How is smart home technology changing the way we live?

smart home technology changing live

In the contemporary era, technological advances are changing the very essence of modern homes, influencing how we go about our daily lives. From energy efficiency to connectivity and integrated entertainment systems, we take a look at some of the ways that technology is being used in new properties.


Here are three ways that technology is transforming the way we live within the confines of our homes.



Improved energy efficiency

With energy costs at an all-time high, it’s beneficial for properties to be equipped with renewable energy sources and energy-efficient appliances. According to the Home Builders Federation, new build properties can save you up to 55% on your energy bills compared with conventional homes.


Thanks to low-energy LED lighting, enhanced insulation, A-rated boilers, and much more, you’re able to save on your bills while doing your bit for the environment.


Since these properties often have an energy performance certificate rating of A or B, you could be eligible for a green mortgage. Therefore, if you’re looking to get on the property ladder, a new build home could help make this dream a reality.



Automated systems

The integration of automation in the home has simplified some of the more mundane tasks. With the tap of a button, you’re able to set your heating on a timer or schedule, controlling what rooms you would like the heating on.


What’s better is that you can even do this remotely, enabling you to heat the house for when you return from work or turn it off should you forget. These products can also help you to save energy and money, especially those that turn off automatically if the motion detector senses you’ve left the house.



Enhanced safety

Our homes are meant to be a safe haven, meaning we shouldn’t worry when we aren’t in. Even simple things like leaving the tap on or forgetting to turn off the heating can spoil our day; however, smart home appliances can ease these worries.


Homeowners can easily avoid the dangers of leaving appliances on by installing a smart oven or automatic appliance shut-offs. These provide real-time monitoring of electrical devices, detecting if there has been no activity for a while or if they start to overheat. They then automatically turn themselves off, helping to prevent fires or leaks in the home.


Additionally, smart security systems can give you peace of mind when leaving the home. These allow you to monitor your doorbell or the rooms in your property all from your smartphone, including letting you talk to those who come to the front door.


For extra security, smart locks can be applied to the doors in the home, which are controlled through your phone. Not only are these highly convenient but they also allow you to keep track of who enters the property.