Must have components for the perfect master bedroom

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The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a place where you go after a long day. The bedroom design needs to provide a serene atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.


A comfortable bed is the most important choice, but the lighting and colour scheme also matters in setting the mood. Which are the must haves for a perfect master bedroom? Let’s find out!



Bed frame and headboard

The bed frame is essential for setting a good base for the mattress. A headboard adds a decorative touch while enhancing comfort.


The bed design should follow the interior style, whether it is contemporary, minimalist, traditional, or vintage. Stores like VidaXL offer many different options so that anyone can find the perfect fit based on their preferences. 



Comfortable mattress

Investing in a good mattress makes a huge difference in sleep quality. While the other elements you chose are more aesthetic, this is rather functional.


It would be best if you chose a mattress that suits your preference and sleeping position. Remember that a mattress is a long-term purchase, so shop around and try various mattress types to determine the right fit.


You can also add an extra layer of comfort and style to your bed, consider pairing your mattress with an accent quilt that complements your bedroom decor.


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Cool smart gadgets 

Smart gadgets can help you turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel room. And we aren’t only talking about adding a TV cabinet in the bedroom.


The implementation of smart technology extends to smart displays and Wi-Fi controlled lights for the utmost convenience. Smart bulbs are available in different varieties, and you can always find the best fit for your needs.


Smart gadgets help you wake up in the mornings and set up a personal sunrise. The Hue platform works with every smart home system. 


If you wish to reduce one more chore from your list, consider the Smart Curtains. The system can be programmed to have the curtains opened and closed at a specific time of the day. But also you can apply voice commands to tailor the curtains according to your preference. 


Smart Clock is a device that combines multiple features such as a clock, calendar, and a gradual light that wakes you up naturally. Also, you can use the gadget as a digital photo frame to display your precious moments. 



Cosy rug

Interior designers use rugs as a decorative detail that adds warmth to the space. In addition, a plush rug will anchor the bedroom components together and create a stylish setting.


No matter what your flooring material is, an area rug will introduce a touch of warmth. Go for a distinctive texture to match the aesthetics. A high pile plush or a jute rug has a unique look that elevates the room style.



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Bedside table

The bedside table adds a decorative touch to the bedroom and strengthens the theme. But also it is a functional piece that provides storage and a surface for displaying decor. You can drop off your book before sleeping or have your glass of water within arm’s reach.


For a stylish touch, don’t get a bedside table and bed frame set. This results in a too matchy look, so instead, you want to bring visual interest. Your bedside table should match the style or colour but still stand out.


For a harness design, add bedside tables on both sides of the bed. That said, having a single bedside table would be fine if you don’t have enough space.




A wardrobe is a must to keep your bedroom neat and organized. Some will go a step further and implement custom-made wardrobe that matches their needs. Also, investing in storage options such as drawer dividers and clothes storage baskets is a smart way to keep everything organized.



Creating the perfect master bedroom

Your bedroom is a retreat from the busyness of life. By following our tips, you can create the perfect master bedroom that will feel relaxing the moment you step in and close the door behind you.