Top 15 best butler tray table for the dining room

Best Butler Tray Table

When it comes to large family gatherings, there never seems to be enough space to put drinks, snacks or plates, regardless of how well the dining room is designed. It’s why you need the best butler tray table!


What makes a butler tray table ideal is it’s highly portable, most easily fold down and as the tray can be removed and used separately, it multi-purpose!


Some of our favourite dining rooms have abandoned oversized display cabinets and instead use the best butler tray table as a mini-bar. When the dining is over, the tray table can move with you into the lounge and you can try mixing a Dirty Martini or Negroni. Your guest will be impressed!


Admittedly, tray tables by design do look very similar. So it comes down to size, materials and overall finish.


Here are a range of the best butler tray tables, there’s at least one which will work with your interior scheme. You can find them on Amazon or other sites, but if they aren’t available for you, just try a website unblocker which will give you an access to any purchases.



Cox & Cox – Oak Butlers Tray Table

Cox and Cox - Oak Butlers Tray Table

photo by Cox & Cox


First on the list is this excellent Oak Butler’s Tray Table from Cox & Cox. Measuring 55 cm (w) by 41 cm (d) and standing 67 cm tall, it’s made from sustainable oak and is lightweight making it superb for several uses. The removable tray and folding stand make it easy to move and to store.


This oak tray table would be ideal for alfresco dining in the summer and worthwhile addition to any dining room.


As it’s made from oak, you will need to treat it annually with furniture oil to prolong its life. You’ll also want to store inside and only use outdoors if treated and in good weather.




Taylor & Brown® White Wooden Folding Butler Tray

Taylor Brown White Butler Tray

photo by Taylor & Brown®


The Taylor & Brown® White Wooden Folding Butler Tray is manufactured from durable MDF, finished in a stylish white hue. Its shabby chic vibe makes it ideal for softening hard line while adding a playful element to a room.


The removal tray measure 56 cm (w) by 36 cm (d) and the table is 62 cm tall. It’s generously sized carry handles, make it easy to move it and reduces the likelihood of accidents when carrying it.


It’s perfect for severing afternoon tea, display breakfast cereals or for storing BBQ essentials while cooking up a storm outdoors! You could also use it as a laptop stand!




Garden Trading Hambledon Butlers Trays

Garden Trading Hambledon Butlers Trays

photo by Garden Trading


Garden Trading Hambledon Butlers Trays is a charming take on the classic design. Whether you use this for serving drinks both indoors and out, a snack station during a Netflix binge or for breakfast in bed, it will fit right in!


Crafted in Raw Oak and the removable tray measures 58 cm (w) by 45 cm (d) and the stand, which folds flat is 70 cm in height. As a piece of furniture designed from natural wood, it’s worth treating with oil annually and storing indoors.




Hartleys Butlers Tray Table

Hartleys Butlers Tray Table

photo by Hartleys


Available with either a grey or white tray, the Hartleys Butlers Tray Table is an affordable yet stylish solution. It features a collapsible stand with a removable serving tray.


It comes flat-pack, so requires assembly, albeit minimal. When assembled, it measures 65 cm (w) by 45 cm (d) by 82 cm (h). The subtle bamboo frame compliments the tray colour, creating an attractive unit.


As a fairly tall tray table, it’s ideal for displaying and holding drinks when friends pop over, a stand for puddings or snacks or even breakfast in bed when you want to spoil a loved one!




Arcalt Butler Tray Table

Arcalt Butler Tray Table

photo by Arcalt


Even in a tight space, you can fit the Arcalt Butler Tray Table. It’s fantastic if you lack space but still want to make good use of every square centimetre! Who said you need a large tray table when this is ideal!


Arriving flat-packed, it’s simple to assemble thanks to the easy to follow instruction. Finished with white paint, it’s made from durable MDF and measures 40 cm (w) by 40 cm (l) by 60 cm (h).


Easy to fold down for the storage, the removable serving tray is multi-purpose. It’s wonderful as a side table for small spaces including the dining room, living room, bedroom, and even the garden. Just imagine using it as a coffee station or snack bar.




DESIGN DELIGHTS Whitewashed Wooden Butler Tray Table

DESIGN DELIGHTS Whitewashed Butler Tray Table



With an ornate design and shabby chic finish, the DESIGN DELIGHTS Whitewashed Wooden Butler Tray Table will bring a touch of Provence into your home.


Manufactured from wood, the tray measures 51 cm (w) by 32 cm (d) cm by 8 cm (h) and the stand is 63 cm tall. As it easily folds away, the tray can be used separately. The white antique style distressed finish is aesthetically pleasing and creates interest.


As a fantastic addition to any home, you can use this tray table for dining, as a plant stand, or breakfast in bed or as an eye-catching side table. Regardless of your current interior style, this butler tray will complement your home and is best suited for indoor use.




Cox & Cox – Grey Topped Tray Table

Cox Cox Grey Topped Tray Table

photo by Cox & Cox


If you prefer something with a more modern twist, then consider the Cox & Cox – Grey Topped Tray Table. The wooden frame is juxtaposed by the faux concrete top, making it ideal around the home.


The faux concrete top, produced from resin has an industrial look and measures 65 cm (w) by 45 cm (d). As a synthetic material, resin is easily marked or scratched and so you’ll want use to a protective mat or coaster to protect it from unnecessary damage.


A mindy ash wooden cross-legged frame completes this tray table and stands at 82 cm tall. This gives the unit an imposing feel which is softened by the subtle colours and distressed finish.


