Best soundbar with subwoofer (2.1 channels) under £300

April 2020
Best Soundbar With Subwoofer under £300

The quickest and easiest way to improve your TV’s sound is to add a soundbar. But what is the best soundbar with subwoofer under £300?


As many TVs have small, rear-mounted speakers, the sound has to bounce off the wall before hitting your ears. This can produce a flat and tinny sound.


Soundbars are different. Designed to project audio, the front-facing speakers have room to move, creating a fuller sound. Also unlike a TV, a soundbar uses multiple speakers, each handling a different frequency range.


Looking for just a soundbar? Top 10 Soundbars Under £100


You can improve the sound quality further with a soundbar and subwoofer set. Combining the two creates an full, rich, immersive sound, unmatched by a TV’s basic speakers.


Having searched the market in pursuit of the best soundbar with subwoofer under £300, here are our top picks.





Our rating



Sony HT-SD35 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer



Philips HTL3320/10 Soundbar with Subwoofer



Samsung HW-R450 2.1ch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer



SHARP HT-SBW182 2.1 Slim Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer



AZATOM Studio Premier SP1000X Soundbar with Subwoofer



Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Gaming Soundbar



Yamaha YAS-207 Front Surround Soundbar System



BOMAKER Njord I Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer



Majority Ben Nevis II Plus Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer



Razer Leviathan Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer



* Prices correct at time of publishing



Sony HT-SD35 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Sony HT-SD35 soundbar woofer

photo by Sony



Offering 320 watts of power, the Sony HT-SD35 delivers a rich, detailed sound and can be yours for £180 (buy at Amazon).


Both elements are compact yet stylish and connect together wirelessly. The soundbar measuring 90 cm long and the subwoofer, 39 cm high by 39 deep. Three connection methods are available and include HDMI ARC, Optical and Bluetooth.


HDMI ARC enables you to control the HT-SD35 using your TV’s volume buttons. While Bluetooth lets you stream music from a variety of sources, wirelessly from your mobile device.


The soundbar takes care of the mid and high range frequencies producing a crystal clear sound that’s excellent for music and dialogue. The low end is handled by the subwoofer which delivers a punchy bass that completes the audio picture.


Recreate a surround sound cinema experience using the built-in S-Force Pro Front Surround technology. Movies come alive with realistic sound effects, clear dialogue and full sounding music. All without the cost of a 5.1 system or rear speakers.


On the soundbar are several status LEDs, which clearly shows the active source. A well designed remote handles the operation and includes various audio modes, buttons for each source.


Whether you’re watching TV, a movie or listening to music, the Sony HT-SD35 provides an immersive experience.



  • 320 watts of power
  • HDMI ARC, Optical and Bluetooth
  • Built-in S-Force Pro Front Surround technology


  • No controls on soundbar



As you’d expect from Sony, the HT-SD35 is well designed and comes complete with all you need to get started (including optical cable and batteries for remote).


Designed as a set, using just the soundbar will lead to sub-optimum results. Using them as Sony intended, the sound is full, punchy and has a good clarity to it with plenty of volume on tap. The presets on the remote allow you to adjust the performance based on what you’re watching.


While the built-in S-Force Pro Front Surround technology will never replace a dedicated 5.1 or 7.1 speaker set-up, it does get close. The HT-SD35 ideal if you lack the space/budget yet want the best movie sound.


If you have a TV with an HDMI ARC output, then we’d recommend connecting this way as you can control the set using your TV’s remote. Sadly there’s no HDMI cable is included but there is an optical cable.


As the two units interact wirelessly, set-up is short as there’s no wire connecting them. That said, they each require a separate power cable. The lack of controls on either unit is disappointing and makes the remote critical. 9/10




Philips HTL3320/10 Soundbar with Subwoofer

Philips HTL332010

photo by Philips



Crafted from metal, the Philips HTL3320/10 Soundbar with Subwoofer is noted by it’s distinctive, geometrical design. Available from Amazon for £225.


