20 Best shaving mirrors for every gentleman

best shaving mirrors

Shaving with precision is more art than science. Maintaining the perfect facial hair really requires two mirrors. A wall mirror, for checking overall progress and a small one for detail.


It’s likely you’ve already have a large mirror in your bathroom design. So our attention is on finding the best shaving mirrors for him.


Our list of 20 best shaving mirrors are either free-standing or use suckers. We’ve intentionally left out ones which require some DIY, because, who doesn’t want a simply solution!


So whether you’re looking for a new shaving mirror for home, on the go or both, we’ve got you covered.



GlobaLink Fogless Shaving Mirror

GlobaLink Fogless Shaving Mirror

photo by GlobaLink


If you’re looking for a shaving mirror which is superb for travel and home, then at £14 (from Amazon), the GlobaLink Fogless Shaving Mirror is a solid choice.


With a 6 inch (15cm) mirror and razor hook, the GlobaLink Fogless Shaving Mirror uses 3 suction cups to attach to bathroom tiles or another mirror. You don’t need any tools and these suction cups leave no marks.


The base is made from stainless steel and therefore won’t discolour or rust. Finish the mirror is an anti-fog coating, which instantly disperses steam, keeping your mirror clean.


Under the mirror is a hook, which is a convenient place for your razor, sponge or tweezers. While this might look like a novelty, it’s actually very useful.


The GlobaLink Fogless Shaving Mirror comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can buy with peace of mind.




TUKA Freestanding Cosmetic Mirror

TUKA Freestanding Cosmetic Mirror

photo by TUKA


As a cosmetic mirror, the TUKA can satisfy both of you. Along as you’re ok with sharing! Whether you’re using it for shaving, applying make-up or checking your outfit, the TUKA excels.


Available from Amazon for £18, the TUKA Freestanding Cosmetic Mirror TKD3108-10x has a dual-sided 8-inch (19 cm diameter) head. One size has 10x magnified zoom. The other, just a regular mirror.


The head is easy to move and is 360 degrees rotatable. This means you can place either mirror face at any angle you like, no matter the task.


The chrome look of the head continues to the elegant pillar and solid base. Built from quality materials, this TUKA shaving mirror is rustless and durable.




Gotofine Fogless Shower Mirror

Gotofine Fogless Shower Mirror

photo by Gotofine


At 2 pence under £20, the Gotofine Fogless Shower Mirror is great for those who wish to shave in the shower or be able to move their mirror around.


The Gotofine Fogless Shower Mirror uses a single suction cup. The twist to lock suction cup, makes mounting the mirror easily, regardless of the materials. And as a result, it doesn’t fall or moves easily.


The mirror and suction cup connect using a ball joint. This allows for 360-degree rotation. So you can move the 6.7 inches (17 cm) mirror easily into your prefered position.


While only single sided, the mirror is finished with a special no fog coating. This long-lasting finish comes with a lifetime guaranteed.


Completing this Gotofine mirror is a razor hook, which makes storing your blade and shaving brush easy.




Sabichi New York Mirror

Sabichi New York Mirror

photo by Sabichi


With a classic design, 2 mirror faces and stylish chrome finish, the Sabichi New York Mirror is a great deal costing only £12.


The low profile base is sturdy yet stylish. The base and mirror connect using a swivel bracket, which allows you to rotate the head a full 360 degrees.


The double-sided mirror has a diameter of 8 inches (20.5 cm). One side is a mirror, while the other is 2 times magnification. You can easily move either mirror into the best angle.


However, it easily distorts the image if not set at the right angle. So you’ll want to play with the swivel bracket a bit until you find a position that works for you.


Finished in a chrome tone, the Sabichi New York Mirror should last for years.




Blue Canyon Free Standing Square Pedestal Shaving Mirror

Blue Canyon Free Standing Square Pedestal Shaving Mirror

photo by Blue Canyon


Undeniably retro, the Blue Canyon Free Standing Square Pedestal Shaving Mirror will always be in style! Costing £11, It’s fantastic value for money.


At 40cm high, it’s on the larger size of our list of best shaving mirrors. However, that does mean the mirror faces are 7 x 5.5 inches (18 x 14 cm).


