Top 10 Best Soundbars Under £100 For 2020

March 2019
Best Soundbars Under £100

Adding a soundbar to your TV is one of the best and easest ways to improve your watching experience. Typically placed underneath the TV, the soundbar projects a wider, more detailed sound field over the TV’s onboard speakers.


Unlike TV speakers which are generally positioned at the rear, meaning the sound has to bounce off a wall, soundbars project forward creating a more immediate, richer sound.


However, there’s more to them than meets the eyes. Most soundbars also are Bluetooth ready, allowing you to play music from your phone or tablet.


Whether you’re looking to improve your tv or movie watching experience or enjoy music in a higher quality, a soundbar is a must.


Having searched the internet, here are our top 10 best soundbars under £100. Included in our list are well-known brands, new arrivals on the scene and a personal favourite.





Our rating



Goodmans 60 W 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar



LG Electronics SK1 All-in-One Soundbar



Samsung HW-N300 Compact Soundbar



Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar



JVC Compact Sound Bar



Majority Snowdon II Soundbar



AZATOM Studio Soundbar



Panasonic SC-HTB8 Soundbar



LONPOO 20-inch Slim Soundbar



TaoTronics 40-Inch Sound Bar



* Prices correct at time of publishing



Goodmans 60 W 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar

Goodmans 60W Soundbar

photo by Goodmans



At £44 (from Amazon), the Goodmans 60 W 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar is an affordable solution with plenty of power.


It comes with a range of cables, so getting it set up is easy. Also in the box is a mounting kit in case you plan on fixing it to a wall.


The Goodmans delivers 60 watts of power, which is more than you’ll probably ever need. Plus, the unit has an integrated sub-woofer. This means it delivers a clear and full sound across the frequencies.


In terms of connectivity, on the rear, there are optical and RCA inputs. On the right side, alongside the controls is an AUX mini-jack socket. In addition, the soundbar is Bluetooth compatible.


The control panel on the right-hand side includes volume, source, and Bluetooth. If you prefer, there’s a small remote.


This remote covers all the basics like source, power, mute and volume. You can also select from the 3 DSP settings (Music/Movie/Voice) and adjust the bass and treble. In Bluetooth mode, you can use the play/pause, forward and rewind buttons.



  • 60 Watts
  • 3 preset modes
  • Good connectivity options


  • no HDMI
  • Small busy remote



In our view, the Goodmans 60 W 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar is superb. And at £44 – it’s a steal.


Our recommendation is to save your pennies and buy the 60-watt version. The 30-watt unit lacks the power that movies and you deserve! So treat yourself!


Overall the soundbar is well throughout. You have plenty of connectivity options on the rear. The side panel controls and aux input are super useful, especially if you have an iPod that you wish to use on occasion.


While we would argue that the remote has too many options and is small, it is useful for fine-tuning the overall sound. As the unit doesn’t have HDMI ARC, which would allow you to control the volume from the TV’s remote, you’ll find that the remote comes in handy.


Our score for the Goodmans 60 W 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar is 9/10!




LG Electronics SK1 All-in-One Soundbar

LG Electronics SK1 Soundbar

photo by LG Electronics



Designed to match an LG 43 inch TV this LG Electronics SK1 All-in-One Soundbar has a unique look and costs £73.99 (available at Amazon).


With a total output of 40 watts, the SK1 delivers enough power for TV, movies and music. The unit features a built-in Bass Blast mode with delivers a fuller sound without the need for a subwoofer.


Set up is straight forward with three inputs and Bluetooth connectivity. These inputs are located on the rear and consist of HDMI ARC, optical and mini-jack.


As an LG product, it syncs with their TVs via their Sound Sync option and so provides control using your existing TV remote. Of course, if your TV isn’t from LG, then the remote will come in handy.


The remote is fairly small, but provide easy access to all of the main functions. In addition to volume, power and source buttons, you can activate the Bass Blast and the Dynamic Range Control (DRC).


Selecting DRC mode means the soundbar will automatically prevent sudden volume changes and will improve the clarity of the sound at low volume.


A unique feature on the SK1 is its power on options. You can set it up so that it reacts to the input source. For example, if you decide to play music via Bluetooth, simply cast to the SK1 and jump into action.


Finally, the LG SK1 is easy to mount if you prefer that over resting it on a media unit.



