Best floor TV stand under £100 for 2022 Reviewed

best floor tv stand

After investing a large sum in the latest QLED 4K TV, you might wonder how you’ll display it in your living room. One way is to buy the best floor TV stand for your situation. But which is the ideal unit?


TV stands range from the basic, albeit height adjustable variety to units with multiple shelves for your Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. You can even buy an easel to hold your TV like it’s a piece of art! And of course, there are the tried and true units with a few shelves and cable management.


Picking the best floor TV stand for you involves a few things. Firstly, the ideal height and angle for viewing a TV that allows the most people to enjoy watching the screen. Also, whether you need a unit that is height adjustable or not. Finally, consider if you need shelves.


There’s quite a bit to consider before you can buy a TV stand. With those features in mind, we’ve picked out a range of the best floor TV stands under £100 that are currently available. So you should find at least one unit for you.


Don’t know what a VESA mounting pattern is? Start by reading our guide



5Rcom Black TV Floor Stand

5Rcom TV Floor Stand

photo by 5Rcom


Made of durable metal and a thick tempered glass base, the 5Rcom TF2004 Black TV Floor Stand takes up only minimal space yet has some nice features including two shelves and measures 65 cm (w) by 40 cm (d) by 142 cm (h max).


The mounting bracket has a safety lock and holds up to 50 kg, meaning it can support both flat and curved TVs between 32 and 65 inches. Also, it’s compatible with VESA mounting holes from 100x100mm up to 600x400mm.


With two shelves, one of which is height adjustable, there’s plenty of space for your Blu-ray player and collection. Built-in cable management allows you to keep wire tidy and hidden.


Easily adjust the viewing angle as the bracket can swivel up to 30 degrees to the left and right, as well as three height adjustments. Enjoy the action regardless of where you’re sitting! The TV stand comes with easy-to-understand instructions and hardware. 9/10




FOREST Easel Tripod TV Floor Stand

FOREST Easel TV Stand

photo by FOREST


Constructed using high-quality black powder-coated steel, this FOREST Easel stand is sturdy and stylish. Ideal if you’re a minimalist or have a Samsung frame tv (which doubles as an art gallery when turned off).


Designed hold a TV between 49 and 70 inches, the stand is VESA Compatible between 100×100 to 600×400. The stand can support up to 40 kg in weight. An included safety cable can secure your TV to a wall and prevent your TV from accidentally tipping forward.


As an elegant solution to displaying your flat-screen TV at eye level when seated, the easel design is ideal for placing your TV in a room without drawing much attention to it. Rubber feet prevent unwanted movement while protecting floor surfaces from scuffs and scratches.


Offering a fixed height, you can adjust where the TV sits on the bracket, ensuring your TV is centred. Simple cable management is available using clips at the back of the stand preventing cables from becoming tangled. It measures 75 cm (w) by 54 cm (d) by 134 cm (h). 9/10




Mountright Black Glass TV Stand

Mountright Black Glass TV Stand

photo by Mountright


Ideal for any TV up to 50 inches, the Mountright UMS4 Black Glass TV Stand is a sleek unit that includes ample shelf space and built-in cable management. The silver aluminium legs provide interest to the black toughened safety glass shelves. Both ensure longevity.


Offering three shelves, you have plenty of space for a TV, Blu-ray player and set-box top or a games console. Each shelf measures 120 cm (w) by 40 cm (d max). There are cable entries to the two lower shelves, allowing you to keep wires tidy. At 51 cm tall, it’s of a decent fixed height.


The easy to follow assembly instructions allow you to put the unit in under 10 minutes. As your TV and devices sit on the unit, once assembled, you’re able to get set-up within minutes. The package includes several extras such as cable clips and Velcro tips. This TV stand is covered by a 5-year warranty. 8/10




RFIVER Universal Floor TV Stand

RFIVER Universal Floor TV Stand

photo by RFIVER


If you’re after a more seamless look, then the RFIVER Universal Floor TV Stand could be ideal. Designed to hold TVs between 32 and 65 inches, it equally at home with flat and curved screens. It measures 65 cm (w) by 40 cm (d) by 143 cm (h).


The base is made of a black 10mm thick tempered glass and is ideal for placing your Blu-ray player or gaming system or storing CDs and DVDs. An iron frame holds the TV securely in place and is finished in black powder-coat.


Able to hold a range of TVs between 32 and 65 inches, the stand is compatible with VESA patterns up to 600×400 and can support up to a weight of 50 kgs. The hollow support column and cable clamps at the back allow you to hide cables.


It can swivel 30 degrees left or right and is height adjustable between 113 cm and 143cm. You can easily adjust the stand to find the optimum viewing angle. The package comes with all necessary hardware and an easy to follow manual. 8/10




FITUEYES Cantilever TV Stand

FITUEYES Cantilever TV Stand

photo by FITUEYES


The FITUEYES Cantilever TV Stand looks elegant without needing much space. It’s an excellent choice for LCD LED Plasma TVs between 50 and 80 inches and can hold up to 60 kgs in weight. This stand is compatible with VESA pattern between 100×100 and 800×600.