Offering 300 watts of power and designed around the Dolby Digital surround sound format, this 3.1 channel set-up enables you to enjoy crystal clear dialogue and dynamic music. The combination of the soundbar with the wireless subwoofer creates a superb, rich sound.


The iconic geometric design of the soundbar adds interest yet is easily wall-mounted. It’s slim profile effortlessly blends in while offering superb audio. The wireless subwoofer also has a sleek, minimal design and can be positioned anywhere within the room.


With excellent connectivity, the Philips HTL3320/10 incorporates multiple options such as HDMI ARC, optical, and mini-jack. You can easily connect several devices and switch seamlessly between them.


The built-in Bluetooth is useful for painless streaming of music from a smart device. While the USB port allows you to play music directly from a memory stick.


Located on top of the soundbar are the basic controls and status LEDs. Easily switch input sources, adjust the volume and turn it off. The remote extends the options with track controls, EQ button (3 modes) and mute. You could connect to an ARC enabled TV and use the TV’s remote.



  • 3.1 channel, 300 watts
  • Dolby Digital surround sound format
  • Great connectivity including Bluetooth and USB


  • No Optical or HDMI cables included



The Philips HTL3320/10 delivers a virtual surround sound experience without multiple speakers. The soundbar’s unique design includes left and right speakers as well as a centre speaker, which faithfully reproduces dialogue. Add in the subwoofer and you have a system which creates a rich, dynamic sound.


Set-up is simple thanks to the several inputs. There are a couple of small negatives. Both the AUX mini-jack and USB ports are on the rear, which makes using them for occasional use harder than needs be. That said, you’re more likely to use the Bluetooth function which is painless.


The remote has an EQ button which allows you to cycle three modes (movie, music, news). And so while you don’t have control over bass and treble frequencies, each of the modes enhances your listening experience.


Offer a vast improvement over TV speakers with some impressive extras, the Philips HTL3320/10 is well worth considering. 9/10




Samsung HW-R450 2.1ch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Samsung HW-R450

photo by Samsung



Experience crystal clear sound across all frequencies with the Samsung HW-R450 2.1ch Soundbar with wireless subwoofer. Costing £200, it’s available from Amazon.


Delivering the best possible sound through smart onboard optimisation software, the HW-R450 is constantly analysing what you’re listening too and fine-tuning the sound. Feel like your in the middle of the action whether you’re enjoying a football match or a movie.


Connect to one of Samsung’s latest TVs to benefit from the HW-R450 Cross-talk Cancellation Technology, which aims to remove distracting sounds, allowing you to fully focus on whatever your watching. This function works straight out of the box.


The wireless subwoofer adds depth to any audio and can be placed anywhere within the room. You’ll instantly feel part of the action with the thumping bass whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster or enjoying your favourite game.


Wirelessly connect to a Samsung TV or use the included optical cable. There’s also an AUX input and USB port on the rear, enabling you to enjoy listening to music via several sources. The built-in Bluetooth allows you to painlessly stream music from your favourite sources.


On the soundbar is basic controls and LEDs which indicate the source, allowing for easy operation. The included remote offer further options including a button to change the sound mode (5 are available) and volume controls for both the soundbar and subwoofer.


If you’re already using Samsung TV, then you can control both using the One Remote and simplify your pile of remotes!



  • 200 watts of power
  • Dolby Digital and DTC decoders
  • Multiple control options


  • Limited connectivity



If you love Samsung products and currently use one of their TVs, then you’ll find the HW-R450 provides an improvement over the TV’s speakers. You’ll also be able to control the set-up using your existing remote. Even if you’re using a different TV brand, you’ll likely notice a difference.


What makes the Samsung HW-R450 unique is its onboard processor which cuts down background noise and enhances the audio based on your preferences. It’s also highly adaptable with 5 different modes.


