How to set up the Apple HomeKit geofence feature

Apple HomeKit geofence

Would you like every appliance and device to turn off when you leave? Or how about the garage magically opens as you approach your home? Both of these situations use geofencing, and it’s a feature available in Apple HomeKit. Here’s how to use the Apple HomeKit geofence feature!



What is geofence?

Home automation can save you money and reduce your energy bills. It can ensure devices are turned off as you leave home or open the garage door as you approach. It’s another way of making your property reactive to you.


This kind of automation is called geofence. How it works is quite simple. It uses the location of you or your family members as the trigger. It works similarly to a motion sensor, which reacts to movement and can trigger actions. 


Geofencing creates a virtual fence or circle around your home. When you enter or leave this circle, it is activated and can trigger actions. Tesla cars use geofencing to allow the owner to open/close their car when they walk closer or away as their phone acts as the trigger.


The feature is part of the Apple HomeKit automation suite and is similar to ‘People Arrive’ or ‘People Leave’. However, it’s a little bit more specific. Don’t worry, we’re about to show you how to set up the Apple HomeKit geofence feature.



Setting up the Apple HomeKit geofence feature

It’s easy to create a geofence in HomeKit and use it to trigger actions. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Automation 
  • Click on the to create a new one
  • Tap on People Arrive to create a trigger when you enter the geofence
  • Click on Location and select a or enter a location. You can make the fence or circle larger by clicking on the location and then drag the fence. You can create one around your street or just the 10 meters around your home
  • Click Done
  • You can choose the time the automation should run, for instance just during the day
  • Clicking next once more allows you to choose one or more scenes and one or more accessories to trigger
  • You can then use it.