Top 13 garden privacy ideas for every home

garden privacy ideas

Creating your dream outdoors escape always seems to starts with a few basic garden privacy ideas. Whether your home overlooks open fields or the neighbours are virtually on top of your property!


To some, privacy is a state of mind. However, many wish to escape to their garden for some peace and to recharge. You want a space that feels safe and comfortable. Not one in which you feel watched.


Our garden privacy ideas are ideal for keeping neighbours and external noise at bay. All work well and will provide you with a greater sense of inner peace. So sit back, relax and create a garden to find your centre.



Living walls create instant garden privacy

living wall


The first of our garden privacy ideas is fairly high maintenance. That said, it’s a superb way of adding colour to any blank space.


There are a few ways to build a living wall. You could screw trellis to a blank wall and plant climbing and flowering plants. In time these will work their way up the panel hiding the ugly bricks.


You could always take an existing planter and attach trellis to the back. This way your living wall is moveable. You can then use it to zone your garden differently according to the season.


If possible plant flowers which bloom multiple times a year as they’ll add colour all year round. Just remember to prune regularly.



Add Bamboo for fast growing seclusion

bamboo screen


Bamboo has many uses and is ideal for adding near-instant garden privacy. It’s worth noting that Bamboo does grow quickly and can easily spread. So if you do plant some, be ready to maintain it.


Again consider growing Bamboo in pots, this way you can create moving screens and keep it under control. Just be aware that your Bamboo plant will quickly become ‘root bound’, so will need to be moved to a larger pot or it will die.


You could buy pre-cut long lengths and build your own screens or feature wall. Bamboo screens give a garden a faux Hawaii feel!



Screens are superb garden privacy ideas

garden screen

photos via Pinterest


There are hundreds of garden screen ideas. Your only limit is your creativity. All make for excellent garden privacy ideas.


We’ve seen people upcycle old window shutters and doors, create panels from sheet metal with artwork inlaid, and from old bottles set in concrete.


Of course, you can buy a range including Bamboo screens from your local gardening centre. There are so many ideas. Luckily most are affordable and DIY friendly.


Our top tip is to mix both moveable screens with permanent ones. This way you can curate your garden for the season or activity.



Create zones with curtains

garden curtains

photos via Pinterest


As a classy way to bring the inside out, curtains are just one of many garden privacy ideas that are quick, affordable and convenient.


If you already have a pergola, then you can use the existing support to hang curtains. Don’t worry if you don’t as you can use a washing line or PVC piping. Both are cheap and easy to work with.


Curtains as fantastic as they cover a wide space. You can easily be open and close them, depending on the mood and light you want to create. Plus, it’s easy to remove them in minutes.



Think faux hedges for results now!

Artigwall Artificial Boxwood Hedge

photo by Artigwall Artificial


There are many fast growing trees available, most of which grow 50 to 100 cm per year. If you don’t like to wait or need some instant garden privacy ideas, then go faux!


Artigwall has a range of faux boxwood hedges, which are ideal for creating a low maintenance garden which always looks fresh and manicured.


As many different designs and heights are available, you can create your dream garden at an affordable price, just without years of labour!



Sound of silence

brunne water feature


Water is a pleasing sound to listen to and can mask noise from neighbours. And yet water features are often some of the best yet underused garden privacy ideas.


For your water feature, you can start with something simple such as a standalone fountain or mini pond. Not only are small water features cheap, but they are also easy to install and widely available.


If you have the budget, you could, of course, build a pond complete with a waterfall or hire a professional.



Acmena Smithii

Acmena Smithii


The Acmena Smithii is most commonly known as the “Lilly Philly” or “Monkey Apple”, especially in New Zealand!


Regardless of what you call it, Acmena Smithii can be grown as a shrub or in hedgerows. As a fast-growing plant, it can easily grow to 16 feet or more in height.


During the summer months, it blooms off-white flowers. Whereas in the winter months they bear tasteless fruit.


Because the foliage of the Acmena Smithii is very thick, these plants make a wonderful natural privacy screen.



Sail away!

garden sails

photo by pinterest


Much like curtains, hanging sails along your garden can increase your privacy in a stylish way.


While fencing can keep nosey neighbours at bay at the ground level, adding sails on top is an ideal way to create a more private space. As they’re not permanent, you don’t require planning permission.


While privacy sails are a fairly new idea, you can buy them in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours. Typically, they are mounted on frames that can be moved or come with hardware that lets you attach them to buildings, poles, or trees.



Fence yourself in



It’s easy to bring existing fencing back to life with a new coat of paint or by planting some climbers. If you don’t have fencing, you’ll need to check with your local planning authority as there might be restrictions in place.


If not, you should be able to add a fence under Permitted Development rights. As far as garden privacy ideas go, fencing is a superb affordable option.


Adding your own fencing is simple and is a DIY staple. You can make your own fencing with pressure-treated timber (which has been impregnated with preservative). Fencing looks better when aged, so either leave it a few years or finish with a lighter shade of paint.



Layer hedges and plants

layer hedges


Think of hedges as the backdrop and use plants to create interest and a focal point. For example, a tall hedgerow with a lower row of hydrangea in front is not only practical for privacy but pleasing to look at.


The bright green foliage fills in early in the spring while the beautiful blooms add interest and attract pollinators to your garden from midsummer through to the first frost.


Layering plants allows you to change the arrangement by season and create a fuller looking garden all year round.



Redirect attention to pleasant looking plants

redirect attention


If you’re tired of fighting to cover an unsightly view, then consider how you can draw the eye to something more pleasing.


You could try adding a large ceramic pot overflowing with colourful annuals. Could you use bright coloured chairs nestled under a tree? Or even, raised flower beds?


Create a few garden accents that capture your interest and keep your eyes away from the ugly stuff.



Water Wall Screen


Primrose Bernoulli Zinc slate feature

photo by Primrose


While a unique option like the Primrose Bernoulli Zinc and Slate Wall Water Feature may not necessarily keep your deck or patio strictly private, it will certainly look impressive!


Draw attention away from yourself and unsightly elements of your garden with this amazing “water wall”!



Climbing roses always sparkle

Climbing roses


Growing climbing roses on a trellis will distract you from nosy neighbours while giving you something pleasant to view.


Madame Alfred Carrière and New Dawn have the kind of leaves that do not completely block out sunlight. Also, their pale flowers bloom on and off all summer.



Our favourite garden privacy ideas

As all of our garden privacy ideas involve some form of DIY, they are cheap to build. It’s worth trying a few and seeing how the combination works together within your space.