The lack of inputs is a major let down, especially as it’s missing an HDMI (not to mention an HDMI ARC). And while you do have optical and AUX mini-jack inputs (annoying rear-mounted), this might not be enough for some users.


That said, if you’re looking to improve your TV’s natural sound and want a richer sound than just a soundbar, the Samsung HW-R450 is a good option, despite its limitations. 8/10




SHARP HT-SBW182 2.1 Slim Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


photo by Sharp



The SHARP HT-SBW182 featuring a striking design, superb connectivity and cinema-style sound, all for the affordable price of £100 (buy at Amazon).


The unique design of the soundbar makes it pleasurable to view and at 74 cm long, it works well with TVs sized between 32 and 50 inches. The soundbar is easy to wall mount and the subwoofer looks equally impressive.


With a total output of 160 watts, the HT-SBW182 creates an immersive experience which is perfect for gaming, movies or TV watching. Easily connect to your TV using either the HDMI, optical or mini-jack AUX inputs.


As you might expect, the unit also has Bluetooth which enables wireless connection to a smart device allowing you to seamlessly stream audio from a variety of sources.


The wireless subwoofer can be placed wherever is best and together with the soundbar creates a cinema-style sound noted by its clarity and warmth.


In the centre of the soundbar are some basic controls, including volume up/down, source and power. While these will be sufficient, the remote offers a further range of controls including several preset DSP modes.


If you’re TV is HDMI ARC enabled, then you can use the TV’s remote to control the HT-SBW182’s volume. This allows you to seamlessly add the soundbar and subwoofer into your current TV set-up.



  • 160 watt of output
  • HDMI, Optical and mini-jack inputs
  • 4 DSP preset modes


  • No Optical or HDMI cables included
  • Rear AUX input



For around £100, the SHARP HT-SBW182 is a fantastic entry-level soundbar with subwoofer set. While it might not impress audiophile, it does provide a noticeable improvement over TV speakers.


You’ll need to supply audio cables. That said it’s easy to connect and take minutes to be up and running. It does feature one of our pet peeves – a rear AUX input. As an occasionally used input, locating it on the rear makes using it impractical. However, you might prefer to use Bluetooth.


While you can’t fine-tune the EQ settings, the 4 DSP modes offer different levels of EQ and so provide a noticeable lift depending on the viewing activity.


Overall the SHARP HT-SBW182 soundbar with subwoofer is ideal if you’re looking to improve your TV’s audio and want a fuller sound with crisp highs and punchy lows. 8/10




AZATOM Studio Premier SP1000X Soundbar with Subwoofer

AZATOM Studio Premier Soundbar with Subwoofer

photo by AZATOM



The AZATOM Studio Premier SP1000X Soundbar with Subwoofer features a sleek, slim design and is highly affordable at £70 (buy at Amazon).


As the soundbar measures 32 inches, it seamlessly fits under TVs ranging from 32 to 85 inches and can be mounted to the wall with ease. While the wired subwoofer can be placed closeby.


Connect a range of devices to the soundbar using its multiple inputs, which include HDMI ARC, optical, coaxial and AUX. Plus the onboard Bluetooth allows painless streaming of music from any smart device using the major platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.


Delivering 120 watts of power and using AZATOM Digital Signal Processing Technology, the soundbar uses 4 speakers in a Multi-Directional Configuration while the subwoofer ensures a punchy low end. The overall sound is rich and immersive.


Controlling the set-up is easy as there are buttons on the soundbar which cover the main functions. A remote control offers more options including controls for Bass and Treble EQs. Adjusting the sound to your preference is simple whether you’re watching a movie or listening to audio.


The AZATOM Studio Premier Soundbar delivers a rich, clear sound which adds an extra level of depth to your favourite movies, music playlist and gaming experience.