One side is a normal mirror, whereas the other offers 3 x magnification. Switching between faces is easy as the mirrors swivel on two points. This means you can easily move the mirror into the best angle for your shaving.


This Blue Canyon mirror requires some assembly as it comes flat pack. So you’ll need a screwdriver. Overall, we like its stylish design and chrome tone.




TUKA Standing Cosmetic Mirror

TUKA Standing Cosmetic Mirror

photo by TUKA


At £11 (from Amazon), the TUKA Standing Cosmetic Mirror has a sleek, minimalist design, making it perfect for home and travel.


The 14cm (6-inch) double-sided mirror has a 1 x zoom side and the other has 5 x zoom. Switching between the faces is easy as you can rotate the head 360 degrees. So you can easily and quickly move from an up-close image and an overall picture when shaving.


This high-quality TUKA mirror is finished in a chrome tone, making it easily blend in with most bathrooms. The excellent quality materials are rustless and durable.


Standing at 16cm tall, you can easily pack TUKA Standing Cosmetic Mirror and enjoy shaving while travelling.




Beautifive Double Sided Amber Mirror

Beautifive Double Sided Amber Mirror

photo by Beautifive


If chrome isn’t your thing and you’re looking for something a little more exciting then Beautifive Double Sided Amber Mirror could be right for you. Available from Amazon for £10, the Beautifive is bold.


It comprises of two parts, a handheld mirror and a stand. These easily slide together, meaning you can remove stand for travel.


The handheld mirror measure 13cm (5-inch) in diameter (or 16 cm / 6.3 inches, if the frame is included) and has two different sides. One side is 1 x magnification, while the other is 7 x. You can easily change side when shaving and both provide a high definition and excellent reflectance.


The unique amber colour has a glossy finish shows and is designed not to fade. The Beautifive Double Sided Amber Mirror is damp proof.




FMG Free Standing Table Mirror

FMG Free Standing Table Mirror

photo by FMG


If you’re looking for a large, single-sided mirror, then consider the FMG Free Standing Table Mirror. This free standing mirror is available on Amazon for £14.


The frame uses tough acrylic, ensuring it’s solid and stays in place. Also by using plastic, this FMG mirror won’t rust and can be easily wiped clean. Sitting within the frame is a large 22 x 16 cm mirror, which is adjustable.


The base has a faux marble look, which provides interest against the otherwise monochrome look. Overall it’s a simple yet stylish shaving room, that’s perfect for most homes.




Premier Housewares Large Rectangle Free Standing Adjustable Mirror

Premier Housewares Large Rectangle Free Standing Adjustable Mirror

photo by Premier Housewares


Premier Housewares Large Rectangle Free Standing Adjustable Mirror (£21 at Amazon) is a contemporary design, based on traditional ideas.


This rectangular chrome frame table mirror is perfect for shaving or applying makeup. The elegant design allows for the mirror to be tilt up or down. And while you can’t rotate the mirror, you can easily find the optimum position.


Using metal and glass, Premier Housewares have built this with longevity in mind. The chrome finish is rust and damp proof.


While at the higher end of the price range, when you consider its size, the price seems fair.




ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

photo by ToiletTree Products


If you’re looking for a mirror which you can travel with and attaches to any bathroom wall, then ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror is worth considering.


While fairly pricey at £25 (from Amazon), it has some exciting features and comes with a squeegee! Plus its shatter and rust proof.


Starting at the back, the stand uses double-sided sticky tape and so can be attached to tiles, a wall or even another mirror. Once in place, it’s designed to be hard to move, so this built as a travel mirror.


Once attached, the mirror uses a hidden water chamber to remain fogless. So you’ll need to fill and empty this every time. however, this is fairly straight forward.


There’s no special coating or chemicals used in the fogless system. So you can wipe it clean with the included squeegee, which even has it’s own storage slot.


The large mirror measures 20 cm (7.75 inches) by 15 cm (6 inches) and is capable of 360 degrees of rotation. It’s designed to be quickly adjusted when shaving, tweezing and removing makeup.


At the bottom of the mirror is a handy shelf, which has 2 hooks. These are perfect for storing your razor and loofah or sponge.




