15 Best toilet roll holders for any bathroom

best toilet roll holders

Granted, looking for the best toilet roll holder for your bathroom isn’t the sexiest of purchases you’ll make. That said, if you’re trying to keep your bathroom tidy yet stylish then you’ll want somewhere to store your loo rolls without attracting too much attention.


Bearing all of this in mind, we’ve found 15 of the best toilet roll holder. Any of these should work in your bathroom. Thankfully, there is a multitude of designs available and none look like those you’d find at your nan’s!


So whether you’re still nostalgically using Andrex or a devotee of recycled loo paper, don’t let your pile of rolls clutter your bathroom!



Tatkraft Kiara Toilet Paper Roll Holder Stand

Tatkraft Kiara Toilet Roll Holder

photo by Tatkraft


Able to hold up to five rolls, the Stainless Steel Tatkraft Kiara Toilet Paper Roll Holder Stand can be placed anywhere thanks to its heavy base. Made of durable and rustproof stainless steel, which can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth.


This stylish stand provides a convenient way for you to store up to four toilet rolls with another roll in use. Restore a sense of calm to your bathroom with this loo roll holder, which measures 15 cm (l) by 15 cm (w) by 42 cm (h).




iDesign Freestanding Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

iDesign Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

photo by iDesign


The iDesign Freestanding Chrome Toilet Roll Holder is an elegant solution for storing up to 4 toilet paper rolls. It’s discreet design ensure convenience while still adding an element of modern style. Able to hold a roll in use as well as hiding 3 extra rolls. It keeps them clean and tidy.


Sporting a compact frame of 20.3 cm x 16.5 cm x 62.2 cm, it’s ideal for any bathroom, big or small, especially if you’re lacking in practical storage. Made from durable metal that is easily kept clean and shining. The silver finish is practical yet blends well.




Wenko Stainless Steel Freestanding Toilet Butler

Wenko Toilet Butler

photo by Wenko


If you’re tight on space and looking for a function solution, then you’ll want to consider the Wenko Stainless Steel Freestanding Toilet Butler. It combines space to store 4 rolls, a sperate arm for holding the roll currently being used and a closed toilet brush.


Sporting a silver finish, this Wenko product is designed to last and is sturdy thanks to solid based. Made from stainless steel, it doesn’t rust and wipe clean with ease.


The toilet brush is complete with a replaceable brush head and is a generous size of 7.5 cm in diameter. Overall, it measure 30 cm (w) by 20 cm (d) by 73 cm (h).




Baabara Toilet Roll Holder Sheep

Baabara Toilet Roll Holder Sheep

photo by Red Candy


If you’re a fan of quirky design, then look no further than the Baabara Toilet Roll Holder Sheep. Ewe will love it! Keep your rolls of toilet paper shouldn’t be boring!


The unique design incorporates plenty of space for toilet paper. Using the shape of a sheep, the four legs ensure your loo rolls are off the ground, yet provide a playful alternative to the bog-standard design (pun intended!).


Able to hold up to 7 rolls, the shape and texture of the toilet paper emulates a sheep’s fluffy, white wool. Made from metal, finished in black, you can use the Baabara Toilet Paper Sheep either freestanding on the ground or fixed to the wall (screws not included).


Some assembly required. It measures 37.5 cm (w) by 13.5 cm (d) by 27 cm (h).




simplywire Toilet Roll Holder and Storage

simplywire Toilet Roll Holder

photo by simplywire


If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalistic solution, the simplywire Toilet Roll Holder and Storage is ideal. This freestanding toilet roll holder also doubles up as a dispenser. Providing room to store three additional rolls, the modern design enables you to store more with less space.


Crafted from robust steel and completed with a high shine copper finish, it’s designed to be easy to wipe clean and remain rust-free. Plastic feet provide an anti-slip base for stable storage. It measures 14 cm (w) by 14 cm (d) by 60 cm (h) and no assembly required.




KES Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder

KES Free Standing Toilet Roll Holder

photo by KES


Holding an impressive six rolls at once, the KES Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder is a superb solution that takes up a tiny amount of space yet it sturdy! Crafted from premium grade stainless steel, the brushed silver finish is attractive while ensuring it won’t rust and is easily wiped clean.