  • 120 watts of power
  • AZATOM Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • 3-year warranty


  • Wired Subwoofer
  • No HDMI or Optical cables



Providing superb value for money, the AZATOM Studio Premier SP1000X Soundbar with Subwoofer produces an impressive audio experience. Of course, it doesn’t offer the options that the big brands do but it doesn’t cost the earth.


It does two small minor points: a rear AUX input and a wired subwoofer. While neither is deal-breaker, it worth being aware of them. That said, AZATOM has created a well-designed unit that’s attractive and easy to use.


Since no audio cables are included, you’ll want to treat yourself to some premium gold plated ones. With cables in toe, connecting the set-up to your TV is simple. We like the controls on top and found the remote to be generously sized.


If you’re looking for your first soundbar with subwoofer set, with an affordable price tag and several options, then consider the AZATOM Studio Premier SP1000X. 8/10




Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Gaming Soundbar

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana

photo by Creative Sound



Primarily designed for gaming, the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Soundbar is also fantastic for movies and music. It can be yours for £234 from Amazon.


At the heart of the Sound BlasterX Katana is an award-winning proprietary multi-core DSP. This is capable of producing 24-bit high-resolution audio. Also, it’s a Dolby Digital certified decoder, which provides incredibly realistic virtual 5.1 surround sound.


The system also supports virtual 7.1 channel audio which creates a fully immersive sound without the need to use multiple speakers.


The soundbar uses a tri-amplified, 5-driver design. Each driver is individually chambered and powered for ultra-precise audio whether you’re listening to music, gaming or watching a movie.


The subwoofer enclosure is built from CARB-compliant MDF cabinet with a flared port. Inside a 5.25″ super stiff paper cone subwoofer driver delivers a low end that reverberates through your bones!


Easily connect to a range of devices using optical and mini-jack inputs. There are also jacks for a headset, a computer port and a USB port. It even has built-in Bluetooth allowing you directly stream from your phone!


With controls on the soundbar and a remote, controlling the set-up is simple. The soundbar’s base is completed with 49 programmable LED lights which can produce up to 16.8 million colours and can be fully customised.


The compact design is superb for use with a range of TV sizes and the soundbar can be easily wall-mounted using the included brackets.



  • Multi-core DSP
  • Virtual 5.1 surround sound
  • 49 programmable LED lights


  • Subwoofer is wired
  • LEDS don’t always sync with audio



If you’re looking for a multi-purpose soundbar with subwoofer, then consider Creative Sound BlasterX Katana. It’s a bit different from the rest on our list.


The subwoofer isn’t wireless and so needs to be connected to the soundbar to work. And while you don’t need to use two power cables, having the two elements connected does limit their placement.


Since it’s designed primarily for gaming, it lacks an HDMI input but does make up for this with a USB port which can play music directly from a USB memory stick. The controls are easy to use and while the remote is tiny, it offers more options.


Whether you’re watching a movie or gaming, the sound is rich and crisp with plenty of volume available. Plus the multiple modes including 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound create an exciting audio experience.


In short, if you’re tight on space yet require the best sound for both gaming and watching movies, this could be for you. 8/10




Yamaha YAS-207 Front Surround Soundbar System

Yamaha YAS207 Soundbar System

photo by Yamaha



As one of the worlds first soundbars with DTS Virtual:X, the Yamaha YAS-207 creates a fully immersive sound with punchy bass thanks to its wireless subwoofer. The set is reasonably priced at £253 (from Amazon).


From the box to use in minutes. Simply connect an HDMI cable between your TV and the soundbar, turn on the wireless subwoofer and you’re ready to go. If your TV offer HDMI-CEC, then you can use this function to turn the power on/off, switch inputs and adjust the volume with a single remote.


There’s also the option of connecting to your TV using either the mini-jack or optical inputs. As you might expect, the YAS-207 has Bluetooth, which allows you to seamlessly stream audio from your smart device.


Featuring DTS Virtual:X compatibility, the YAS-207 produces an impressive surround sound that envelops the viewer. You’ll feel like you’re on set, hearing the action as the director intended it.


