7 Inventive Tips For Saving For A House Deposit

December 2017
7 Inventive Tips For Saving For a House Deposit

If you’ve started saving a house deposit but the process has depressed you a little, then here are some inventive ways to keep you track.


Remember to do something small every day, as it will soon add up to a lot.


Start today with at least one of these inventive tips for saving for a house deposit.



#1 Really Need It?

That thing you’d like, don’t buy it now. If you can get by without it for another week, you don’t need it. Really consider all the options you have.


If you decide to purchase, check the price on a few websites first.



#2 Price Check

Research any big purchase online. Search at least five different shops and a few of the comparison sites (such as money.co.uk and Compare The Market) before buying.


Make sure you shop around for the best deal for your loans and credit cards as well as your savings. Switching can save a lot of money. Even on household goods as simple as soap if you switch you could save money too.


Get thinking about what you can change today to save more.



#3 Dine Out For Half Price

While it’s great to try new restaurants, it’s an expensive hobby. Imagine being able to dine out and save a little for the house fund.


Most restaurants chains offer to buy one get one free either on their website or via a deal site. Also, it’s worth joining email lists as this will increase the number of offers you can take advantage of.



#4 Join The Big Stores

If you shop at big chain stores, chances are the receipt is hiding a way for you to save money. While you might find a coupon, we’re talking about something far bigger and better.


At the bottom of the receipt, there might be a price comparison with other big chain stores and how much you’ve saved on your shopping. Add your saving to your house fund. That way shopping really does pay!



#5 Share To Save

You can also save on holidays. Self-catering holidays with friends enables you to save money and split the cost. Plus, if you’re flexible on timing, you might be able to buy a discounted last-minute package.


Use this tip to get the best of both worlds, a fantastic holiday with people you love for a cheap price.



#6 Swap It

Can you trade an item you have but don’t need, for something you do? Whether its clothes, DVDs, or even cars!


If you can swap items fairly with friends or family, then you will be able to save the money you would have spent.



#7 Stop Competing

Everyone wants a better standard of living, which is not at all a bad thing.


However, if you want to stop renting and buy, you need to stop competing and start saving. If you take a little pain now, in the future it will be more than worth it.


Always remember, quality of life is more important than the standard of life.



Keep saving!

There you have some great tips and ideas for you to keep saving. All of these inventive tips for saving for a house deposit will over time add a great deal to your house fund.


Remember the more of these ideas you do every week the faster you will hit your goal and buy that house. A final tip, start today!