Hyundai HYBC5080AV petrol grass trimmer review

Hyundai HYBC5080AV Review

Powered by a 50.8 cc two-stroke petrol engine, the Hyundai HYBC5080AV Grass Trimmer and Brushcutter is a flexible garden tool that ideal for taming an overgrown garden or keeping borders looking neat.


When a battery or mains powered tool isn’t sufficient or viable for the task, a petrol-powered unit is your best option. Using a 2 stoke engine does involve mixing petrol and oil but Hyundai has included a mixing bottle.


The HYBC5080AV is more than a simple grass trimmer as within seconds the large 45 cm trimming head can be swapped for a 25 cm blade. This allows you to easily move from cutting weeds and grass to brambles and dense scrub.


While on the heavy side, the padded ergonomic harness spreads the load improving the user’s comfort. This is most noticeable when using the tool over an extended period. The handles angled position also reduces stress and fatigue.


The Hyundai HYBC5080AV comes packed with a fantastic range of extras including safety gear, spares and a tool kit. It’s also covered by a 3-year warranty.


As one of the best garden strimmers available, the Hyundai HYBC5080AV is a fantastic tool. 8/10




  • Massive 45 cm cutting width
  • Dual function
  • 3-year warranty


  • Requires assembly
  • Not as environmentally friendly as mains/battery powered alternatives





Sitting at the top of the Hyundai HYBC5080AV is a 2 stroke petrol engine complete with a primer bulb.


Moving down the split shaft, you’ll first notice the harness attachment with multiple holes. This allows the user to attach the harness at a level which is comfortable for them. Next to theses slots are the handles.


Sitting at an angle to the shaft, the bike handles are designed to provide added comfort. The controls on the right handle enable operation of the unit and include a start/stop button and a reactive throttle.


The two shafts are joined by a metal sleeve and are tightened in place by a screw. Holding the unit down for storage or transports takes seconds.


At the end of the drive shaft sits the motor. Either a blade or trim head can be attached depending on the required function. A detachable trimmer guard protects the user from flying debris if required.


This does mean the unit weights 9.68 Kg so is comparably heavy to the alternatives.



Hyundai HYBC5080AV motor

photo by Hyundai




The 50.8 cc high torque, low emissions recoil start petrol engine features a primer bulb, which reduces the number of pulls needed to start the unit.


Tuned for mid-range torque, you don’t need to operate at maximum revs when cutting through heavy undergrowth. So using the Hyundai HYBC5080AV is easier, quieter and uses less fuel.


The bump feed uses a two-string nylon cutting line which can be extended up to an impressive 45 cm and is easily changed. This allows you to cover a wide area in a short time, especially when trimming grass or weeds.


The package includes two metal cutting blades for use as a Brushcutter. The three tooth blade is ideal for brambles or thick grass where trimming is sluggish. While the eight tooth blade is designed for thicker branches where it’s best to remove by sawing.


While fairly heavy, Hyundai has tried to balance the weight across the tool. The harness helps further to evenly spread the tool’s weight. What makes the harness even more useful is the multi-position quick release connector as you try different positions to find one which the balance is suitable for you.


The accessories pack that comes with the Hyundai HYBC5080AV include everything you’ll need to get started. In addition to the basics such as manual, harness, the pack comes with safety gear and tool kit.




As the Hyundai HYBC5080AV arrived in parts, some assembly is required. You’ll need to screw the two shafts together, the handles and trimmer guard. The manual does a good job of explaining the steps using diagrams. Plus the included tool kit is very helpful.


The first time you add the fuel mix, the ratio is different from the normal. Using the mixing bottle, mix 25:1 of fresh unleaded petrol and 2 stroke engine oil mixture. This will sufficiently lubricate the engine parts.


After this, a 40:1 mix is required which is standard for petrol tools. Again the mixing bottle makes it easy to get the quantities right.


As a heavy tool, it’s best to use the included safety wear to protect yourself.


We’d recommend trying with the trimmer attachment first on a small area at the back of your garden. This way you can experiment with the ideal cutting width and get used to the variable trigger without destroying your garden.


After a short time experimenting, then you should feel confident to start trimming and cutting back grass, branches and any overgrown area. Again it’s worth playing with the cutting blades before trying to tame your garden as to not do any lasting damage.



Hyundai HYBC5080AV side

photo by Hyundai




As starting petrol tools takes a certain knack, it might take a few attempts to get it working. After a few tries, starting the Hyundai HYBC5080AV becomes second nature.


The 50.8 cc engine has plenty of power. This is most noticeable when strimming weeds as the user only need to exert only a little pressure on the trigger. Even when cutting bushes using a blade, there plenty of unused power on tap.


As you’ll only need to use a small amount of the throttle’s potential, a tank of fuel mix should last around 2 hours. Of course, the more power you require, the fast the tank will need refilling.


The nylon trimming line and blades are of a good quality yet could easily be changed for ones of a higher quality. These changes should improve overall performance and improve longevity.


A feature we haven’t covered in detail is the anti-vibration system. While not the best, it’s far better than most and helps to reduce the noise produced by the Hyundai HYBC5080AV.


You may need to grease the shafts to separate them, whether you’re loading into a car or folding it down for storage. That said, a single screw is used to join the two parts in place and requires no tools to separate.



Is the Hyundai HYBC5080AV worth buying?

The Hyundai HYBC5080AV is a fantastic garden tool with plenty of power available whether you’re tidying grass or weeds. It also excels at cutting bushes and branches.


It’s heavy and while the harness does help to spread the weight, it’s not an ideal tool if you’re advancing in years or suffering from back problems.


If you haven’t used a petrol-powered tool before, then it might take a bit of experimenting to get used to operating it. Mixing fuel and oil is easier thanks to the included mixing bottle. Also starting it requires a certain knack.


Whether you’re at working in a smallish garden or tending to acres, it’s a good idea to wear the included safety gear. This is a fantastic extra and provides sufficient protection for the user.


One of the benefits of a petrol garden tools over alternatives is power. The Hyundai HYBC5080AV has plenty of power available even when dealing with thick materials.


Another benefit offered is the ease of use, add the right fuel mix and fire up. Not having to wait for batteries to charge or power cables to untangle. Of course, petrol isn’t the most efficient or environmentally friendly fuel, but that’s the trade off.


Offering two functions, Hyundai HYBC5080AV is more than a trimmer. The extras alone are worth purchasing the unit. 8/10