Our editorial standards

We hold ourselves to a high standard in every area. A way for us to promote transparency is to openly share our editorial standards, which you’ll find below.



Our mission

Our mission is to empower you to design your dream smart home. We publish articles covering every area of home automation, from basic Wi-Fi devices to high-end systems. We aim to provide practical advice, regardless of your budget, requirements, or property size.


We partner with leading experts, from home cinema installers to smart home automation dealers and more, who help give us insights into building the latest and greatest smart home.



Our promise to you

  • We do not take payment for mentioning people, places, or companies
  • Even when paid for product reviews, we will be honest
  • We aim to provide information, tips, and advice that’s helpful.



Our Editorial Principles and Ethics

Everything we publish on My Dream Haus is created and published with these principles and ethics in mind. You can see this as a list of what we value most.

  1. Accurate: Authority and expertise are essential to us. Having information that is true and helpful can only be provided by real-world experts, hence why we invest a lot in hiring the right people and researching the market.
  2. Trustworthy: We want all of our information to be worthy of your trust. We do this by providing clear, easy-to-read content, and inspiring photos. Also, by providing you with our editorial guidelines, we’re being transparent.
  3. Clear: We want our written content to be concise and easy to understand. The more someone understands what we’ve written, the more helpful our content can be. We do this by having proofreaders review all content for clearness.
  4. Helpful: We want our website to be helpful to anyone automating their home. So, we constantly ask for user feedback and look for new ways to make our content even easier to understand.
  5. Inspiring: We want our content to inspire you, no matter your budget or requirements. We aim to provide easy-to-understand, helpful information.
  6. Quality: We aim to do everything to the best of our ability, from writing and publishing error-free text to choosing great-looking photos. We have systems and processes to help us publish high-quality content and photos.
  7. Independent: When we receive money (or free product) for publishing content on our website, we’ll make that clear.



Our Editorial Quality Standards

After years of trial and error, we have created a robust editorial process to ensure that we publish content that meets our standards. Below is our process for how we meet these standards.

  • Topic Selection: We continually study the market, talk to experts, and engage with the brands we cover. By doing this, we know the market and what customers’ wants and needs are.
  • Readability: Before an article is published, we proofread and correct any incorrect grammar and spelling, allowing readers to focus on the content.
  • Accurate Information: Our team of writers and editors thoroughly research advice or product recommendations before giving them.
  • Publishing Dates: For each article, the publishing date is clearly marked. We update most articles several times a year, including fixing grammar issues, updating it in line with market movements or adding more descriptive photos.
  • Plagiarism. Unless otherwise stated, all text that we write is original. All photos we include are properly credited. We always seek permission to feature someone’s work on our website.
  • Citations. We include the name or Instagram username for all sources of photos we publish. In some cases, we include links or quote all sources of our facts not written by us.
  • Updating Content. Throughout the year, we review every published article for accuracy and freshness. We aim only to publish photos and information that is up-to-date. If we feel it needs rewriting or a better photo, we replace it with something better to make our website clearer and more helpful.
  • Links. We add links within our articles to related articles on our website and external website that you may find helpful. We do this to help you easily to learn more about the topic or product.
  • Product Recommendations. We only recommend high-quality products that we believe will be helpful. Sometimes, brands will contact us and ask us to review their product. If we do, we only recommend it if it passes our product standards and nothing else.



How we source content

We work with respected and well-known home automation and AV experts as sources of accurate information, original content, and current trends. Due to our strength of relationships, we are confident that My Dream Haus is the ultimate source of information on smart homes in the UK.



Our Writers and Editors

Our editor has extensive expertise of the home automation industry, ensuring we provide up-to-date, accurate information. He is meticulous in ensuring every piece of content we publish is well researched, accurate and helpful.


We clearly show the article’s writer at the top. By clicking on the name, you can read a short biography and view a list of their articles. You can use their biography to learn more about them, their experience and education, and more.



Editorial Corrections

Our editorial process is designed for accuracy. However, we are not perfect. If a reader or we have discovered an inaccuracy, we will quickly remedy the problem. If you believe you have found inaccuracy, please email the editor at: ashley@mydreamhaus.co.uk.




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