Mcculloch TRIMMAC petrol grass trimmer review

Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer Review

Ideal for use in larger home gardens, the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer has an impressive cutting width, 25 cc petrol engine and is comfortable to operate.


Featuring a lightweight design and split shaft, it’s easy to transport and folds down for storage. The two handles improve comfort when operating the unit with one being easily adjustable.


A powerful 25cc petrol engine enables you to cover a wide area without having to worry about power cables or batteries. As the engine can be pre-primed, you start the strimmer with less effort.


Whether you’re taming tough growth or simply trying to tidy your garden borders, the impressive 41 cm cutting width makes handling whatever the task easy.


The TRIMMAC has a P25 Tap ‘n’ Go trimmer head making cutting simple. Its bump function allows you to extend the line with ease and without tools or having to bend over.


As one of the best garden strimmers currently available, Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer comes with a 24-month warranty and scores 8/10.




  • 41 cm cutting width
  • P25 Tap ‘n’ Go trimmer head
  • Powerful 25cc two-stroke petrol engine


  • Not as environmentally friendly as alternatives





The split shaft design ensures the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer is a lightweight 3.9 kg and easy to manoeuvre.


Starting at the top with the motor. The built-in muffler reduces the noise produced by the motor, meaning the user isn’t deafen after strimming a large area. As a petrol motor, there is a fuel mix intake, primer bulb and spark plug.


A pull handle starts the unit and an on/off switch provides overall control. This top section features a carry handle. The area surrounding the throttle trigger is padded allowing for a strong grip when operating the unit.


Moving down the shaft, an second, adjustable handle is present. Again this is padded for added comfort. Next, the locking sleeve assembly joins the two shafts together.


The lower shaft curves down towards the trimmer head, which is protected by a shield. The Tap ‘n Go™ Trimmer Head allows for easy line adjustments and replacements.



Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer use1

photo by Mcculloch




The 22cc petrol motor of the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer has a power output of 0.6kW and so ideal for all home gardens. As the engine can be pre-primed, you start with fewer pulls of the starter cord.


A responsive throttle trigger enables you to vary the trimming speed with ease. While the 41 cm cutting width means you can cover a large area in a short time.


One of the difficulties of some grass trimmers is adjusting the line without having to use a tool or removing the head. A P25 Tap ‘n’ Go trimmer head, which enables the line to be extended by bumping the head on the ground.


Another feature which usually causes issues is the air filter. Thankfully, you don’t no tools are required to open the air filter cover. This makes cleaning it even simpler.


Ergonomic handles and shoulder strap ensure user comfort, especially when using the unit over an extended period. The split shaft design makes storing and transporting the Mcculloch TRIMMAC trimmer easy.




Arriving in parts, you’ll need to assemble the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer.


Firstly, join the two shafts together by aligning them and pushing until the lower shaft locks in place. Finally, slide the lower locking sleeve assembly over the connection and fasten.


Next, attach the shield into the bracket and tighten the nut with the included wrench. You’re now ready to use it.


Unlike a mains or battery-powered unit, the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer requires an unleaded petrol and oil mix of 40:1. After adding each liquid into a container, give it a shake before transferring into the trimmer.


As with any petrol tool, getting started requires a bit of experimentation. Thankfully, as you can pre-prime the engine, starting the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer is simpler.


With the unit operating, lightly push the trigger, so that you only a fraction of the available power. Over time as you experiment with the unit, you can adjust the cutting line’s length and the amount of pressure you place on the throttle trigger.



Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer use2

photo by Mcculloch




Designed for home use, the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer handles a range of trimming tasks with ease. It has enough power to tackle long grass and small bushes yet it excels at tidying edges after a lawn has been mowed.


The trigger is reactive to the user, meaning you have total control. When operating the unit, ensure the line has space when cutting around hard objects (rock, gravel, fence posts, etc.) or you may damage the trimmer head.


In terms of typical uses, the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer is superb for cutting grass in tight space where a lawnmower would struggle. Like a mower, it’s best to keep the line parallel to the lawn and hold the unit so that it sits slightly above the ground.


It also handles trimming grass and plants with ease. Hold at an angle and around 8 cm above the ground. Only allow the line’s tip to make contact.


Easily remove unwanted vegetation using scalping. Simply hold the trimmer head at an angle, about 8 cm above the ground. Allow the tip of the line to strike the ground around trees, posts, etc. Make sure you check the line after as this technique increases line wear.


Finally, using a fanning action, you can quickly sweep a large area with ease. Keep the line parallel to and above the surfaces being swept and move the tool from side to side.



Is the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer worth buying?

The Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer is ideal for larger gardens where running power cable isn’t feasible and you don’t fancy using batteries. This strimmer performs equally well on smaller gardens.


The design is well throughout and we like the split shaft, the padded handles and the throttle trigger. A 2-year warranty ensure peace of mind, however, many users have had quite bad experiences with Mcculloch after-sales service.


If you’re not used to petrol-powered garden tools, it may take a few attempts at the beginning to get it running as there’s a knack to getting the fuel mix right and starting the unit. Thankfully the manual talks through a few scenarios, step by step.


Being petrol-powered, it is noisier than the alternatives but weighs less and runs for longer per tank than some battery-powered units. That said, these are the major trade-offs you have to deal with when choosing a strimmer.


The P25 Tap ‘n’ Go trimmer head makes it easy to adjust the line when in action. Plus the head’s design makes swapping lines very simple. Both make using the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer enjoyable and easy regardless of the task.


Overall, if you’re looking for a hard-wearing petrol strimmer that’s easy to operate and has plenty of power, then consider the Mcculloch TRIMMAC Petrol Grass Trimmer. 8/10