The YAS-207 produces a fully dynamic sound and the built-in Clear Voice function brings the sound of narration and dialogue to the forefront without compromising the overall quality. TV, movies and games come to life with a rich sound landscape.


A powerful subwoofer is a perfect companion to the soundbar and as a wireless unit, can be placed anywhere in the room. The impactful bass sound makes watching entertainment at home even more exciting.


Basic controls are available on the soundbar and the remote provides additional options including being able to adjust the volume of both the soundbar and subwoofer as well as changing the sound mode.



  • DTS Virtual:X
  • Superb connectivity including an HDMI output
  • Well-designed remote


  • Subwoofer often cuts out on dialogue



The Yamaha YAS-207 offers many exciting features including DTS Virtual:X which produce a surround sound field close to that of a 5.1 system. The sound overall is fantastic with a clear mid-range, crisp highs and thumping lows.


However, there is one sizeable design flaw. The point at which Yamaha has set the subwoofer crossover frequency is wrong and leads to it cutting out during in quiet dialogue. This is very off-putting during TV shows when listening at a moderate volume.


Of course, if you’re watching a movie and have the unit turned up, then your less likely to experience this problem. Again it’s a design flaw that can’t be solved by a firmware update.


It does sound fantastic despite this problem with many useful features. 7/10




BOMAKER Njord I Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

BOMAKER Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

photo by BOMAKER



The BOMAKER Njord I Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer provides 150 watts of volume, multiple modes and built-in Bluetooth. It’s available from Amazon for £120.


Featuring several inputs including Optical, mini-jack AUX, USB and Bluetooth, the BOMAKER BOMAKER Njord I is versatile. It’s also easy to set-up as it comes complete with RCA and optical cables and the two units interact wirelessly.


The soundbar uses 4 speakers to deliver a crystal clear sound with superb balance across the mid and high frequencies. While the subwoofer uses 2 speakers to create a punchy bass sound. Together, they a fantastic balanced sound that’s ideal for watching TV, gaming or movies.


Choose between 4 audio modes, each designed for a different viewing experience. The remote also allows you to adjust the treble and bass frequencies. Adjusting the sound to your preferences couldn’t be simpler.


Controlling the set is easy as you can either use the controls on the soundbar or the remote to control the set. Sadly, there are no LEDs on the soundbar, so you can’t easily see which source is selected.


The built-in Bluetooth extends your options and enables you to enjoy music from virtually any streaming service via your smart device.



  • 150 watts of volume
  • 4 DSP modes
  • Includes cables


  • no HDMI input
  • Lack status LEDs



Out of the box, it’ll take minutes to get the BOMAKER Njord I set-up. Connect each component to the mains and hook up the soundbar to your TV with the included cable, and you’re ready to go.


Several inputs are available but it lacks an HDMI input. You’ll need a TV with either an optical output or a headphone socket. The Bluetooth function is also nice and the USB port can be used to update the firmware.


However as there are no LEDs on the unit, it’s quite hard to tell which source is selected and gauge where the volume is. That said, the controls on the unit and remote are well designed.


The 4 modes (off, clear voice, music, film) each provide a different listening experience yet can still be fine-tuned using the treble and bass EQ controls. Overall, it produces a crisp, full sound that faithfully reproduces the audio.


The BOMAKER Njord I is ideal as an entry-level unit. 7/10




Majority Ben Nevis II Plus Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Majority Ben Nevis II Plus

photo by Majority



Designed in the UK and affordable priced, the Majority Ben Nevis II Plus is available in either black or white, and provides a superb set of features. It’s available for £90 (buy at Amazon).


The compact design for both elements allows the Ben Nevis II + to seamlessly slot into any TV set-up. Wall mounting the soundbar is also very easy. While the wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere within the room.


