about my dream haus

Welcome to My Dream Haus. Our mission is to:


Empower you to purchase and design your dream home.


As an online magazine, we have advice for every stage of the home buying process.


If you’re looking at buying your first home, start with our guide to buying your first home. It contains lots of great advice, tips and tricks.


Not your first home? We have lots of advice about moving including how to view properties like a pro and how to win over estate agents!


Our advice doesn’t stop once you’ve got the new keys. We regularly review the latest products, empower you to improve your home’s look with a few affordable interior design ideas and create your dream garden design, and occasional give away cool products.



My Dream Haus Team

The team behind the website are all property enthusiasts and the founder, Ashley J. Saunders has worked in the property business for nearly 10 years, with some of that time spent as a buying agent. He is joined by a panel of experts, who each bring you excellent advice through their peices on My Dream Haus.


The team are committed to providing you with up to date industry leading articles. We regularly gather input and insights from our industry contacts to ensure our advice is best in class.



Ashley J Saunders

Ashley J. Saunders // Founder and Editor

Ashley has been passionate about architecture and property from an early age. In the last decade, he started lettings and property buying agency as well as developing his digital marketing skills.


My Dream Haus enables Ashley to combine these two passion into one place.


Away from property, Ashley loves Bentley cars, Beagle dogs and Monaco.




Coming Soon

This is just the beginning! The team has some really exciting ideas for My Dream Haus, so you’ll want to join our newsletter to stay at the forefront.



Ashley and My Dream Haus Team


p.s. If you have any ideas or just want to chat, please get in touch.