Will Google Assistant read text messages on Android phones?

Will Google Assistant read text messages on Android phones

Unless you’re super fast at typing (hello, kids of the 90s!), it’s far easy to use speech to text when writing or text to speech to read your text messages. You might ask, will Google Assistant read text messages and write them on Android phones?


Google Assistant can make texting safer and more practical, as you can easily send SMS messages to any contact with just their voice. Whether you’re busy multitasking or driving, this feature is super helpful. You can also use this feature to send WhatsApp messages and audio messages.


So, will Google Assistant read text messages on Android devices? Yes, and we’ll show you the steps you need to follow to get it set up correctly.



How to install Google Assistant on your Android device

Most modern Android devices have Google Assistant pre-installed. However, if you don’t have Google Assistant on your phone, it takes a few minutes to install.


You’ll need a Google account as the two work together. After installing it, you can use it for everything from finding the latest weather forecast and controlling smart devices, to reading and responding to messages.


Before you can use it, you’ll need to train the voice model to hear your commands. It takes a minute to complete this step and is worth it.


There are several ways you can activate it. You can just say, “OK Google,” or “Hey Google,” to get started. On some devices, you can also hold down the home button for a few seconds to access the Assistant.



Sending SMS messages with Google Assistant on Android

To start, you’ll need to load the Google Assistant on your Android device. There are several ways to do that:

  • Say “OK Google
  • Long-press on your phone’s Home button
  • Or tap the microphone icon.


Once you have Google Assistant’s attention, say one of the following:

  • Send a message to [contact].”
  • Send a message.”


Using the first command, you will be asked to speak the message you want to send. After doing this, Google will confirm your message and send it without you needing to touch your phone for even a millisecond.


However, if you used the second command, the Assistant will ask you who to send the message to and the type of message you wish to send (SMS, WhatsApp). You can easily select any contact and say the message you want to deliver. The assistant will do the rest.



Google Assistant send text messages Android



Sending other types of messages with Google Assistant on Android

Another cool feature you can use Google Assistant to do is send WhatsApp messages. You just have to use a slightly tweaked voice command:

  • “Send a message on WhatsApp.”


The Assistant will ask who do you want to send the message to. Next, speak the message. Google will then confirm the message by reading it back to you. You’ll be asked if it’s ready to be sent. After you confirm it is, the message will be sent.


If you prefer, you can send an audio message. Simply ask:

  • “Send an audio message to [contact].”
  • “Send an audio message.”
  • “Send a WhatsApp audio message to [contact].”


When you’re done speaking your message, Google will ask you if you’re ready to send it. You’ll then be able to see a transcription of the message, allowing you to modify it, if necessary.



Can Google Assistant read new messages?

You can also use the Google Assistant to read your messages. Just say “Hey Google, read my messages,” to have the helper read out your latest messages.


Confusingly, Google Assistant does not appear to understand the command to “Send a message on Signal,” yet it will allow you to use it to reply by voice to new Signal messages you receive.



Android Google Assistant read text messages



Can you make calls using it?

With Google Assistant, you can not only call those in your contact list but you can also call local businesses.

  • Say “Hey Google” to start the process
  • Simply say, “Call Mum” or “Call boss”.


You could also say:

  • Call Florist” if you have the business saved using that name.
  • Or you could search for a service by saying, “What’s the nearest petrol station?”, then “call them“.
  • You can also ask it to “Redial”.



Will Google Assistant read text messages and send them?

If you’re wondering, Will Google Assistant read text messages, the answer is yes and much more! You can use the Google Assistant to write new text messages and read them. After a few days, you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t start sooner!


Next, you might want to lock/unlock your phone using Google Assistant, doing so is fairly easy.