hours.


It’s a completely different task to design a kids bedroom than from your standard or typical bedroom designs.


Furniture needs to be safe and functional yet stylish. The walls should be easy to wipe down, as they will end up being attacked by sticky hands or crayons!


So in the spirit of finding fun kids beds, we’ve searched the internet and picked 12 options. 6 for the boys, the other 6 for the girls.


As you’ll probably end up doing some DIY, it’s best to ensure you have all the tools including a cordless drill and screwdrivers.



Storm Racing Car Bed With Working Headlights and Sounds

Storm Racing Car Bed

photo by Storm


Racing into first place is this Storm Racing Car Bed working LED headlights and engine sounds with MP3 Connection. If you dream of your son being the next Lewis Hamilton, then we can’t think of a better way to encourage him to dream!


Designed for kids 4 years old and over, this bed is a fun and practical way to encourage the transition to a junior bed. And at a sizeable 198 x 100 x 50cm, your child will enjoy using it for many years.


Manufactured from durable blow moulded plastic body, the realistic styling includes the wheels, lights and the push-button dashboard control. A free foam mattress comes included and is approx 160 x 70 x 7.5cm. But you’ll have to supply the pillow, bedding and any accessories.


Finally, this Storm Racing Car Bed comes with 1 year warranty and is available from Amazon for £290.




HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Bed

HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Bed

photo by HelloHome


If you’re raising a princess, best to get her hooked on Disney from the word go! This HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Bed is the ideal transition from cot to bed. Why not make her first big kids’ bed magical?


Using high-grade MDF, it takes around an hour to assemble. However, it does comes with all fixings and fittings. Plus the instructions are fairly easy to follow.


Once assembled, it’s sturdy and measures 157 x 85 x 171cm. A mattress is not included but the bed is designed for a cot size mattress of 140 x 70cm. So is suitable for children of 18 months plus.


While it will delight your daughter, it does some practical features that you’ll admire. Firstly, it has protective side panels, which aim to stop bedtime tumbles.


An inbuilt seat is perfect for story time yet it provides storage underneath. Stylish and practical, She’ll be able to keep her treasures locked up and her bedroom tidy!


This iconic bed is part of the Worlds Apart Disney Princess kids’ bedroom furniture range, which includes a wardrobe and toy box. Create the ideal kid’s bedroom with the complete set!


Available from Amazon, you can purchase the HelloHome Disney Princess Carriage Bed for £200.




Deuba 100311 Fire Engine Bed

Deuba 100311 Fire Engine Bed

photo by Deuba


Does your child dream of saving the world? If they do, then you’ll want to encourage them to fight fires with a Deuba 100311 Fire Engine Bed!


As one of the top fun kids’ beds available, it will help your kid transition from a cot to a junior bed with ease. They’ll sleep comfortable and dream lots!


Comes flat packed, so you’ll need to spend about an hour on assembly. It made from MDF, so is very durable and suitable for toddlers, kids and youngsters alike.


When assembled, it measures 205 x 95 x 103 cm and has safe rounded edges. The slatted frame fits a standard UK single mattresses (200 x 90 cm). So, you’ll need to purchase the mattress, pillows and bedding.


This cool fire engine design is complete with 3D wheels, siren and steering wheel. It also has a built-in headboard storage shelf for cuddly toys or alarm clock.


Deuba 100311 Fire Engine Bed is fantastic for girls and boys and is available from Amazon for £180.




MCC Castle Princess bed

MCC Castle Princess Bed

photo by MCC


Give your little one, her only castle with this pink MCC Castle Princess bed. It’s an ideal transition for toddlers who have outgrown their cribs but are still too small for an adult bed.


Tastefully designed, this bed is only slightly raised from the floor. This makes it’s easy for your toddler to get in out of bed. The sturdy solid MDF construction will withstand even the most playful toddler.


The MDF base has no sharp edges or fixings and is finished in non-toxic paint. Once assembled, it measures 150 x 73 x 46 cm. In addition to the frame, a mattress is also included. This mattress is made in the UK and is has a removable cover.


