6 Best smart plugs for automating your home

best smart plugs

The smart plug is one of the most convenient and versatile smart home devices. As you’ll see in a moment, they do more than turn on and off devices! And with hundreds of options available, finding the best smart plugs can take a while.


Plugging into a standard electrical socket, you can turn a smart plug on/off using an app on your smartphone or voice commands with a virtual assistant, such as Alexa. You can schedule them to turn on and off at specific times and even monitor your energy usage.


You can use smart plugs in many ways, including controlling your home appliances, automating lights, and making it easy to operate hard to reach devices.


With plenty of options available, choosing the ideal smart plug can be a challenge. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the best smart plugs available, based on factors such as ease of use, compatibility with smart home ecosystems, reliability, and value for money.


Whether you’re looking for a smart plug to control your living room lamp, or a smart plug to manage your entire home’s energy consumption, our list has got you covered.



meross MSS110 mini Wi-Fi smart plug

meross Wi-Fi Plug

photo by meross


With several unique features, the meross MSS110 smart plug is the thinnest one on the market. Painlessly slotting into a range of UK wall sockets, it is designed not to interfere with any switch. Ideal for using with hidden or hard to reach sockets.


As a Wi-Fi device, it works with your existing home Wi-Fi network, no hub or subscription required. It works over a wider Wi-Fi range; and with a lower disconnection rate than competitors. The meross MSS110 is made from flame retardant PC material, armed with a sliding safety cover.


The Meross app allows you to operate it from anywhere with Wi-Fi! Unlike the rest of our list, it works with Apple HomeKit (you’ll need an iPad or HomePod). However, if you prefer Alexa or the Google Assistant, you can use them with this smart plug.


Both the Home app and the Meross app allow you to set scenes, which enables multiple accessories to work in combination, with a single command. Try to create a scene called “Good Night” that turns off all of the sockets and lamps downstairs.


Organize your accessories by room or control your rooms with Siri (from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or HomePod). You can also group rooms into a zone, like upstairs or downstairs. 10/10




HUMAX Wi-Fi Smart Plug

HUMAX Wi-Fi Smart Plug

photo by HUMAX


Control your HUMAX Wi-Fi Smart Plug, no matter your location, thanks to the Humax Smart Living App. The app makes it easy to share control access with everyone in the family. Ideal if you’re always out and about. The good news, you don’t need a hub.


As we’ve become more conscious of our energy usage, the built-in energy monitor, allows you to track your energy usage and spending. So you can effortlessly reduce your bills and look at minimising the use of appliances that use plenty of energy.


One way to keep your energy bills in check is to use schedules that turn devices on and off at set times.


The app is super easy to use but the HUMAX smart plug is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Use your voice to control devices without lifting a finger. 9/10




Tapo P100 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket

Tapo Smart Plug

photo by Tapo


Tapo is a leading brand of connected devices and this P100 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket offers some superb features. You don’t need a hub as it works with any Wi-Fi router.


Simply, plug your device into the P100. Take the combination and plug it into the wall, and you’re ready to go. You can now easily control devices connected to the smart plug wherever you use the free Tapo app on your phone. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.


A feature worth pointing out is the Schedule/Timer, which allows the smart plug to automatically power devices on and off. You can even share management permissions with family members for multiple control. 9/10




Link 2 Home smart plug

Link 2 Home Smart Plug

photo by Link 2 Home


Able to handle up to 3120 watts of power, you can use the Link 2 Home Smart Plug to control any device in and around your home. So, you can use it with your kettle, lamps, TV, and other household appliances.


Offering easy remote control from your smartphone via Wi-Fi, it takes a few minutes to set up the Link2Home Pro app, which is available for Android and iOS. No hub is required. 


Use the app to set up multiple timer programs, use the countdown function, and link your plug with other devices using the in-app automation settings. Send alerts when power is activated on a socket. 


If you’d prefer to use voice control, this smart plug is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. 8/10




Kasa smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim

Kasa smart Wi-Fi Plug

photo by Kasa


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice the name TP-Link. Like the Tapo device covered above, the Kasa Mini Smart Plug is another unit from TP-Link, who also owns the Tapo brand. The Kasa smart plug works with any Wi-Fi router without needing a separate hub.


Control devices connected to the Smart Plug wherever you use the free Kasa application on your phone. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for Voice Control.


With a built-in schedule and timer, you can easily power electronics on and off as needed. Certified for Humans – Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed. It’s actually simple to use! 8/10





EIGHTREE Smart Wi-Fi Plug

EIGHTREE Smart Wi-Fi Plug

photo by EIGHTREE


Taking under two minutes to set up, the EIGHTREE Smart Wi-Fi Plug is super easy to use. Using the latest chip, it’s very stable and doesn’t easy to go offline. So you can rely on it when you need to control devices remotely.


Easily control your home appliances using the Smart Life app whenever you need to and from anywhere. You shouldn’t worry if you turned off an appliance or not.


The app even allows you to create groups for your rooms and devices, and use a single click to control them. You can also share devices with your family so multiple users can control a single appliance.


In addition to the app, the EIGHTREE smart plug work with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control of your devices. 8/10




What are the best smart plugs?

Before we recap the best smart plugs available, it’s worth mentioning that one of these devices can open your mind to what home automation can do for you. The next step would be exploring a system like Z-Wave or Zigbee.


Both offer smart plugs and a range of other devices to help you automate every aspect of your home. We’ve already covered a list of our favourite Z-Wave plugs. So that article is a great place to start.


Our top pick is the meross MSS110 mini Wi-Fi smart plug. It’s highly flexible, small, and easy to use. We also like the HUMAX Wi-Fi Smart Plug, as it’s easy to use and has a built-in energy monitor.