Kitchen Design Inspiration For Every Size Home

May 2018
kitchen design inspiration

If you’re in need of some Kitchen Design inspiration for your home, then you’re in luck!


Ask anyone what room they consider the heart of the home. Most usually, without hesitation say the kitchen! This once functional room has been transformed into a buzzing social hub with multiple purposes.


Whether we use the space for cooking, entertaining, eat, or simply grabbing a cuppa while the rest of the house is in chaos. So it makes sense to trying and make it somewhere that the whole family will love using.


Our top tips and hacks will inspire you to design your dream kitchen within your budget. Come on, let’s get inspired!



Basic kitchen designs


Basic kitchen design hacks

There are quite literally 101 hacks for the kitchen sink! Not to mention cupboards! So if you feel like you lack space, here are some of the top hacks you can try today for little or no cost.


Firstly, consider hanging measuring spoons on the inside of cabinet doors. By using this vertical space you can free up worktops and draws.


As we all struggle trying to organize the space under the kitchen sink, here are a few tips. Try using stackable boxes to store bags and cleaning supplies.


You could also try adding a tension rod under the sink. Ths bar can be useful for hanging spray bottle and oversize mug (place the rod through the handle, let it swing and fill it with sponges!).


Reclaim the tops of cabinets either by using large plastic boxes or by extending up to the ceiling. Quite often we forget that we’ve got a load of dead space in the kitchen – if you can reclaim it!


You can even create an open shelf look by removing the door and using the top of the cabinet as another shelf.


Our final hack is to use three-tiered wire hanging baskets and fill them with fruit and veg. While this a great way to encourage you to eat your five a day, it’s also great for seeing what’s just about to go bad – so you eat it!



Improving kitchen work flow


Improving work flow

If you haven’t rearranged your kitchen since you moved in then it’s likely you can easily improve the flow.


Start by thinking about what you’re always searching for? If it’s something simple like herbs, then consider getting some magnetic screwtop pots. They’ll look great on your fridge and you’ll be able to easily find and use them!


If you’re rush around your kitchen a lot then you probably need to move some ingredients or applications around. Start by imagining that your space is split into three zones.


One area is for storing food, another is for food prep and finally, the third is for cooking. By doing this, you’ll be able to cut down the steps you take to locate items and speed up cooking time!


Rubbish and recycling bins are a necessary evil, but they don’t need to be seen. You can hide both in the cabinet under the sink. Or even replace them with pullout bins, built into the cabinet.


By implementing these ideas, you’ll free up floor space and create a better workflow.



luxury kitchen design ideas


Getting a luxury finish on a budget

Short of buying a second-hand designer kitchen, there are actually a lot of things you can do to get a luxury finish.


Consider changing all your appliances to a single brand and colour. While this will probably be quite expensive, your kitchen will look instantly better.


Worktops are another great investment to make and will transform your kitchen. Plus if your budget doesn’t stretch to marble, there are many materials on the market which look and feel simlar. Just the cost a fraction of the cost. You could also use offcut as a slash-back.


Changing handles and painting cabinets are just two of our favourite low costs ideas.


Lighting is also an element when applied in the right way can transform the look of your kitchen. For example, you can use cheap LED strip lights under cabinets to add warmth and depth to the space.



modern kitchen designs


Move these if you can

In a word: Appliances!


You can hide them in cupboards or even create a garage for them. We get it, you’ll want to use things like toaster and coffee marker daily but hiding them means you’ve got more space to work with and the kitchen will seem bigger.


Some of our favourite appliance garages include pull out shelves, boiling taps, and extras power sockets.


In terms of DIY, firstly measure the distance between your worktop and upper cabinets. Next, try to extend the current look, both in terms of materials and style.


Then you’ll want to cut and paint the three side you need. Finally, you can do something fancy with the doors. Or you could keep it simple and use a hinge along the top of the door – enabling you to flip the door up to reveal the appliances.