As one of the cheapest fun kids’ beds on the market, you can buy the MCC Castle Princess bed for £70 from Amazon.




HelloHome Thomas & Friends Bed

HelloHome Thomas & Friends Toddler Bed

photo by HelloHome


Pass on the legacy of Thomas the tank engine to your kids with this impressive bed from HelloHome. Your kids will love the colourful nature of this bed as it features their favourite characters.


While other fun kids beds are made from MDF, this one uses a sturdy steel frame and a fabric sling base. It does come flat packed, however, it’s simple to assemble, thanks to step by step instructions.


One put together, your toddler will enjoy sleeping in it as it’s low to the ground and has protective side guards to keep your little one safe and snug! You’ll need to add a mattress (140 x 70 cm), pillows and bedding.


Overall, this is a superb value option and is a fun way to encourage your kid to move from their cot to a small bed. Available from Amazon for £69.




HelloHome Rose Four Poster Bed

HelloHome Rose Four Poster Kids Toddler Bed

photo by HelloHome


Fly your daughter away to the castle in the land of magical sleep with this HelloHome Rose Four Poster Bed! Suitable for 18 months to 5 years, it’s the ideal bed for your little toddler and is an exciting upgrade from a cot.


Easy assembly as it comes with all fixings and instructions. Its sturdy construction is thanks to its the use of high-grade MDF. Once assembled, it measures 124 x 77 x143 cm.


The ornate frame draws inspiring from classic French furniture design and finished with an elaborate rose pattern and pretty pink curtains. You will need to supply your own mattress (140 x 70 cm), pillows and bedding.


This bed is part of the butterflies and flowers bedroom furniture and storage range from HelloHome. It’ll set you back £214 from Amazon.




Kiddi Style Children’s Pirate Ship Wooden Bed

Kiddi Style Children's Pirate Ship Bed

photo by Kiddi Style


Ship Ahoy! Bedtime is fun! This Kiddi Style Children’s Pirate Ship Wooden Bed will send your child drifting asleep!


Designed to look like your little one’s own pirate boat! It is easy to assemble and also can be easily taken apart – perfect for storage!


Made of high-quality MDF, it’s robust and sturdy whilst remaining lightweight enough to be moved if required. Once assembled it measures 143 x 73 x 55 cm and is finished in a durable non-toxic coating.


What makes this bed ideal for kids, is it’s low to the ground. So it’s easy to climb in or out. Plus it’s extremely fun to play in!


This Kiddi Style Pirate Ship Wooden Bed is just one part of a large range of matching furniture. The bed is available from Amazon for £67.




Cherry Tree Furniture ARIEL Princess Bed

Cherry Tree Furniture ARIEL Princess Bed

photo by Cherry Tree Furniture


Staying with the nautical theme, this Cherry Tree Furniture ARIEL Princess Bed is iconic. Based on designs of the 50s and 60s, your daughter will be transfixed by this fun kids’ beds.


At 3 feet, it’s a fairly large kid bed, which is finished in pink crushed velvet fabric. The scalloped headboard is unique and will have all the kids talking!


It does arrive flat packed with instruction and will take under 2 hours to assemble. The wooden frame is sturdy and uses a sprung slatted base for sleeping comfort.


At 35.5 cm high (all but headboard – which is 134 cm tall), it’s low enough to the ground for your little princess to climb in and out at will. Although you may want to add guards if she’s making the transition from a cot.


If you looking for an iconic bed for a child with excellent taste, then get Cherry Tree Furniture ARIEL Princess Bed, it’s available in pink or blue from Amazon for £133.




HelloHome Paw Patrol Chase Bed

HelloHome Paw Patrol Chase Kids Toddler Bed

photo by HelloHome


Imagine dreaming about fight crime thanks to this excellent HelloHome Paw Patrol Chase Bed?! It’s the ideal transition from cot to bed and is suitable for 18 months to 5 years. If your kid is a fan of Paw Patrol and Chase, then this is the perfect bed for them!