  • Sleek unique design
  • Easily syncs with LG TVs
  • Unique Bass Blast and Dynamic Range Control modes


  • No optical cable included
  • AUX input is on rear
  • No EQ controls



There’s something almost futuristic about the LG Electronics SK1 All-in-One Soundbar’s design. While at £74, it’s one of the most expensive on our list, it is full of features.


There are a few points which let the SK1 down. Firstly there are no cables included. Again one would imagine this would be a stupidly simple issue for LG to sort. So, if you do purchase, make sure you add some cables!


The mini-jack AUX input is on the rear. This means it will be a pain to use if you prefer to play music via an iPod, for example. Of course, if you plan to only Bluetooth, then this won’t be a deal breaker.


Rather than including the option to tweak the bass and treble, LG has replaced this with a Bass Blast mode. While this might work for the majority of users, having these controls would be a bonus.


We like the DRC mode and considering the above, the Bass Blast is also useful. The sync option is great and means you’re not always searching for a remote. Plus the automatic power on/off option is really nice too.


Safe to say, we recommend the LG Electronics SK1 All-in-One Soundbar. 8/10!




Samsung HW-N300 Compact Soundbar

Samsung HW-N300 compact soundbar

photo by Samsung



Immerse yourself in world-class sounds with Samsung HW-N300 Compact Soundbar, which is available for £99.00 from Amazon.


Beneath the compact, stylish design sits 4 speakers which are fed by a 2 channel amplifier (15 watts per channel). The combination of the speakers with amplifier produces a rich, full sound across all frequencies. Dialogue sound crystal clear, whereas audio is reproduced in stunning detail.


In terms of inputs, you can directly connect your TV using an optical cable, mini-jack or USB. While the onboard Bluetooth enables you to seamlessly connect the soundbar to your smartphone or tablet. There are basic controls at one end and a fantastic remote.


If your planning to pair this soundbar with a Samsung smart TV, then you’ll be relieved to learn you only need a single remote to control both. Discover a whole new world of entertainment at your fingertips with the Samsung HW-N300 Compact Soundbar.



  • 30 Watts output
  • Works effortlessly with Samsung smart TVs
  • Multiple inputs


  • No cables included



Offering plenty of power, multiple inputs and compact design, Samsung HW-N300 Compact Soundbar is highly affordable.


At 64 cm long, the HW-N300 fits perfectly under a range of TV sizes, whether on a media unit or mounted to the wall. You’ll need to supply audio cables if you plan to use the optical or mini-jack AUX input as sadly none come with the unit.


What makes this Samsung soundbar interesting is the built-in wireless connection, making it simple to pair this soundbar with a Samsung TV. You can also use the soundbar’s remote to control the TV!


If you’re looking to improve your TV’s speakers and want a powerful, sleek unit then it’s worth considering the Samsung HW-N300 Compact Soundbar. 8/10




Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar

Sony HT-SF150 Soundbar

photo by Sony



Our first soundbar is the Sony HT-SF150, which can be yours for £89 (available on Amazon). Measuring 35 inches (90cm), it’s reasonable size will blend in under most TVs or on the wall.


Under the hood of the Sony HT-SF150 are two speakers, which each produce 30 watts. These are designed to give a punchy bass without sacrificing the overall frequency response. Sony’s S-Force virtual surround sound technology is designed to emulate the surround sound typical of the cinema.


This unit connects to your TV via optical or HDMI. Playing music using the device is also simple as you can easily stream via Bluetooth or use the USB input.


The HT-SF150 remote enables more control that you’ll ever require! However, it’s simple enough for anyone to use.


If you lose the remote or if that’s not your thing, then you’ll find the buttons on top useful. These include buttons for input source, volume +/- and power. The easy to see status LEDs, shows which input is selected.


Mounting is easy and only requires two screws (not included). And of course, Sony HT-SF150 looks superb sat under a TV.



  • S-Force virtual surround sound technology
  • Slimline design
  • 60 watts


  • Limited connectivity
  • No HDMI cable included



When it comes to TVs and hi-fis, the Sony brand remains amongst the best. And this Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar doesn’t disappoint.


Starting with the bad points. The unit comes with short power and optical cables. So, if you’re planning to connect via HDMI, then you’ll need to buy a cable.


