10 Low Cost Interior Design Ideas For Any Home

December 2017
low cost interior design ideas

If you believe that interior design has to expensive or takes a long time, don’t! There’s simple more no or low cost interior design ideas than there is room to write such an article!


With some inspiration from Pinterest and a bit of planning, you can breath new life into your interior.


Taking tips, ideas and tricks from our favourite interior designers, we’ve chosen our top 10 low-cost interior design ideas.


All are easy to try yet will have a huge impact! Plus you probably already have everything you need. Let’s get started?!



#1 Virtual re-arrange!

Starting with our favourite! If you’re uninspired by the current layout of a room, then use a floor planning software, like RoomSketcher to try out a range of designs.


While software is no match for getting dirty and moving furniture around, it does make trying different ideas out really easy. You’ll also break no sweat!



#2 Hide mess in boxes

Organize open shelving or armoires with storage baskets. It not only pulls the room together, but turns a cluttered mess into a trendy designer look!



tidy low cost design idea


#3 Small budget?

If you only have a small budget, spend it on your entryway. Start by bringing in a small dresser, table or bench to create a focal point and then add accessories.


Also, place an umbrella stand or a tall vase next to the table/dresser to give it some dimension.


Pretend you are a stranger and open your front door. What do you see? is there anything that grabs your attention? If not, change some items around until it feels inviting.



#4 Simple colour pallet

Try using neutrals as the main building blocks, things like the colour of the walls, and/or the largest pieces of furniture.


Then add texture, design, and colour by layering in accessories and eye-catching decor items. By doing this, you can easily change the whole feel of a room with just a few minor tweaks.



Simple colour pallet low cost design



#5 Trust yourself

Go with your gut. Make decisions based on what YOU like, not what you think is on trend, popular, or what you think other people will like.


Ultimately you are the one who has to live in your house. If you want to do a room in top to bottom leopard print, then do it if it makes you happy.



#6 As well as styling your entry…

Other than the entry the second most important room in the house is your own bedroom. If you haven’t updated your bed linen for a while then now is a fantastic time.


Bedrooms are a great place to try new accessories such as small photo frames, cushions and throws. Also, small accessories are superb as subtle changes can change a room’s feel. It’s all about experimenting!


Revitalise your bedroom by updating your linen and playing with the styling.



low cost design tips


#7 Upcycle furniture

Get crafty and repaint furniture. Either a new lick of paint and having some fun by antiquing some furniture can be a great way to add a new lease of life.


The kitchen is ideal for upcycling. You can paint old, outdated cupboard doors and cabinet frames with white or crème melamine. Then add some personality with new knobs.



#8 Replace weighty fabrics

Create a lighter mood by removing heavy drapes. You can replace them with sheer materials such as voile or lace.


You can find affordable materials at local fabric stores or use old pieces of fabric you already have. Simply pin-up fabrics with some tacks or sew a rod pocket at either end.



low cost interior tricks


#9 Don’t Ignore The Front Door!

Spruce up your front door first. For just a few pounds, a fresh coat of paint, a new knocker or even a shiny knob will work wonders.


And while you are at it, make sure your doorbell works. No one likes to be ignored.



#10 Art

The last of our low cost interior design ideas is add some art!


Choose paitings and prints that means something to you. Ideally they should fit with the overall feeling and mood of the room.


Quality art doesn’t have to be expensive, so look at eBay, charity shops and local tourist shops.