Arriving flat packed, it’s easily assembled. The package also includes all of the fixings you need and easy to follow instructions. Once assembled, it measures 68 x 77 x 145 cm and uses high-grade MDF.


What makes this fun kids’ bed unique is there’s space for storage underneath the bed. It even comes with two fabric storage drawers. So is ideal for keeping your child’s room clean and tidy!


Another interesting feature is its protective sides, which prevent your child from falling. Since you’re only buying the frame, you’ll need to supply a mattress (designed for 140 x 70 cm mattress) and bedding.


This bed is part of the Paw Patrol bedroom furniture and storage range from HelloHome. The HelloHome Paw Patrol Chase Bed is available for £133 from Amazon.




Julian Bowen Stella Girls Low Sleeper Bed

Julian Bowen Stella Girls Low Sleeper Bed

photo by Julian Bowen


Available in three colours (white, pink and blue), the Julian Bowen Stella Girls Low Sleeper Bed looks like your kid has grown up overnight!


Arriving flat packed, this bed is built from particleboard with foil and powder-coated steel. Blending white and pink panels, the Stella is sturdy and sleek. It’s overall dimensions are 196 x 121 x 76 cm (L x W x H).


Designed to pack a lot to a small space, the unit features two pull-out storage drawers (74 x 44 x 14 cm) on castors as well as useful shelving. Your child will love sleeping in the bed and doing crafts, whereas you’ll enjoy using the storage and keeping their room tidy.


In addition to the bed, the Julian Bowen domino range including wardrobe, drawers and bedside to complete the look. This stylish Stella bed from Julian Bowen is affordably priced at £188 at Amazon.




HelloHome Vehicles Boys Bed

HelloHome Vehicles Boys Kids Toddler Bed

photo by HelloHome


If you’re looking for a simpler, affordable yet stylish bed, then you can’t go wrong with the HelloHome Vehicles Boys Bed. Suitable for 18 months to 5 years this blue toddler bed is perfect for your little driver!


This fun vehicle design toddler bed is an ideal transition from cot to bed. Your son will easily forget the cot and enjoy moving to his first big kids’ bed!


Arriving packed in a box, it’s easy to construct as it uses high-grade MDF panels and comes with all the fixtures and fixings. Plus the instructions are easy to follow, so you should have it built in around an hour.


Once put together, it measures 59 x 77 x 145 cm, so is suitable for a wide age range of toddlers. You’ll need to supply a mattress (designed for one that is 140 x 70 cm), and bedding.


This excellent bed is part of the vehicle bedroom furniture and storage range from HelloHome. Available from Amazon, this HelloHome Vehicles Boys Bed costs £110.




HelloHome Disney Frozen Sleigh Bed

HelloHome Disney Frozen Sleigh Kids Toddler Bed

photo by HelloHome


The last of our fun kids’ beds, is the HelloHome Disney Frozen Sleigh Bed. You’ll have to let it go!


Transform her bedroom into the Kingdom of Arendelle with this magical Disney Frozen sleigh toddler bed. At 80 x 76 x 161 cm, it’s the perfect size for toddlers.


Easy to assembly, all the components are supplied and the instructions are simple. The solid and strong MDF panels, ensure it’s safe and will provide years of use.


While low to the ground, there is a storage drawer under the bed. A shelf at the end of the bed and protective side guards. It doesn’t come with bedding or a mattress (requires a 140 x 70 cm cot mattress), so you’ll need to supply them.


As part of the Disney Frozen bedroom furniture and storage range from HelloHome, you can indulge her fascination with Frozen. You can purchase HelloHome Disney Frozen Sleigh Bed for £200 from Amazon.




Fun kids beds which Keep your little ones safe

If you’re struggling to get your kids to sleep any of our fun kids beds might help them! Our favourite fun kids beds include the Storm Racing Car Bed and the Julian Bowen Stella Girls Low Sleeper Bed.