15 Best portable fire pits for your garden

best portable fire pit

Who doesn’t dream of long summer evenings spent in the garden with a roaring open fire, friends and a bottle of wine! Making this a reality is simple with one of the best portable fire pits for your garden.


There’s plenty of affordable and stylish options available, with many doubling as a BBQ. Great if you enjoy camping or are limited on space. While there are a plethora of bowl-shaped outdoor fire pits, more modern designs are also available.


The best portable fire pits slowly burn wood by increasing the airflow around the flames. Depending on the wood, they can easily provide light and heat for hours. Plus you can always use flavoured wood or add in cinnamon sticks, citrus fruits and pinecones.


One downside of having a fire pit, and you should be warned, is that friends and family will want to just pop over on the weekend, just in case you plan to sit outside with your fire pit lit!


Having searched the market, we’ve picked out 15 of the best portable fire pits available. So you should be able to find at least one that matches your budget and expectations.



Harbour Housewares Cast Iron Fire Pit

Harbour Housewares Cast Iron Fire Pit

photo by Harbour Housewares


Sporting a classic design, the Harbour Housewares Cast Iron Fire Pit measures 75cm in diameter. Crafted from durable cast iron, it’s ideal for gathering friends and family around, camping trips or unwinding after a long day.


Thanks to its tripod design, even on rugged ground, it stable and sturdy. The side handles make for easy movement and transportation, reducing the time spent waiting around for the bowl to cool once the flames have been extinguished.


Made from cast iron, this fire pit is naturally well built with incredible heat radiance and resistance. The oversized bowl design increases airflow, meaning its easier to burn materials and for a longer period.


Easy to assemble as it comes complete with all required screws and fittings as well as a hex key. Enjoy a 2-year warranty.




HH Home Hut Large Fire Pit

HH Home Hut Large Fire Pit

photo by HH Home Hut


Using a clever folding design, the HH Home Hut Large Fire Pit offer multiple uses. It could be used simply as a fire pit or using the included grate, be easily transformed into a charcoal BBQ. This versatility makes it excellent for camping and home use.


This beautifully crafted, steel fire pit is the ideal addition to the garden as it looks superb yet is easy to use. Standing 40 cm high with a diameter of 52 cm, it’s a decent size yet is still portable. Not to mention, easy to clean and maintain.


This fire pit comes with a mesh cover, charcoal grate, cooking grill, a poker and carry bag. As it doubles as a BBQ, it ideal for camping, where you don’t want to be burden by lots of stuff!




Peaktop Outdoor Round Fire Pit

Peaktop Outdoor Round Fire Pit

photo by Peaktop


Add the Peaktop Outdoor Round Fire Pit to your patio and enjoy long summer nights relaxing with a glass of wine, book in hand. Crafted from a steel alloy and finished in a black powder-coat, this outdoor fire pit measures 75 cm diameter by 62 cm tall.


With it’s stylish yet simple design, you and your guests can stay warm on those chilly nights. A protective screen resting over the coals ensures fingers won’t get burnt while limiting the amount of smoke produced. It also keeps the fire lit on those breezy summer evenings!


A poker is included, allowing you to keep flames going or to even roast a few marshmallows! The design features a safety ring for easy transport and can easily be wiped clean.




VOUNOT Fire Pit Table with BBQ Grill Shelf

VOUNOT Fire Pit Table

photo by VOUNOT


Suitable for gardens, terraces, outdoor, the VOUNOT Fire Pit Table offers 3 features in 1 unit! Use it as a fire pit, ice pit or add the included grill to turn it into a BBQ. It even comes with a waterproof cover.


Built from stainless steel which is both temperature and rust-resistant, you’ll enjoy this fire pit for years to come. Surrounding the fire pit is a large ledge with an anti-scalding coating, which not only protects you from burns but also allows you to place food or drink.


Easy to assemble. The package includes a stainless steel BBQ grill, poker, mesh lid and protective cover. It measures 81 cm (w) by 81 cm (d) by 36 cm (h).




Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit

Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit

photo by Amagabeli


Ideal for the garden and camping, the Amagabeli Portable Fire Pit is easily moved and built to last. At 54 cm diameter and 38 cm tall, it’s sizeable yet portable and comes with a grill, cover and poker.


Whether you’re looking for a charcoal BBQ, a wood patio heater or camping fire pit, this Amagabeli product does it all. Thanks to its portable design, you can use it at home, in the park or when camping.