As a stylish and versatile butler tray table, it’s ideal for use around the home. Unlike most items on our list, the tray isn’t removable but it does collapse down for storage.




Statra Bamboo Butler Table with Removable Serving Tray

Statra Bamboo Butler Table

photo by Statra Bamboo


If you’re a big Asian art fan, then you’ll appreciate the Statra Bamboo Butler Table with Removable Serving Tray. As a handcrafted unit, each is unique and is made from natural bamboo by local artists.


Some assembly is required but everything you need such as tools and easy to follow instructions is included. Once built, it measures 51 cm (w) by 71 (d) by 81 cm (h).


As the tray is chunky and removable, you can easily use it for serving or move items. Also as the frame folds down, it’s can be easily compacted. It’s ideal for use both indoors and outside and is covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty.




Winsome Wood Devon Butler TV Table with Serving Tray

Winsome Wood Devon Butler Table

photo by Winsome Wood


The Winsome Wood Devon Butler TV Table with Serving Tray has a more formal design and instantly adds an air of elegances to any room.


Manufactured from a combination of solid and composite wood with an antique walnut finish, this TV tray table is perfect for many uses. The table measures 56 cm (w) by 37 cm (d) by 69 cm (h) and has a grove in the top for resting the removable serving tray.


This tray features generous handles, making it easy to carry and measures 56 cm (w) by 37 cm (d) by 6 cm (h). You could remove the tray and still use the table to display drinks, photos or snacks.




ASPECT Hotel Style Hopkins Foldable Detachable Butler Table

ASPECT Hotel Style Butler Table

photo by ASPECT


Add a touch of modern luxury to your dining room with the ASPECT Hotel Style Hopkins Foldable Detachable Butler Table. The solid steel frame is finished in a matt brass coating and easily flatten for storage. The removable wood tray is painted black and generously sized.


Designed to hold up to 5 kg and measure 54 cm (w) by 38 (d) by 72 (h), it’s a versatile piece that’s ideal as a side table or serving caddy. You could also use it in a home cinema room for snacks and the popcorn maker!




Charles Bentley Home Wooden Tray On Stand

Charles Bentley Home Wooden Tray On Stand

photo by Charles Bentley


Charles Bentley Home Wooden Tray On Stand is available in three matt shades of white, grey and blue. Regardless of which colour you decide on, it will effortlessly blend into your room.


Measuring 40 cm (w) by 40 cm (d) by 45 cm (h) and made from MDF, it’s a practical yet stylish piece of furniture. With a foldable stand, you can easily store it away when not in use, while the detachable tray is ideal for carrying food and drinks.


As a compact solution, it’s a worthwhile purchase if your tight on space and want a butler tray table you can use both outdoors and inside.




Relaxdays Folding Serving Tablet

Relaxdays Folding Serving Tablet

photo by Relaxdays


The Relaxdays Folding Serving Tablet is a perfect wooden side table for drinks, breakfast, snacks and coffee. Featuring a chunky folding frame and a sizeable removable serving tray with large handles. When assembled it measures 52 cm (w) by 36 cm (d) by 54 cm (h).


The tray is suitable for carrying items and the legs fold down in 2 steps making it ideal for small spaces or occasional use. Made from walnut, the natural wood finish and countryside stylings of this unit mean it can be effortlessly added to a wide range of interiors.




elbmoebel foldable butler table/serving tray

elbmoebel foldable butler table

photo by elbmoebel


Featuring a classic design, the elbmöbel foldable butler table/serving tray is ideal for serving guests as well as enjoying a relaxed breakfast in bed!


Made of wood and finished in an antique white colour, it measures 56 m (w) by 41 cm (d) by 47 cm (h). This wooden knee table offers plenty of space regardless of what you’re using it for.


The tray top is removable and features convenient side handles for simple carrying. And the stand can easily be folded up when not in use. Welcome guests in style with this butler table.




Garden Trading Aldsworth Butlers Tray

Garden Trading Aldsworth Butlers Tray

photo by Garden Trading


As the perfect accessory for entertaining, the Garden Trading Aldsworth Butlers Tray is a must-have for any host or hostess! Crafted in spruce, it can fold down easily, making it the ideal occasional table inside or out.


This charming and rustic tray table is wonderfully versatile is ideal for ferrying drinks and nibbles out to the garden or serving as a drinks table. When set-up, it measures 55 cm (w) by 40 cm (d) by 72cm (h). The tray can be removed and used separately.




TINGTING French Country Folding Butler Table

TINGTING French Country Folding Butler Table

photo by TINGTING


Our final butler tray table is the extremely ornate TINGTING French Country Folding Butler Table. It’s very useful around the home whether for occasional use or as a piece of furniture.


Made from MDF finished in a smooth lacquer finish and measuring 55 cm (w) by 32 cm (d) by 60 cm (h). The removable top with handles doubles as a highly useful tray. The folding frame takes up minimal storage when not in use.


The ornate design and affordable price make this tray table ideal for using for holding drinks, plants, snacks and even computers. Its design is matched by its versatility.




Best butler tray table

As picking the single best butler tray table will prove impossible, here are a few we’d like for our home!


We love the simplicity of the Cox & Cox – Oak Butlers Tray Table. Made from oak, it’s designed for longevity and has a timeless look whether it’s being used in the home or garden.


The Garden Trading Aldsworth Butlers Tray, which is simple yet softens any interiors thanks to the presence of the wood’s grains. If you’re wanting to add a rustic element to then consider buying this!


Mixing colours and materials, the ASPECT Hotel Style Hopkins Foldable Detachable Butler Table ensure it will look stylish yet modern for years to come.