Zemismart Matter 7W Dimmable LED Bulb review

Zemismart Matter 7W Dimmable LED Bulb review

Late last year, Zemismart sent us one of their new dimmable LED bulbs that works with the Matter protocol. So while, we got the device for free, this is our honest review of the Zemismart Matter 7W Dimmable LED Bulb.


Several elements make this bulb exciting. Firstly, it’s a plug-in-and-play device that takes seconds to get it up and running. It offers remote operating either by app or voice control. You can adjust the colour and brightness.


You can use this device as a standard bulb and ignore its advanced features. However, with a Matter hub like the Zemismart M1, you can access many cool features and use the bulb in automations and scenes.


Let’s dive into the Zemismart Matter 7W Dimmable LED Bulb and discover if you should upgrade your dumb lightbulbs!



When is a bulb, not a bulb?!

Lightbulbs are hardly a new concept, nor are smart bulbs. And without trying to overhype the Zemismart smart bulb, it’s worth establishing why you should be excited about them.


In the last decade, we’ve moved from CFL energy saving bulbs to devices that use LEDs. By changing the method behind how it produces light, bulbs have become even more flexible and adjustable.


Your options far extend past turning the bulb on or off, or even having dimming capabilities. Plus, as smart bulbs are plug-in-and-play devices, you don’t need to rewire sockets or hire an electrician. You can simply screw the smart bulb in and use it.



zemismart matter bulb closeup



Why is Zemismart passionate about the Matter protocol?

There are plenty of smart bulbs on the market. However, most work with their own app, making it nearly impossible to build a connected system. Another common issue is they use Wi-Fi, which slows down as you add more devices, so isn’t very scalable.


The Matter protocol combines Zigbee, Google’s protocol, and the Apple HomeKit system into a single ecosystem. The result is you can use a wide range of manufacturers’ devices in a single system without needing to learn how to programme or need multiple bridges.


As the next step in the smart home evolution, the Matter protocol is an exciting development that’s just getting started. Zemismart realises this and so is ramping up its product releases that use this technology.



Using this smart bulb in your home

So enough talking about everything but the Zemismart Matter 7W Dimmable LED Bulb! At 14 cm tall, it’s slightly longer than the traditional bulb. It might not be ideal for some situations, especially if you want the bulb hidden by a lampshade and not exposed.


Zemismart has stuck with the E27 screw base, making it ideal for most standalone lamps. As most pendant lights use a bayonet base fitting, you sadly can’t use this bulb with them. Thankfully, Zemismart does sell a Zigbee bulb on a B22 base that will work with a Matter hub.


As an LED Filament bulb, it works with 240 mains power and offers dimming capabilities. Using the app, you can adjust the colour from a warm 2700 Kelvin to super bright white 6500K Kelvin, allowing you to finetune the appearance to suit your mood.


Rated at 7W, it offers a 700-lumen output and has an average lifespan of 25000 hours. So, it should provide you with a bright light source for many years.


By pairing the bulb with a Matter hub, you can remotely control it using the app and Google Home or Alexa. Great if you prefer voice control over an app or physical switch.


As a smart home system, the Matter ecosystem allows you to create preset scenes and automations, allowing you to seamlessly control your devices and build a smart home that reacts to your lifestyle.



zemismart matter bulb package



Should you buy the Zemismart Matter 7W Dimmable LED Bulb?

If you’re looking for a smart bulb that can work with the next generation of smart home systems, the Zemismart Matter 7W Dimmable LED Bulb is ideal. It’s the perfect companion to their M1 Matter hub.


Compared to other LED bulbs that cost a few pounds, the £15 price tag might seem expensive. However, few offer all of the features that the Zemismart bulb does.


You can easily dim it, adjust the colour between warm and bright white, control it with the Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit, or with a hub use the bulb within scenes and automations. These superb features allow you to build a smart home that reacts to your lifestyle.