Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT combi drill review

Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill Review
  • By: Ashley Saunders | DIY
  • PUBLISHED: 25th January 2020 | LAST UPDATE: 10th November 2021

What makes the Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill set unique is its 101 Piece Accessory Set. As you’d expect the quality of the drill and accessories is excellent.


The compact and lightweight drill features an ergonomic design with comfort grip. Designed for drilling and screwdriving, The DHP453 can handle most DIY tasks around the home.


Using a 3Ah Li-Ion battery, which fully charges in 22 minutes, the drill provides sufficient run time for a range of tasks.


Packed full of features, the drill has a 2-speed all-metal gearbox, 16 torque settings are available, and a 13mm keyless chuck. While a variable speed trigger enables total control.


The 101 piece accessory set includes drill bits for wood, steel and masonry. Various screwdriver bits as well as a handle, just in case you want to tighten screws by hand. There’s also a spirit level. These parts along with the drill and charger can all be neatly stored in the useful carry case.


As a fantastic affordable cordless drill, the Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill scores 9/10.





  • 2-speed all-metal gearbox
  • 3Ah Li-Ion battery (with status LEDs)
  • 101 Piece Accessory Set


  • No work light





Using a traditional design, the Makita DHP453SFTK is built with comfort in mind and with a stylish mix of colours.


The 13mm Keyless Chuck is designed to allow the quick changing of drill bits. This makes complete a task easier as you’re not always looking for a tool.


Next to the chuck are two adjustable rings. The first controls the torque setting with 16 different levels available. While the second ring enables you to select one of three modes (drill, hammer and screw).


The final control allows you to select the gearbox speed, choose from either low or high speed.


Moving down the body, there is a forward/reverse switch, which selects the rotating motion of the drill. A variable speed trigger controls the drill and speed is increased by applying more pressure to the trigger.


Under the controls, the handle features an ergonomic design which makes for easy gripping while reduces hand stress and fatigue when using the drill over a long period.


At the bottom of the body is a battery terminal. Batteries slide on to these and click in place. Just above this is space to attach a belt hook.



Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill action

photo by Makita




The Makita DHP453SFTK comes with an 18 V Li-ion 3.0 Ah battery charges in 22 minutes and can be used with a range of Makita products.


While the charger looks vintage, it’s not only charges batteries but uses 4 LEDs to indicate the battery’s power reverse. Sadly there isn’t a way to tell how much charge is remaining on the battery without connecting it to the charger.


As there’s no work-light, 100% of the battery’s power is focused on drilling or screwing. The batteries are designed to cut out when not in use, saving charge.


The drill is highly configurable allowing you to tweak its performance to the task. A 2-speed all-metal gearbox drives the drill and is coupled with 16 torque settings and 3 different modes.


As the drill’s speed depends on the pressure applied to the trigger, it’s highly reactive to the user. Whether your drilling masonry, wood or steel, the controls and keyless chuck make completing the task easy.


One of the best features is the carry case with the 101 piece accessory set, which we’ll cover more in the next section. The case has space for two batteries. So, if you’ll be using the drill often, it probably worth investing in a second battery.


Finally, the Makita DHP453SFTK comes with a 1-year guarantee as standard. This can be upgraded to 3 years for free when registered online within 30 days of purchase.




Opening the carry case for the first time, you’ll be delighted to see the Makita DHP453SFTK drill, a battery and charger as well as the 101 piece accessory kit.


This accessory kit is fantastic and while it incorporated in the price, you still feel like you’re getting a good deal. Included in the 101 piece kit are drill bits for wood, steel and masonry. There are various screwdriver bits and a screwdriver handle. Finally, there’s also a spirit level.


While you’re exploring the drill bits and other extras, remember to put the battery on charge. It only takes 22 minutes to charge and so will be ready to use before you know it.


It’s a good idea to drill or screw into a waste piece of wood to get a feel for how the Makita DHP453SFTK works as it’s highly configurable. having experimented a little, depending on the task you’ll want to select the right mode, gearbox speed and torque setting.


For screwdriving, select the screwing mode, position 1 on the gearbox (slow) and keep the torque position fairly low.


However, if you’re drilling through heavy materials, then you’ll want to select the hammer mode, the high setting on the gearbox (position 2) and crank the torque control.


Over time as you complete more DIY tasks, you can experiment with the drill’s many settings and find what will work best for you.



Makita DHP453SFTK Combi Drill box

photo by Makita




As you can be up and running in under 30 minutes, thanks to a fast-charging battery and included drill bits, the Makita DHP453SFTK Combi Drill offers fantastic performance right out of the box.


Even though it has a hammer setting, it struggles to drill into thicker materials such as masonry and concrete. That said, it performs a range of basic DIY tasks with ease and has enough settings to allow you to fine-tune how it operates to the job.


The battery life is seriously good, especially when you consider the charge time is 22 minutes. it would be nice to LEDs on the batteries which show the remaining charge.


Weighing 1.9 Kg, the Makita DHP453SFTK isn’t the lightest drill we’ve covered. While this isn’t a major issue, it does hamper its performance when used over a longer period as you’ll start to feel the strain. It also lacks a work light which impacts its performance in tight or dark spaces as you’ll need to illuminate them.


Makita is well respected for its quality and after-sales care. And while it’s designed to perform well for many years to come, should any arise, they are more than likely covered by the 3-year warranty.



Is the Makita DHP453SFTK worth buying?

There much to like about the Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill including the fast charging, multitude of setting and 101 Piece Accessory Set.


However, there are a few negatives. There’s no work-light, so you’ll need a torch or lamp. For some, this won’t be a big issue, especially as it extends the battery’s life.


The batteries, while excellent don’t have an easy way to display the remaining charge. You have to connect it to the charger. That said, the battery charges pretty quickly and can be used with any tool in Makita’s LXT range.


The Makita DHP453SFTK performs best on general light-duty DIY jobs around the home and garden. It has plenty of power available for the average DIY task but does struggle on heavier and thicker materials.


It is on the heavier side, weighing 1.92 Kg with battery. This is only noticeable after a long period of use when the hand starts to feel it. Overall it’s well balanced and reactive to the user.


By far the best element of this kit is the 101 accessories set as it enables you to get started straight away with the right tool for a range of tasks.


If you’re looking for a professional quality tool that is used by many in the trade, then you should consider Makita DHP453SFTK 18V LXT Combi Drill. 9/10