In terms of connectivity, the Sony HT-SF150 only provides two inputs (Optical and HDMI ARC). This mean users with older TV might struggle. In our opinion, Sony could have included an AUX mini-jack input. Doing so would ensure wider connectivity.


Finally, the remote while well thought out does provide you with more options that you’ll ever need. A slimmer remote would be better, especially if your goal is to improve the TV’s built-in speakers.


We like the virtual surround system, while it will never replace a 5.1 setup, it does sound rich. You’ll be disappointed if you hope this Sony soundbar will replace the need for a subwoofer.


Overall we’re happy to give the Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar 7/10.




JVC Compact Sound Bar

JVC Compact Soundbar

photo by JVC



If you’re looking for a slim soundbar for a bedroom, the kitchen or simply for your main TV, then JVC TH-D227B 2.0 Compact Sound Bar could be for you. Available from Amazon at £59.94.


Designed for TVs of 17 inches and up, JVC has packed a lot into a small space. The unit uses two 15 watt speakers and has a good amount of power.


While you can place it on top of a unit, the included mounting kit will enable you to fix the soundbar to the wall with ease.


When it comes connecting the JVC with audio sources, there are a few options available. The unit has inputs for mini-jack, coaxial, and optical. All of these connections are located on the rear. Also, the unit is Bluetooth ready.


The unit comes with a 3.5mm mini-jack cable and a coaxial cable. Sadly, no optical cable is included.


The remote is well throughout with only the necessary options available. In addition to the remote, you can control the soundbar using the buttons on top. These include source buttons, vol +/-, and power. The status LEDs on the front are also useful.


Finally, the unit automatically switches to standby after 15 minutes of inactivity.



  • Slim design with small footprint
  • Mounting kit included
  • Good range of inputs


  • AUX input is on rear – hard to reach
  • lacks full sounding bass



The JVC TH-D227B 2.0 Compact Sound Bar is a superb solution if you’re looking for a soundbar with a small footprint.


At 30 watts, it’s powerful enough to bring the TV to life but isn’t super loud. The frequency response is fairly good but lacks depth for movies as there’s no virtual surround sound programme.


We like the mounting kit as this will enable us to quickly set it up. The only downside to mounting it is the AUX input is on the rear and not on the side. So if you plan on occasional using an iPod or media player then you might be frustrated.


Another annoying point is JVC didn’t include an optical cable. While this is a small issue, it still annoying.


We like the LEDs and the buttons on the unit as both are really useful and mean you don’t always need the remote.


Overall, the JVC TH-D227B 2.0 Compact Sound Bar is perfect for smaller tv and will improve the sound. Our rating is 7/10!




Majority Snowdon II Soundbar

Majority Snowdon II Soundbar

photo by Majority



With its unique sloping design, the Majority Snowdon II Soundbar is a steal at £34.95 (available from Amazon).


Starting with the connectivity, there’s a good range of options on the Snowdon II. The optical input is likely to be your first choice. Sadly no optical cable is included. In addition, the unit has dual RCA phonos and AUX mini-jack.


This mini-jack socket is located at the end on the unit, next to the controls. This allows easy access if you want to use an iPod or media player. Bluetooth devices sync with ease. So there’s plenty of options with the Snowdon II soundbar.


With an inbuilt sub-woofer, the soundbar is designed to faithfully reproduce a 2.1 surround sound experience, albeit virtually. The total output of 120 watts means you have more than enough volume.


While the inputs are safely tucked away on the rear, the controls and AUX input are easily accessible on the right-hand side. These controls include vol +/-, power, and source. The remote provides another way to control the unit and enables you to control the basics as well as the EQ options.


As you’d expect, it’s quite easy to mount on a wall, however, screws are not included. Finally, the Snowdon II comes with a 3-year warranty.



  • 120 watt output
  • Built in sub-woofer
  • Multiple inputs (RCA phonos, Optical, mini-jack)


  • Optical cables not included
  • Turns on very loud
  • no HDMI input



At just shy of £35, the Majority Snowdon II Soundbar leaves us feeling a little mixed.


Yes, it’s cheap and powerful but enough users have had issues to make us questions whether it’s worth it. Of course, some of these issues could be down to QA, which Majority might have sorted.


It’s worth noting that the included cables won’t be of the highest quality and may cause issues. So you’ll want to treat yourself to some better cables.


