15 Cat repellent ideas: Keep your garden feline free

May 2019
Cat Repellents

Whether you see cats as adorable and cute or a menace, they can cause all kinds of mischief in a garden.


When left to their own devices, our feline friends love to wonder, explore and mark their territory. Of course, they are very happy to eat our prized veg, relieve themselves and even dig up flowers.


There are many ways to deter cats from spoiling your garden. Here are 15 cat repellent ideas you can use today to keep your garden feline free.



#1 Fence them out


If you have a vegetable patch, then surround it with fencing or place a net over the area. Chicken wire is a fantastic option, which is easy to work with and very affordable.


Angle the top of the fence towards the direction from which cats will approach. This makes it impossible for a cat to climb.



#2 High wire!


If you have a garden fence, then you’ll know cats love to travel along the top between gardens. You can easily restrict their ability to balance by fitting taut wire or string 10-15 cm above the fence-top.



#3 PestBye® Ultrasonic Cat Repellers

PestBye Ultrasonic

photo by Pestbye®


These come as a pack of 2 and use an infra-red (PIR) motion sensors to detect cats, dogs and foxes.


Once they sense a pet, these repellers emit very loud noises at a frequency that will annoy and frighten cats. This frequency is too high for most humans to hear and also doesn’t affect birds.


Installing is simple as they come on stakes, which easily push into the ground. Mounting on a wall or fence is just as simple as there are screw holes.


These two Battery powered cat scarers are an ideal solution for front and back gardens. And are available from Amazon for £25.




#4 Old gamekeepers trick


If you talk to any gamekeeper worth their salt about pest and pet control, they’ll have hundreds of ideas and tips.


When it comes to cat repellent ideas, this usually tops their list. Place half-full plastic bottles in borders. The light reflection is supposed to deter.



#5 Reuse unwanted mail


Hate receiving unwanted mail? You won’t for much longer!


Gather up mailshot and unwanted CDs. Using twine, thread them together with knots in between to keep them apart.


String these across flower beds or hang them from trees. The light reflections will deter cats from going anywhere near your garden.



#6 Spiked tree collar

S4U Fence Wall Spikes

photo by S4U


Plastic spikes are an affordable way to prevent cats from climbing and birds from landing. They can be easily screwed to fencing, trees, gates and even sheds.


Attaching plastic spikes to fencing is also a way to keep burglars out!



#7 Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper

photo by Defenders


If installing a chicken wire fence around your plants doesn’t appeal then consider Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper.


This plastic mesh has spikes which cause discomfort to pets and wildlife when they try to dig, making them stop. As it sits under the soil, it’s unobtrusive and humane, yet allows plants to grow.


Strips can be cut to size with scissors and hooked together to cover a larger area. These plastic pest repellent strips can be in-place year-round to protect plants in pots and containers, flower beds and vegetable gardens.



#8 Grease poles


If you have a tradition washing line using poles, then try Vaseline or grease. This will help to prevent cats from climbing.


For bird tables, you can try using a downward-opening cone or a biscuit tin fixed below to prevent cat climbing up it.



#9 Get thorny!


If you have lots of thorny or spiky plants in your garden, then put their clippings to work!


Place your around plants, veg or under bushes. This should prevent cats from getting too close. This method is a great alternative to Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper, mentioned above.



#10 Medipaq Garden Scare Cat with Reflective Marble Eyes

Medipaq 2X Garden Scare Cat

photo by Medipaq


This is probably one of the simplest and effective cat repellents. While the Medipaq Scare Cat is affordable, you could create your own DIY version.


Available as a pack of 2, the Scare Cat is a realistic feline shape complete with reflective glass eyes.


Made from metal, it’s fully weatherproof, so can be left outdoors all year round. No matter what the weather, this nifty idea will deter unwanted visitors away from your garden and pond.


Each figure comes on a spike, allowing easy installation. Of course, you can use cable ties to attach them to the top of a fence or to a shed.



#11 Pee-off!


Coleus Canina is a relatively new plant and often is available under the names Pee-off and Scaredy-cat.


This plant has a pungent odour that repels cats and other mammals from the garden. Seeds of Coleus Canina are fairly cheap and are available online and at most garden centres.



#12 Get Off Cat And Dog Repellent Crystals

photo by Get Off



Available a number of sizes, Get Off Cat And Dog Repellent Crystals are effective in all weather conditions.


They work by slowly releasing a strong lemon odour that confuses cats and dogs sense of smell. Over time, pets will start to avoid these areas and instead head for places where they can detect evidence of previous fouling odours.


You can use Get Off on lawns and flowerbeds, and even artificial turf. This isn’t the best long term solution as the cost will quickly add up, but can be effective over the short term.



#13 Scents


There are a number of scents that are nature’s cat repellents. For example, Lavender and Rosemary, while pleasing to humans are a big no-no for feline noses.


If you have a vegetable garden, try planting citronella, garlic, or chives. All are useful in cooking yet repel cats. So, it’s best to spread these throughout your veg patch.


Cats also dislike the strong, sharp smells of citrus peels such as lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Try grating and sprinkling citrus peels in areas you wish to keep cats away from. This works especially well if you’re growing seedlings.


A final home remedy is sprinkling vinegar and rubbing raw onions around the garden. These ideas are well known for keeping cats at bay.



#14 Water pistols at the ready


Going completely old school for a moment, nothing quite beats a bucket or water pistol full of water! It will scare the cat from your garden.


There is an automated option, which leads nicely to our final cat repellent idea.



#15 Pestbye® Jet Spray Motion Activated Cat Scarer and Repellent

Pestbye Jet Spray

photo by Pestbye®


If you can’t always be in the garden with a bucket or water pistol, then consider Pestbye® Jet Spray Cat Scarer.


It’s available from Amazon and connects to a standard garden hose. Covering an area of at last 100 square metres, you can easily adjust a range of sensitivity settings.


When the sensor is triggered, it fires a 5-second burst of water. After which it will self-reset, ready for the next detection. The sensor ensures that there’s no wasted water.



What’s the best cat repellent?

Even as we’ve just scratched the surface (no pun intended!), you can see there are many cat repellent ideas available to safeguard your garden.


All of our cat repellent ideas are humane and designed to deter pets from entering the garden. And so you can afford to use a few ideas together to create a robust plan to deter cats.