What’s the best Optoma home cinema projector of 2023 reviews

best Optoma home cinema projector

As a well known projector manufacturer, Optoma has been around since the early 1990s. If you’re looking for the best Optoma home cinema projectors, this article will help you. We’ll focus on the present range as well as past models.


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Current range of Optoma home cinema projector

With a wide range of units, finding your ideal Optoma home cinema projector is easy. Before you buy any, start with our reviews.


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What’s the best Optoma home cinema projector?

After gathering user feedback from multiple sources, the best Optoma home cinema projectors are HD29HST, HD28i, and ML750e.



How do they compare to other leading brands?

Optoma home cinema projectors compete well against other leading brands, such as Epson, Sony, and BenQ, especially in the lower to mid-range price range. They are known for their high brightness, good colour accuracy, and affordability.


Some of their high-end projectors aren’t as advanced as those from other brands like Sony but are still good value for money.


So, if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable solution for your home cinema room or entertainment space, Optoma home cinema projectors are a good choice.



What we love about Optoma home cinema projectors

There are a few areas where Optoma excels. Firstly, they are highly affordable projectors. Secondly, they are one of the pioneers of 4k projector technology. So, you’ll be watching the best picture quality with superb colour depth, crystal clear detail, and sparkling contrast.


Optoma is well known for manufacturing bright projectors. They offer units with up to an impressive 19,000 lumens of brightness. Some of their more affordable units offer an average of 5,000 lumens.



How much does they cost?

Optoma offers projectors at a range of price points from £400 to £15,000. So whether you’re buying a unit for gaming, watching TV, or for dedicated home cinema rooms, Optoma has an option for you, regardless of your budget.



Anything to be aware of?

While overall Optoma projectors are excellent, some models do have some negatives. These include ambient noise, limited lens shift, and no built-in speakers.


As they use a cooling fan, some units are noisy. You might find yourself being distracted during quiet scenes in movies. Some Optoma home cinema projectors may have limited lens shift capabilities, making it difficult to position the projector correctly.


Several models don’t have built-in speakers. And while we recommend using external speakers as part of your media room set up, built-in speakers are ideal if you want to use your projector outside with minimal fuss.


The more affordable Optoma projectors compare well overall to other brands. That said, the higher priced units struggle to compete with other brands on overall picture quality.



Where can you find support?

There are several ways to contact Optoma, including email, phone, and post. You can find a wealth of information on their website. So if you’re looking for a manual, repair centre, or advice, start on the Optoma website.



A little brand history

Since 2000, Optoma has been delivering stunning experiences to millions of people. As one of the world’s leading large-display brands, they are well known for their 4K UHD projector and DLP® brand.


Optoma offers projectors, interactive flat panels, large all-in-one LED displays, and image processing equipment. You can find their products in homes, retail locations, museums, entertainment venues, and more.


Their projector range uses lasers, bulbs, and LEDs as light sources. A notable product series is the CinemaX line of ultra short throw projectors, ideal for home and garden uses.



Discontinued Optoma home cinema projectors

According to Projector Central, Optoma has discontinued over 600 projectors. The list includes:


4K500, 4K550, 4K550ST, CinemaX P1, CinemaX P2, CinemaX P2B, CinemaX Pro, DH1009, DH1010, DH1011, DH1012, DH1014, DH1017, DH351, DH400, DS211, DS216, DS219, DS303, DS305, DS306, DS306i, DS309, DS309i, DX339, DX346, DX5100, DX550, DX551, DX603, DX605, DX606, DX606i, DX606v, DX606VB, DX607, DX608, DX609, DX609i, DX617, DX621, DX623, DX625, DX626, EH1020, EH300, EH319UST, EH319USTi,


EH320UST, EH320USTi, EH330UST, EH331, EH334, EH336, EH341, EH345, EH400+, EH412, EH412ST, EH415, EH415e, EH415ST, EH416, EH460ST, EH465, EH470, EH490, EH500, EH501, EH503, EH503e, EH504, EP721i, EP723, EP726, EP726i, EP726s, EP727, EP727i, EP728, EP728i, EP729, EP741, EP747, EP749, EP752, EP761, EP763, EP770, EP771, EP772, EP773, EP774, EP776, EP781, EP782, EP783L, EP783S,


EW766W, EX330, EX330e, EX400, EX521, EX525ST, EX530, EX531p, EX532, EX536, EX538, EX540, EX540i, EX542, EX542i, EX550, EX605ST, EX610ST, EX612, EX615, EX631, EX665UT, EX665UTis, EX7155e, EzPro 735, EzPro 737, EzPro 738, EzPro 739, EzPro 739H, EzPro 745, EzPro 750, EzPro 751, EzPro 753, EzPro 755, EzPro 755A, EzPro 756, EzPro 757, EzPro 758, EzPro 759, FW5200, GameTime GT200, GameTime GT360, GameTime GT700, GameTime GT720,


H30, H31, H50, H55, H56, H56A, H57, H76, H77, H78DC3, H79, HD131Xe, HD131Xw, HD141X, HD142x, HD143X, HD151X, HD161X, HD161X-WHD, HD180, HD20, HD20-LV, HD200X, HD21, HD2200, HD23, HD66, HD67, HD6700, HD67N, HD70, HD700X, HD71, HD7100, HD72, HD73, HD7300, HD80, HD8000, HD8000-LV, HD800X, HD803, HD806, HD806-ISF, HD808, HD81, HD81-LV, HD82, HD8200, HD83, HD8300.