6 Simple bathroom design ideas to refresh your space

Simple bathroom design ideas

With a few simple bathroom design ideas, you can transform the space from purely functional to one that’s ideal for relaxing where you can think, read and switch off.


Whether you prefer long baths or short showers, the bathroom is an often used but overlooked room in the house. Most of us tend to spend our creative time obsessing over the lounge or the bedroom. It’s only natural as these are the two more used room in our home.


Yet when we expend a little of our creativity on our bathroom, we can create a great sense of harmony within the home.


If you’re starting afresh then you’ll need to consider flow, layout and proportions. However, if you’re taking a more DIY route but stuck knowing where to start, then here are some of our favourite simple bathroom design ideas.



modern design bathroom



#1 Remove half of what’s visible

Before you spent any time or money on your bathroom, the first of our bathroom design ideas is to simplifying what’s on display. By taking the time to sort, bin and reorder your bathroom will feel bigger and you’ll be able to see what needs improvement.


If you’re not using loo roll holder to store extra rolls, then it’s worth investing in the best toilet roll holder.



#2 Start with what’s already there

Whether you love or hate your current room, there’s always a few and often simple bathroom design ideas we can incorporate to improve the space. Plus there’s plenty of cheap bathroom upgrades that are DIY friendly.


The worse case would be having to rip out what’s currently there and replace it with something more modern. However, a better option is to replace one of the key elements and change the feel using tile paint, clever storage and accessories.


If you’re planning to slightly change the basic bathroom layout to add a new feature such as a walk in shower, then you’ll want to start with a piece of paper and a pen. Sketch out a few options and then use a room planner to draw up how the room will look.


Unfortunately, you can’t move items around in the space like you can with a living room or bedroom. So you’ll want to use software to imagine the finished result.



sinks shower



#3 Weekend updates

While you might not be able to change your whole bathroom in two days, you can achieve a lot, especially if you put some time to plan beforehand. There are a range of simple bathroom design ideas that only take a few hours for you to try.


New tiles without any work?

Rather than retiling, you can easily paint your old tiles with two coats in one weekend. Before painting, ensure you have sufficient ventilation and air flow as you should be able to speed up the drying process.


Upcycle your bathroom vanity

You could repaint your bathroom vanity or replace the doors and handles to refresh your bathroom’s look. Whether you choose a matt finish or age it with a sander, giving a shabby chic look, have a bit of fun with it!


New twist on your flooring

You could paint the floor with a stencil and create a fancy looking ‘rug’ art. Doing this is take more time than money, and is a superb way of adding personality to your bathroom!


Don’t forget your mirror

If you have dated free hanging mirrors then you could change them to more modern designs or simple upcycle them with a new lick of paint.



rustic bath



#4 Enlarge with mirrors

Continuing with mirrors, we can use them to great effect and trick the brain to believe the room is much bigger than it is. There are plenty of options for decorating with mirrors in a bathroom.


Whether you hang a mirror on the wall or go for adventurous mirrored bathroom tiles, the reflection is guaranteed to brighten your bathroom. Even in a tiny space, adding plenty of mirrors can make it seem much bigger and full of life.



modern bathroom



#5 Use colours effectively

Like mirrors, colours can make or break your bathroom design. You can easily suck the life out of the space with dark colour. So consider how you can effectively use colours to bring the feeling of serenity and calm.


Small bathroom space, go BOLD

If you have a small bathroom, consider using a bold or striking wallpaper (yes, you can buy waterproof bathroom friendly wallpaper!) as this will draw the eye to the pattern and you’ll forget how small the space is!


Trick the mind with clever bathroom tile layouts

Tiles are a great way to fool the mind into believing it’s a big space. Consider using the same tiles on the bath’s panel and the walls as this will blur where they start and end, and thus make it feel bigger. Marble is particularly effective here, as it looks almost like one huge sheet and the individual tiles aren’t very obvious.


Another tile trick is to use them on from the floor to the top of the walls. not only does this make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa, but the continuous run of tiles creates a spacious feel. If you think this might be a little bland, then you use accessories to add colour and depth.



classic bathroom



#6 Creative bathroom storage hacks

It’s likely that you could use your bathroom storage better, or even create more within your current bathroom. Plus you might be able to do both and make your small space feel bigger.


Carve a niche

Look for space you could carve a niche and install some recessed shelves. The spot that instantly springs to mind is the tiled overhang at the end of the bath. You could reclaim this area and build a niche. It will look a lot better than the current pile of stuff on display!


Go up with wall units

Wall units are also a practical way to create more storage. Of course, you’ll want it to match with the current units. That said, you can usually simply change the fronts.


Rustic bathroom shelving

One of our favourite simple bathroom design ideas is to turn wooden crates into rustic bathroom shelving by fixing the back to the wall. These are ideal for storing towels, loo rolls and baskets of toiletries.


If short on space, use freestanding elements

Finally, freestanding storage can be a great way to create more space without having to do serious DIY. Plus you can always change how the room feels by moving it around.






Top simple bathroom design ideas

  • Create storage by decluttering
  • Use colours and mirrors to create a sense of space
  • Plan a few weekends where you can do major makeovers
  • Think creatively about storage options including upcycling and free standing
  • If in doubt use tiles!