How To Easily Clean Wooden Blinds Without Chemicals

January 2019
How To Clean Wooden Blinds

If you have wooden blinds in your home, then you’ll know that each day is a fight to keep them clean and dust-free. Thankfully, it’s easy to clean wooden blinds and keep them in top condition.


As wood naturally absorbs moisture, you will want to stay away from liquids including water. By doing so, you’ll keep your blinds from expanding or warping and so they’ll last longer.


Also as many blinds on the market have been treated or finished with special stains and varnishes, using water and other liquid products may affect the finish, causing it to streak and peel. 


Luckily we have several ways to clean wooden blinds and keep them dust-free, all are cheap but do involve some effort on your part!



Cleaning with a duster

The most common and simplest way to clean blinds is to use a duster. Most homes have at least one feather duster lurking somewhere in a cupboard! However, if you don’t, then a dry cloth will work just as well.


Start by wiping down the blinds working with the natural flow of the slates. Then you’ll want to open and close the slates, in the opposite direction. Again wipe them downwards.


If you’re looking for a new duster then consider one made from Ostrich feathers. As they’re naturally electrostatically charged, they attract and hold more dust particles. So, you’ll clean wooden blinds quicker and need to do it less often.



Blind Cleaner



Deep clean with a cloth

Dusters are fantastic for daily, quick clean, but they don’t always remove all fo the dust. So every few weeks you’ll want to deep clean your blinds with either a dry, lint-free cloth, a soft duster or specialist blind cleaning tool.


Regardless of your chosen tool, the process is the same.


Begin by openning your blind. Starting at the centre and working outwards, clean the top face of each slat. It’s worth dusting all then slats and then repeating the process another once or twice.


With the top clean, close the blind and open in the opposite direction to reveal the underside of the slats. Again starting from the centre, dust each slat. When you’ve clean it once, it’s worth repeating to ensure it’s fully dust-free.



Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner 

Any vacuum cleaner with a low power mode is ideal for cleaning blinds. It’s worth noting that a normal vacuum cleaner setting will be too powerful and may cause damage.


Switch your vacuum to its low power mode and attach the soft brush attachment. Holding it in one hand, open your blind. Use your other hand to hold a slat.


Carefully run the brush over the slat, checking for dust patches as you go. With the slat dust-free, move onto the next one.


With all of the slats on the top side vacuumed, close the blinds and open to expose the other side. Next, repeat the process.


You’ll want to use a chair or stool if you can’t easily reach the upper slats as you’re likely to cause damage if you start waving the vacuum cleaner hose around!


It’s best, if you can, to remove the blind and lay it on the floor. Place them on an old blanket or towel, to protect them and your floor from damage. Follow the same process to ensure each side is fully cleaned.



wiping wood blinds



Banish stubborn stains!

While using a dry cloth or duster will remove most dust and marks, for the most stubborn you’ll need to use a small amount of liquid.


You’ll want to rub stains with a slightly damp cloth until the mark starts to disappears. Be careful not to use a lot of force or a chemical-based cleaning solution as both may result in damage.


When the stain has been banished, clean with a dry cloth while removing any remaining moisture. Do not leave any moisture as this could damage your blinds.



Use gloves when cleaning blinds

If you decide to clean with a cloth, duster or slat cleaner, then try wearing a cotton glove or an old sock. Either will enable you to hold the blind steady whilst effectively cleaning.



Getting a shiny finish

If your wooden blinds are in top condition with no warping or cracks then you can mix either lemon oil or olive oil with warm water. Remember to only slightly damper your cloth and wipe any excess moisture off the slates when you’re finished.



Learn to clean wooden blinds

You now have several different methods to clean wooden blinds and correctly maintain them in process. As with any cleaning task, it’s  better to try and complete it often than leave it for spring cleaning.