Made of premium durable steel with heat and rust-resistant coating, it is naturally strong with incredible heat radiance and resistance. Also, it’s abrasion-resistant, so doesn’t easily rust or deform.


Thanks to it’s foldable and portable design, it’s very lightweight, easy to transport and store, and can be easily placed in a car. The protective grille features a ring-shaped handle allowing you to safely pick it up.




Köhko fire bowl Marbela

Köhko fire bowl Marbela

photo by Köhko


The Köhko fire bowl Marbela is a highly inexpensive fire pit which measures 50 cm in diameter by 24 cm high. It doubles as a BBQ, making for a superb relaxing evening whether you’re at home, the park or camping.


Using high-quality steel and the finest processing technology, this fire bowl is so strong and stable that the round shape is retained. Pressed from steel into a real “bowl” shape with a curved bottom.


Three feet ensure it’s secure even on rough ground. After a few uses, an elegant rust colour begins to form adding to its character. To use it as a BBQ, simply add a grate and enjoy the smells as your food slowly cooks.




La Hacienda Rimini Slate Mosaic Steel Firepit

La Hacienda Rimini Slate Mosaic Steel Firepit

photo by La Hacienda


With its intricate, real slate mosaic tiles, La Hacienda Rimini Slate Mosaic Steel Firepit is a statement piece for any patio. As one of the UK leading supplier of firepits and chimineas, La Hacienda products are well-built.


Sporting an attractive yet classic design, the natural slate finish, means this firepit can seamlessly be added to any outdoor space. Thanks to its square design, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the fire.


Made from durable steel with a bronze effect finish on the frame and real slate mosaic tiles, this fire pit is perfect for roasting marshmallows over the fire and staying warm and cosy whatever the weather.


It measures 76 cm(w) by 76 cm (d) by 49 cm (d), and the package includes mesh lid, log grate and safety tool.




Grandma Shark Steel Hexagonal Fire Pit

Grandma Shark Steel Hexagonal Fire Pit

photo by Grandma Shark


If you’re after a unique design, then consider the Grandma Shark Steel Hexagonal Fire Pit. Built from a rust-proof steel alloy and finished in a black powder-coat, it looks superb in almost every garden.


The delicate hollow design ensures sufficient airflow, allowing logs or firewood to slowly burn, keeping you and guest warm for longer. Mesh holes prevent sparks and embers from sparking. Despite its intricate design, keeping it clean is easy.


Easy to assemble, this fire pit is ideal as a safe heat source for your garden. It measures 70 cm (w) by 60 cm (d) by 54 cm (h) and comes with a cover to protect it from the elements as well as a poker.




Yaheetech 3 in 1 Outdoor Fire Pit

Yaheetech 3 in 1 Outdoor Fire Pit

photo by Yaheetech


The Yaheetech 3 in 1 Outdoor Fire Pit sports a square design and is ideal for the garden patio. Use this unit as a fire pit, ice pit or using your own grill, a BBQ. Measuring 81 cm (w) by 81 cm (d) by 36cm (h), this outdoor fire pit is ideal for providing warmth and light.


The aesthetically pleasing design is crafted from metal and stamped with a decorative rock pattern is perfect for your patio/garden/yard. The wide edge around the fire bowl provides ample space for holding plates, drinks or food for cooking.


With a simple yet solid design, it’s easy to assemble and comes with a waterproof cover. Imagine the fun you could have with it, all summer long!




Clas Ohlson® Wrought Iron Fire Pit

Clas Ohlson Wrought Iron Fire Pit

photo by Clas Ohlson®


Designed in Sweden, the Clas Ohlson ® Wrought Iron Fire Pit allow you to bring Scandi style to your home and garden at an inexpensive cost. This superb fire basket creates a cosy setting in the garden and thanks to its simple design, it fits into almost every garden.


As a wrought iron brazier style fire basket, its constructed from sturdy wrought Iron with incredible heat radiance and resistance. The exposed sides make for easier lighting of your fire and keep things burning for longer. Why not barbecue a sausage on the embers?


Designed to stand the test of time and for wood-burning, outdoor use only. It measures 37 cm in diameter and is 52 cm tall. This fire pit comes with a 2-year Clas Ohlson guarantee for peace of mind.




Amagabeli Outdoor Fire Pit

Amagabeli Outdoor Fire Pit

photo by Amagabeli


Sporting an extra deep bowl design, the Amagabeli Outdoor Fire Pit is ideal for keeping warm in your garden, camping or at the park. The basket is 45 cm in height, meaning it can hold plenty of wood to keep the fire burning for a long time. With the legs, it 58cm (h) and 42 cm in diameter.