A stainless steel frame sits forms the backbone and offers two different heights. It can swivel ± 45° allowing for an optimal viewing experience. The large bottom shelf is made from black tempered glass, while the middle shelf, is made from MDF panel and finished in black.


These shelves are ideal for storing set-top boxes, media players or your Blu-ray disc collection. A built-in cable management system allows you to hide any messy wires to maintain a sleek look.


Arriving flat-packed, it takes a few minutes to assemble thanks to the well-written instructions and assortment of fitting hardware, which allow you to mount a range of TVs. 8/10




Convenience Concepts 3-Tier TV Stand

Convenience Concepts TV Stand

photo by Convenience Concepts


If black isn’t your colour and you’re looking for a unit in a more natural tune, then consider the Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier TV Stand in Weathered Gray. The three particle board shelves are held in place by stainless steel bars with plastic feet to protect your floor.


Designed to hold TVs up to 32 inches, the contemporary design includes plenty of space for Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, game consoles and your media collection. It will look stylish yet is designed for longevity.


The unit measures 80 cm (w) by 40 (d) cm by 57 cm (h). Arriving flat-packed, it’s quick and easy assembly requiring only 4 steps.




Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand

Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand

photo by Hemudu


Ideal for smaller TVs, the Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand effortlessly sits on any tabletop. Designed for TVs between 13 to 39 inches and VESA pattern ranging from 75×75 to 200×200, the stand offers 90-degree swivel and four height adjustments. It can hold up to 35 kg.


Consisting of a solid steel elliptical tube, a steel bracket panel and a heavy-duty tempered glass base. This TV stand is durable and sturdy. A rubber pad on the bottom of the tempered glass base ensures stability while protecting your furniture from scratches.


The swivel feature allows you to find the perfect viewing angle as it offers -/+ 45 degrees. A custom wire management ensures you can safely hide all of your cables. All told, this TV stand is a great solution to mount your TV while maximizing your viewing experience. 8/10




Mahara Column TV Stand

Mahara Column TV Stand

photo by Mahara


Sporting a satin white finish, this Mahara Column TV Stand is perfect for TVs measuring between 32 and 65″ inches. Mount your TV on this stand and place in your living room to create a stunning focal point.


As a premium TV floor stand, this unit includes a glass shelf and base. Both are perfect for storing media players, CDs, Blu-rays or game consoles. Designed using the best materials, it’s built to last and is very durable. It can hold a TV up to 40 kg and up to an addition 10 kg on the shelf.


It is compatible with all flat screen or curved screen TVs with VESA fixing holes from 75×75 up to 600×40. The stand comes with easy to follow assembly instructions plus all necessary fittings and fixings. 8/10




RFIVER Height Adjustable Floor TV Stand

RFIVER Height Adjustable TV Stand

photo by RFIVER


If you need lots of storage, then the RFIVER Floor TV Stand might be for you! Combining a metal frame with tempered glass shelves, this unit is smart, durable and sturdy. Easily mount both flat and curved screens between 32 and 65 inches with VESA hole patterns up to 600×400.


Arriving flat-packed, it takes minutes to build thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions. A variety of screws, bolts and spacers comes included for stand assembly and attaching the TV brackets.


The TV mounting bracket can handle up to 50 kg while keeping your television securely and safely. Anti-slip rubber feet ensure stability and protect the floor from scratches. A Safety lock design prevents your tv from slipping aside or falling off.


The stand’s height can be adjusted from 113 cm to 143 cm and can swivel left and right 30 degrees. These features allow you to find the optimum viewing height and angles.


Two of three metal shelves are height-adjustable and are perfect for holding Blu-ray players, game consoles or set-top box. Use the integrated cable management to keep wires neat and organized. 8/10




FITUEYES Floor TV Stand with 2 Shelves


photo by FITUEYES


Easily assembled in under 15 minutes, the FITUEYES Floor TV Stand offers 2 Shelves and can hold screens between 19 and 42 inches with VESA from 75×75 to 200×200. It has a weight capacity of 35 kg. The package includes all necessary fitting hardware.


The bracket can swivel 70° left and right and tilt +/- 15 degrees. It also offers 16 levels of height adjustment from 105 cm to 127 cm. A safety lock design prevents your TV from slipping or falling off.


Two shelves are ideal for storing your Blu-ray players, game consoles, Hi-Fi and media collection. A built-in cable management system ensures wires are kept tidy and out of sight. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a stand-alone unit that is stylish, sleek and doesn’t require much space. 8/10




And the best floor TV stand under £100 is…?

Having looked at a variety of the best floor TV stand under £100, you should be able to pick out one or two that are ideal for you. If you’re still a little unsure which is best, here are our favourites.


Providing a range of features yet still minimalist in nature, the 5Rcom Black TV Floor Stand is excellent for most home.


If you want to draw the eye away from the TV but can’t hide it away, then the FOREST Easel Tripod TV Floor Stand could be perfect. The sleek design slots into a range of interiors and room. That said, the height is fixed, which isn’t ideal.