TUKA Foldable Standing Make-Up Mirror

TUKA Standing Cosmetic Mirror

photo by TUKA


Featuring an interesting design, the TUKA Foldable Standing Make-Up Mirror will cost you £14 (at Amazon).


The unique folding design makes the TUKA perfect for our list of best shaving mirrors. The silver finished stand connects to the mirror in two places, allowing you to rotate it 360 degrees.


The 12.5 cm (5 inches) cosmetic mirror is double-sided and provides 1 x and 10 x magnification depending on what side faces you.


As a freestanding mirror, you can easily travel with it or share with a partner as it work well for shaving and makeup.


Underneath the chrome finish are excellent quality materials, which are rustless and durable.




FMG Free Standing Rectangular Mirror

FMG Free Standing Rectangular Mirror

photo by FMG


FMG Free Standing Rectangular Mirror is available on Amazon for £20 and sports a perspex frame.


The unique design take it’s cues from art deco styles yet has been updated with the use of perspex. The plastic means your mirror will last a long time and can be easily wiped clean.


The mirror measures 18cm x 13cm and has true Image reflection one side, powerful 10X magnification on the other.


As a freestanding mirror, it’s perfect for shaving or applying Makeup, whether you’re at home or on go.




Auraglow Shaving Vanity Mirror with Rechargeable LED Light

Auraglow Shaving Vanity Mirror with Rechargeable LED Light

photo by Auraglow


If you find yourself always turning the light on before shaving, then the Auraglow Shaving Vanity Mirror with Rechargeable LED Light could be for you. You can buy one from Amazon for £16 and they looks almost like an iPad.


The mirror has a stand on the rear, which pops out. So travelling with the Auraglow is easy as it folds flat. Under the stand is a USB socket, allowing you to recharge the batteries that power the built-in LEDs. The 1000mAh battery is fully charged in 2 hours.


On the front, the button isn’t just an on/off light switch. It is a dimmer, which has 3 settings and allows you to choose between 100%, 50% and 10% brightness.


Thanks to the LEDs, this mirror provides a crisp day-light for the clearest reflection, whether your shaving or applying cosmetics.


The mirror comes with a 150cm USB cable and can be charged using any USB power device.




Auxmir Foldable Travel Mirror LED Illuminated

Auxmir Foldable Travel Mirror LED Illuminated

photo by Auxmir


If you’re looking for a no-frills travel mirror, then look no further than the Auxmir Foldable Travel Mirror LED Illuminated! Not the most exciting looking mirror on our list of best shaving mirrors, it’s functional and affordable at £20 (from Amazon).


Unlike our last LED mirror which uses a built-in battery, the Auxmir requires 4 AAA batteries to power the LEDs. However, you can power it via USB.


The on/off switch also enables you to adjust the brightness with 2 levels available. So if you’re shaving in a poorly lit bathroom, you can instantly shine a light on your face and walk away with the perfect shave.


The double-sided mirror offers 1x and 7x magnification sides. And it’s easy to adjust. With swivelling and height adjustable design, the mirror is versatile.


It’s folding design and 2 storage compartments make it perfect for travelling. This Auxmir mirror comes with a 3-year warranty




Fenteer Dismountable Compact Mirror

Fenteer Dismountable Compact Mirror

photo by Fenteer


Fenteer Dismountable Compact Mirror will appeal to those who love a modern aesthetic. And costing £9, it’s highly affordable.


Made of high-quality wood, the two pieces slot easily together. This makes travelling with the Fenteer simple. The high definition mirror is fantastic for shaving.


Available in three sizes, we’ve selected the largest. This measures 26 x 15 cm (10.2 x 5.9 inch), and so is fairly sizable.


While it may exciting features such as shaver holders, LED lights or adjustable mirror, it’s minimalist design is striking.




Mallstan Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Holder

Mallstan Fogless Shower Mirror

photo by Mallstan


Costing £20, the Mallstan Fogless Shower Mirror is an easy to mount unit with a razor holder. This mirror is made from rustproof metal, plastic and glass, meaning it’s designed to last. You’ll have no trouble using it at home or when travelling.


