8 Reasons to upgrade your boiler in 2023

Reasons to upgrade your boiler for more efficient heating

There are many reasons to upgrade your boiler this year. It’s one of the most common questions we get asked. Some homeowners feel that their current central heating system is fine as it works albeit with the occasional service and repair.


However, this thinking slightly misses the point as modern boilers are cheaper to run, more efficient and quieter. In many cases, the cost savings alone pay for the install of the new unit. Not to mention reducing your carbon footprint.


If you’re thinking about upgrading your boiler, then you might want to start with our guide to the major boiler types. Reading this piece will help you gain clarity on the topic and know what questions to ask when talking to a boiler engineer.



#1 It’s tricky to find parts for boilers over 10 years old

The older the boiler, the hard it becomes to find suitable replacement parts. Also, parts for discontinued boilers rise can cost significantly more, making them expensive to repair.


Even if your boiler engineer can find parts, they might have to figure out alone how to repair your boiler as manufacturers only support legacy models for a few years after they’ve been discontinued.


You could end up with a large repair bill and a boiler that’s still not working. That not to say, you shouldn’t get a few quotes if your old boiler breaks down, just that it might cost more to get it fixed.



#2 Upgrade your boiler to save space

Modern boiler technology is smaller than it’s ever been. If you have an old central heating system, then you likely have a clunky boiler that takes up a lot of room. Modern boilers are not only more energy-efficient to save you money, but they are also smaller and quieter than previous models.


You could find that your old boiler and water tanks can be replaced by a combi boiler, which takes up a fraction of the space. You could then convert this space in to much needed storage.





#3 Substantial savings on your household bills

According to Ofgem, we spend an average of 4% of our income on energy. So it’s likely you’re looking for help to reduce your household bills. Also, considering that energy prices continue to escalate, your household budget is likely to be squeezed further in the coming years.


Added to this is the fact that the efficiency of gas or oil boilers over 15 years old is unlikely to exceed 70%. So you’re effectively overpaying to heat less water as the boiler ages.


By deciding to upgrade your boiler, you could reduce your fuel bill overnight. You could save at least 25% on your energy costs with a new boiler. With such a substantial and ongoing saving, the cost of installing a new boiler is far outweighed in comparison.


You can reduce your bills even more by installing a smart thermostat, which allows you to control your boiler directly from your phone. No need to move from the sofa or wait until your home to turn on the heating!



#4 No more time spent waiting for hot water

With a combi boiler, you have access to instant hot water on demand and around the clock. So, there’s no need for you to wait for the boiler to heat up water or have to worry about using all of the hot water.





#5 Avoid most emergency repairs

We’ve all had the heating stop working in the middle of winter and need to call out a boiler engineer. Typically, this call out will cost you a small fortune with no guarantees that they can get your boiler working again.


Unfortunately, such emergencies do happen even to fairly new boilers, but an old boiler will require more costly repairs. Some of these repairs will be emergencies that will cost you a lot of money to fix. After a few emergency repairs, the cost to upgrade your boiler isn’t that much more.


By installing a new boiler, you lower the likelihood of needing emergency repairs. Also, your new boiler will be under warranty for years meaning the manufacturer will repair your unit for a fixed fee rather than pricing the up the job. You’ll save money in more ways than you might consider.


As well as improved reliability, modern boilers also give you extra peace of mind that you and your family are safe and warm in your home. You can’t put a price on that.



#6 Would you prefer a quieter boiler?

A common problem is boilers seem to get louder with age, due in part to wear and tear. In the worst cases, it can sound like a jet taking off in the background yet you’ve just turned the heating on!


One benefit of installing a new boiler in your home is modern devices are becoming increasingly quieter. Regardless of what new boiler you decide to install, it will be considerably quieter than your existing boiler.



#7 Solve your water pressure problems

Nothing gets your day off to a bad start like a stuttering shower. Over time boilers develop all sort of issues including problems maintaining water pressure.


As combi boilers draw water directly from the mains, they’re much less likely to have pressure issues than a conventional boiler. That means the days of stuttering, low-powered showers should become a thing of the past!





#8 More accurate control of your home’s temperature

The newer your boiler is, the more energy-efficient it will be. Old boilers tend to become unreliable at providing an exact temperature. So, having your old boiler replaced with a new energy efficient boiler ensures that you’ll be able to achieve the ideal temperature for your home.



Bonus: #9 Extended warranty

If you decide to upgrade your boiler, you should get at least a ten-year warranty on your new unit. Typically, these warranties include all parts and labour as long as you get your boiler serviced yearly.


As repairs and call out charges can quickly add up, this is great value for money and already included in the price. So there are many reasons why you should upgrade your boiler and improve the efficiency of your central heating system.