With 150 watts of power, the set has plenty of volume on tap and can be adjusted to suit the room thanks to Bass and Treble controls on the remote. Also, the compact remote only includes essential controls, making operation simple.


The range of connectivity is excellent an includes HDMI ARC, Optical, and AUX mini-jack – located on the side for easier access. A USB port is also located with the controls and AUX input. Simply connect any USB device and enjoy MP3 files while controlling the function using the remote.


Bluetooth and a built-in FM radio complete the input sources. At the touch of a button, you can switch between multiple inputs and enjoy a range of audio.


In addition to the remote, the basic controls are located at the righthand side of the soundbar. This allows you to quickly adjust the volume or change the source without needing to find the remote.


Majority, who are based in Cambridge offers a comprehensive 36-month warranty and full technical support.



  • 150 watts of power
  • Great connectivity
  • Built-in FM radio


  • No Optical or HDMI cables included



As an entry-level level soundbar with subwoofer, the Majority Ben Nevis II Plus provides fantastic value for money. It’s packed full of features and sounds superb.


The useful control panel on the soundbar makes operating it easy and LEDs show which mode you’re using. Plus the mini-jack and USB inputs allow you to easily connect devices without having to move the unit or feel around the rear.


For the price, we’d surprised to see such a range of inputs including an HDMI ARC. And while you’ll need to supply an HDMI or optical cable, connecting the set to a TV is simple.


Even if the sound quality doesn’t quite compare to more expensive units such as the Sony, for the price you can’t beat it. 7/10




Razer Leviathan Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Razer Leviathan

photo by Razer



Iconic design and versatile performance, the Razer Leviathan is ideal for gaming and movies. Priced at £190 from Amazon.


Don’t be fooled by the compact design as it still packs a punch and produces 30 watts of volume. Only offering a few inputs (optical, mini-jack and Bluetooth), Razer have paired back the unit to the basics.


Offering virtual 5.1 surround sound without the need for multiple speakers, the Razer Leviathan create an immersive sound that’s ideal for several uses. Designed around Dolby virtual speaker, Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby pro logic II, which ensure the best audio experience.


With built-in Bluetooth v4.0 with aptX technology, you can listen to music in the highest quality yet without the hassle of wires. And with 10 metres in range, you don’t need to be close to the unit for it effectively play music.


The soundbar effortlessly handles high and mid frequencies while the powerful subwoofer delivers a satisfying low end. Together they allow you to experience audio in full technicolour with a rich full response.



  • 30 Watts of output
  • Uses several Dolby decoders
  • Built-in Bluetooth v4.0 with aptX technology


  • Limited inputs



If you’re looking for a compact solution that’s easy to move and versatile, then consider the Razer Leviathan. It might fall short in a few ways but is ideal for gaming and listening to music.


It lacks an HDMI input but does have an optical, mini-jack and Bluetooth. That said the mini-jack is rear-mounted which is less than ideal. You should be able to use the set with a variety of sources including game consoles, computers and TVs.


At 30 watts, it might appear to lack output but this will only be an issue if you’re trying to fill a massive room with sound. In a normal-sized lounge, it should be sufficient.


If iconic design matters and you can see past the other issues including the high price tag then consider the Razer Leviathan. 7/10




What’s the best soundbar with subwoofer under £300?

Before you rush out and buy any of the products we’ve reviewed, ensure they come with the correct cables or that you already have some. Most of the units only come with power cables. So avoid disappointment!


The best soundbar with subwoofer depends on your budget. looking to spend £100 or less, then buy SHARP HT-SBW182 2.1 Slim Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer. It’s affordable, feature-packed and easy to use.


If you have closer to £200, consider the Samsung HW-R450 2.1ch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer. Just be aware that for the maximum benefits you’ll want to use one of Samsung latest TVs.


Our top two picks are the Sony HT-SD35 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Philips HTL3320/10 Soundbar with Subwoofer. Both are excellent options and will provide you with a noticeable sound improvement over your current TV speakers.