We like the built-in sub-woofer, as well as the controls and an AUX input on the side. It’s slightly annoying that the unit doesn’t come with an optical cable as that is our preferred method of connection.


Overall, the Majority Snowdon II Soundbar seems fairly priced for the features. 7/10.




AZATOM Studio Soundbar

AZATOM Soundbar

phoyo AZATOM



If you’re short on space but really want a 2.1 sound system, then the AZATOM Studio Soundbar (available at Amazon for £59.95) might be for you.


Using a Multi-Directional Speaker Configuration and built-in Subwoofer, the AZATOM delivers an impressive 180 watts. The unique digital signal processing technology produces cinema-quality sound.


There are 4 built-in presets to choose from including Music, TV, Movies and default. Each fine-tunes the overall sound while enhancing your viewing experience.


There’s a good selection of connectivity, including HDMI ARC, optical and RCA phono inputs. A mini-jack AUX input is located with the controls on the right-hand side. This panel includes vol +/-, power, and input source. Also, you can connect via Bluetooth.


While there are controls on the right-hand side, the remote will enable you to fine-tune the sound further. The remote has controls for Bass and treble frequencies, input source, volume +/- and more.


Finally, AZATOM Studio Soundbar comes with a 3 Year Warranty.



  • Built-in sub woofer
  • 4 sound presets
  • 3 year Warranty


  • HDMI Arc doesn’t always work with older HDMI devices
  • Only an optical cable included



While AZATOM is a new brand to us, they design their products in the UK. This soundbar has a number of unique features, which make the £60 price tag feel cheap!


Firstly, the AZATOM Studio Soundbar is a decent size and sits under a 40 inch TV nicely. It comes with a wall mounting kit and is quite simple to mount it.


While only an optical cable is included, it’s likely you won’t need any other cables. Of course, if you have a 4k TV with HDMI ARC output then it will be worth buying a cable. Connecting this way means you’ll be able to control the soundbar using the TV’s remote.


As there are 4 presets, you can easily fine-tune the soundbar to the situation without you needing to balance frequencies.


For the price, it’s a superb unit: 7/10.




Panasonic SC-HTB8 Soundbar

Panasonic Soundbar SC-HTB8-EBK

photo by Panasonic



The Panasonic SC-HTB8 Soundbar (price £68.99 at Amazon) is a 2 channel unit which produces 80 watts of power.


The silm design means it’s will easily fit under most TVs of 32″ to 50″ inches. Yet it still packs a punch!


The SC-HTB8 has a dynamic sound for HDTVs and Clear-mode dialogue feature for perfect sound spectrum. Plus you can stream via Bluetooth, with apps available in the Apple and Google Play stores.


In terms of connectivity, a few options are available in addition to Bluetooth. An optical input and RCA phono input are both located at the rear.


Moving on the front, on top, two rows of controls make adjusting simple. The first has vol +/- controls, input selector and power. The other row contains LEDs and indicates which mode is activated, the source and power status.


The small remote is quite basic and covers just the essentials. You can turn the unit on/off, control the volume, change the input source and the mode. There’s also a Bluetooth button.


Mounting is easy and only requires two screws. You can, of course, place the Panasonic SC-HTB8 Soundbar on your media unit.



  • 80 Watts of power
  • Silm design
  • Clear-mode dialogue feature, which improves on-screen speech


  • Lack of frequency control
  • LEDs are hard to view
  • Limited connectivity



Like other well-known brands, we had high hopes for the Panasonic SC-HTB8 Soundbar. Sadly, it’s quite disappointing.


The first issue is there are only two inputs (optical and RCA), there’s no HDMI ARC or mini-jack AUX input. Having just one of these would make connecting it to more devices easier.


Second, you have to supply your own cables. It doesn’t even come with a power cable. This would be easy for Panasonic to sort.


Our third issue is lack of control. The remote is fairly useless as it provides little options over what on the unit. Also, the unit’s LEDs while helpful are set quite far back and are somewhat obscured.


We like the modes and the Clear-mode dialogue feature is impressive.


At just shy of £70, the Panasonic SC-HTB8 Soundbar feels a little overpriced. Sadly our rating is 6/10.