A strong suction cup holds the mirror in place, whether you’re attaching it to tiles, a mirror or a wall. A ball and socket fixture enables you to move the mirror 360 degrees.


Making it one of the best shaving mirrors available is its fogless surface. Simply fill the reservoir with hot shower water to prevent fogging before use. There’s no need to constantly treat with fog-free spray.


Moving to the bottom of the mirror, you’ll love the integrated hooks. You can use them to safely hold your razor or toothbrush.


The Mallstan shower mirror also Includes free BONUS Stainless Steel Tweezers.




KEDSUM Rechargeable Lighted Mirror

KEDSUM Rechargeable Lighted Mirror

photo by KEDSUM


KEDSUM Rechargeable Lighted Mirror costs £29 (available from Amazon) and is an exciting shaving mirror.


30 LEDs make up the lighting and all are dimmable. This means you can use the KEDSUM to shave in poorly light environments or brighten darker bathrooms. Adjust the brightness is easy, simply press the touch sensor switch.


It takes around 4 hours to fully charge and uses micro USB. When full, it will provide around 8 hours of charge. Also, it will turn itself off after 30 minutes, protecting its batteries and environment.


As the mirror’s single side is 10x magnifying, the KEDSUM is best used with a normal bathroom mirror. At 10x it’s perfect for getting a super close shave or if you have poor eyesight.


Two powerful locking suction cups, hold the unit in place. And at 23 cm, the mirror is a generous size and can be rotated through 360 degrees.




Sharplace Stainless Steel Double Sided Vanity Shaving Mirror

Sharplace Stainless Steel Double Sided Vanity Shaving Mirror

photo by Sharplace


Taking cues from the 20s and 30s, the Sharplace Stainless Steel Double Sided Vanity Shaving Mirror is a twist on a classic. So what does £21 get you?


Constructed from Stainless Steel, this mirror is designed to last. It has a weighted pedestal, which is a unique feature and will ensure it always stands tall. And at 30 cm high, it’s of a good size.


The head swivels 360 degrees and has two different faces. One of the 15cm (6 inches) sides is 1x magnification, while the other is 3x. While not as high as others in our list, it should provide enough difference to be useful for shaving.


The Sharplace gives you a clear reflection for shaving or applying your makeups.




Fantasia Travel Standing Mirror

Fantasia Travel Standing Mirror

photo by Fantasia


As one of the most powerful mirrors on our list, the Fantasia Travel Standing Mirror bring details to life in a unique way and costs only £20.


While primarily a travel mirror, the Fantasia will find use in your everyday life. Unlike others on the list, there’s no sticking, hanging or suction cups.


This mirror is in an acrylic case, which sits on a metal handle. It’s easy therefore to move either mirror side into the perfect angel.


The dual-sided 10 cm diameter mirror has a normal face and one with 15x magnification. This makes perfecting your shave easier, whether you’re on the go or home.


The Fantasia Travel Standing Mirror includes a cloth bag for safe transport. This bag protects the magnifying mirror when you take it with you.




ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

photo by ToiletTree Products


At £33 (from Amazon), the ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror combines their basic model with LEDs. So you can easily shave, no matter how poor the light is.


Starting with mounting. On the back, there’s removable silicone adhesive, which is simple to apply and doesn’t leave any marks. There’s not an unreliable suction cup in sight!


Surrounding the mirror is LEDs, which are battery powered. Rather than having a built-in one, this ToiletTree Products requires 3 AA batteries. The LED makes shaving easier, regardless of the light level in the room.


While the mirror isn’t magnifying, it is of a good size. However, what makes it exciting is that when filled with hot water, it doesn’t fog. Not even slightly.


At the bottom is a convenient shelf to place your razor, sponge or tweezers, so they are always accessible. The shelf also stores the included squeegee, which is designed to clean water drops off your mirror.




The best shaving mirrors are?

We hope you found at least one mirror in our list of the 20 best shaving mirrors that appeals to how you like to shave and your bathroom’s design.


Our favourites include the Blue Canyon Free Standing Square Pedestal Shaving Mirror, FMG Free Standing Rectangular Mirror and Fenteer Dismountable Compact Mirror.