Made from high-quality iron construction with heat and rust-resistant coating. It is naturally durable and heat resistant yet portable. The mesh spark protection screen stops sparks, embers, and debris from flying out, while increasing airflow.


The three thick legs provide maximum durability and stability, ensuring it’s always safe to use and long-lasting. It’s quick and easy assembly. It has a handle ring making it easy to carry anywhere. As it comes with a poker, you can safely move wood or charcoal.




Lumiereholic Portable Fire Pit

Lumiereholic Portable Fire Pit

photo by Lumiereholic


Love camping but hate having to carry heavy gear? Then the Lumiereholic Portable Fire Pit is ideal! Sporting a unique and innovative design for a complete fire pit experience while offering unmatched portability. Enjoy campfires wherever you are!


Featuring a rollable stainless steel net and folding legs, this fire pit is excellent for camping, picnics and other outdoor adventures. The netting is constructed from stainless steel and anti-heating material and features an intricate design to stop ash and debris from slipping through.


When assembled, it measures 42 cm (w) by 42 cm (d) by 32 cm (h). It folds down to 65 cm (w) by 6 cm (d) by 6 cm (h). No tools are required, allowing for simple assembly and cleaning. A carrying bag included.




Centurion Supports NUSKU Multi-Functional Outdoor Fire Pit

Centurion Supports Fire Pit

photo by Centurion Supports


With its luxurious round frame design, the Centurion Supports NUSKU Multi-Functional Outdoor Fire Pit is practical and convenient. It can be used with charcoal, logs, and wood. It is perfect for providing warmth in a garden, yard, patio, terrace, or similar areas.


As a multi-functional 3 in 1 Fire Pit, it can be used as a fire pit, BBQ (grill included) and ice bucket. Made from steel, the design features solid legs and vertical supports between the legs for extra stability and rigidity. It is durable and rust-resistant with a heat-proof frame and iron bowl.


Ceramic tiles line the outer ring on the top and soften the harsh lines of the black powder-coat frame. A safety mesh lid allows you to watch the burning fire while preventing sparks and debris flying out.


The included poker tool can be used for both removing the mesh cover and rearranging the logs or coal. It also comes with a waterproof cover. The clear and concise instructions allow for easy self-assembly. It measures 84 cm in diameter by 36 cm high.








The ACTIVA CAPRI fire pit consists of a large fire bowl made of sturdy steel with a modern look and a diameter of approx. 58 cm. Ideal for mild summer evenings in the garden, on the terrace or while camping.


Made from stainless steel, the feet are finished in a black powder-coat, while the bowl is silver-coloured. The four feet are foldable and can also be removed completely. The supplied cover prevents burning wood and wooden parts from falling out.


It comes complete with a grill, allowing it to double as a BBQ and a poker, which enables you to move coals or wood without burning yourself.




Esschert Design Fallen Fruits Globe Fire Pit

Esschert Design Fallen Fruits Globe Fire Pit

photo by Esschert Design


If you’re looking for a more artistic design, then it’s unlikely that you can do better than the Esschert Design Fallen Fruits Globe Fire Pit! The elegant design is an easy and efficient way to add warmth and ambience to your outdoor space.


Made from iron, trees and deer shapes are laser cut into the sheets, which is then bent into a sphere. The design creates a beautiful spectacle due to the flames. As it gently rusts thanks to fire, weather and time, the basket becomes even more aesthetically pleasing.


The lower wood-burning fire pit also separates to allow easy cleaning or for use as a fire bowl without the woodland globe atop. Easy to assembly as it comes with 3 screws to attach it to the base.


Create a focal point in your garden. The 360-degree view allows everyone to gather round, relax and toast marshmallows. Its dimensions are 58 cm in diameter by 66 cm high.




The best portable fire pit is?

When it comes to choosing the best portable fire pits, there’s plenty of options. Hopefully, you now feel inspired and have found at least one fire pit you like enough to purchase.


Our favourite outdoor fire pits are the HH Home Hut Large Fire Pit, Clas Ohlson® Wrought Iron Fire Pit, and the Lumiereholic Portable Fire Pit. All three are flexible, affordable and built to last. We can’t wait to go camping with the Lumiereholic fire pit!


It’s also worth mentioning the Esschert Design Fallen Fruits Globe Fire Pit as it features a superb design that doubles as a work of art. Ideal if you want to incorporate exciting featuring into your garden.