LONPOO 20-inch Slim Soundbar

LONPOO Slim 20 inch Soundbar

photo by LONPOO



While LONPOO isn’t a household name, at £32.60 (available from Amazon), this 20-inch soundbar is worth looking at. So, what does a little over £30 get you?


Under the sleek 20 inch frame, there are 4 speakers which provide up to 10 watts in power. At each end, there are bass holes, which aims to improve the bass frequencies.


When compared to other soundbars in our list, 10 watts may seem on the small side. However, this unit should be sufficient for watching tv in a kitchen, bedroom or small living room.


As it’s designed to work with TV and computers, the LONPOO comes with a USB cable. So if your TV doesn’t have a USB socket, you’ll want to buy an adaptor.


The unit’s audio cable allows you to use a microphone and speaker. While you might never use the mic capabilities, it’ll be used if you live in a small apartment as it can double as a PC speaker. As a Bluetooth enabled device, it’s easy to stream music in its full glory.


The front has a volume knob which also acts as the power switch. There are also headphone and microphone sockets, for when you’re trying to keep the volume down.


Other than this size, what makes the LONPOO perfect for small space is the option to mount it on a wall. You can, of course, place it on a table.



  • Small – only 20 inches long
  • Versatile uses
  • Powers via USB


  • Low 10 watts output
  • Limited connectivity
  • Thin sound



At just over £30 the LONPOO 20-inch Slim Soundbar does a fairly good job. Of course, it won’t sound as good as the Sony or LG for example. So is it worth it? Maybe.


For example, if you live in a small apartment and want to improve your’s TV sound, then it’s worth taking a look at. If you use your PC or laptop a lot and want to improve the sound then it’s a worthwhile upgrade.


However, if your a serious film buff or audiophile, then you’ll want to skip the LONPOO. 6/10




TaoTronics 40-Inch Sound Bar

TaoTronics 40 inch Soundbar

photo by TaoTronics



With its unique design, the TaoTronics 40-Inch Sound Bar offers a lot for it’s £59.99 (buy on Amazon) price tag.


Let’s start with its shape. The front is angled, which mean the speakers disperse into the room rather than in a straight line.


There’s four amplifiers onboard which drive two full-range speaker and two sub-woofers. This results in clearer sound and better overall frequency response.


The connectivity on the rear gives you plenty of options including optical, coaxial and RCA phono inputs. You can even play music directly from your device using Bluetooth. Both mini-jack to RCA and optical cables come with the unit.


On the front, the LED display is easy to use and displays the mode and loudness. Underneath this panel is four essential controls: vol+/-, power and mute.


If the controls on the front aren’t enough, then the remote provides you with more options. While most remotes have a source button which allows you to cycle through the inputs list, the TaoTronics remote has a button for each input. The remote also has buttons for power, vol -/+, mute amougst other.


Measuring 40 inches, you can place it on the top of a media unit or mount it to a wall (no screws included).



  • Unique design
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • LED display on the front


  • No mounting screws
  • Lacks AUX input
  • No EQ controls



At a penny under £60, the TaoTronics 40-Inch Sound Bar TT-SK019 is fairly affordable.


However, this soundbar lacks in a few areas. Firstly, you have no control over the frequency response. So if you’re listening to TV and it sounds muffled, there’s no way for you to turn down the bass and increase the treble.


The LED display is nice but would work better on top as you’ll find yourself glancing at it rather than enjoying TV or music. The 4 controls under this display are useful but could equally be on top, out of the way.


The remote is confusing as there’s a button for each input source. While some will like this feature, others will wish for a single button as they might only use a second input occasionally.


All in all, we think there are better units on the market for the same price. So the TaoTronics 40-Inch Sound Bar scores 5/10.




The best soundbar under £100

If you’re looking to improve your tv and movie watching experience then adding a soundbar is a great idea.


While the market is flooded with cheap options, you’ll want to spend at least £50 to ensure you get one which will last and provide you with crystal clear sound.


If you’re looking for a small soundbar for the bedroom or kitchen, then you can’t go wrong with the JVC Compact Soundbar, especially for the price.


Looking for plug-in and play? Then the Samsung HW-N300 Compact Soundbar is superb and it actually holds our top spot along with the Goodmans 60 W 2.1 Bluetooth Soundbar.


The Goodmans Soundbar is worth more the price! It’s superb, has a lot of options and is very powerful.