At 82 cm tall, this freestanding toilet roll holder can stores up to 6 tissue rolls, allowing you to keep an ample supply near the loo! A heavy weighted base ensures it doesn’t easily tip over. The anti-slip padding on the base prevents it from moving and keeps the floor free from scratches.




HomeZone Novelty Cow Toilet Roll Holder

HomeZone Cow Toilet Roll Holder

photo by HomeZone


If Ewe (oh, dear!) didn’t like the sheep toilet roll holder, then you might get a laugh from the HomeZone Novelty Cow Toilet Roll Holder! That said, it’s a seriously cool way to store your loo roll that takes up a small amount of space.


The stylish design allows you to build a cow out of toilet rolls. Holding up to 7 rolls at once, these quirky loo roll holders will ensure you’ll never be caught short again!


Manufactured from black powder-coated steel, it’s water-resistant and rust-proof. As a freestanding unit that comes assembled, simply remove the packaging and place it near your loo! It measures 30 cm (w) by 10 cm (d) by 36 cm (h).




Woodluv Bamboo Toilet Roll Holder

woodluv bamboo toilet roll holder

photo by Woodluv


If you’re a Scandi design fan, then you’ll appreciate the Woodluv Bamboo Toilet Roll Holder. Sporting a compact design and measuring 15 cm (w) by 15 cm (d) by 33 cm (h). Ideal for storing your spare toilet rolls without any fuss around your home.


Made of durable and natural bamboo, which is 100% organic and sustainable as no trees were cut down to produce this wonderful material. Plus, Bamboo is washable, easy to clean and anti-bacterial. It comes already assembled, allowing you to start using it immediately.




TreeLen Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder with Top Shelf Storage

TreeLen Toilet Roll Holder

photo by TreeLen


The TreeLen Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder with Top Shelf Storage means you’ll never be without toilet paper again! Storing 3 rolls of tissue paper and another one for use, this toilet paper holder makes it easy to quickly grab a roll yet only requires a tiny amount of space.


At the top is a shelf, which is convenient and highly practical, adding more storage in a small space, keeping your bathroom organized. You could use this shelf for storing your phones, keys, even wet wipes!


Manufactured from stainless steel, finished in a matte black hue, it’s designed to be durable and long-lasting. The weighted steel base adds stability helps to keep it from tipping. 4 raised feet on the bottom keep loo rolls off of the bathroom floor, so they always clean and dry.




mDesign Rose Gold Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder

mDesign gold Toilet Roll Holder

photo by mDesign


Sporting a luxurious rose gold finish, the mDesign Rose Gold Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder uses a classic design. Use this interesting toilet paper storage and dispenser to add an element of class to your small or large bathroom.


Made of durable metal, which is resistant to stains, this unit will last years. As a freestanding unit, it is water-resistant and easy to care for, making it ideal. Plus, as no assembly is required, you can use it straight away.


The compact design of 18 cm (w) x 16 cm (d) x 61 cm (h), means it easily slots into most restrooms yet it holds up to 3 rolls with further room for dispensing a roll.




House & Homestyle Toilet Roll Holder

House Homestyle Toilet roll Holder

photo by House & Homestyle


If you can’t bear the sight of spare loo rolls, then you’ll want to consider the House & Homestyle Toilet Roll Holder. Made from MDF and finished in a grey hue, this freestanding unit exudes an old-world charm with a modern twist. It measures 20 cm (w) by 18 cm (d) by 79 cm (h).


As a 2 in 1 bathroom storage solution, on the top is a toilet roll holder and a mini cupboard underneath. You could easily use the cupboard to hold more loo rolls, cleaning supplies or other bathroom accessories.


Arriving flat packed and complete with full instructions, this Grey toilet roll holder stand is easy to assembly and slot into place.




HOMION Bamboo Toilet Roll Stand Holder

HOMION Bamboo Toilet roll Stand Holder

photo by HOMION


Keep extra rolls of toilet paper close at hand with the HOMION Bamboo Toilet roll Stand Holder. Featuring a unique design, this stylish freestanding unit adds a sense of calm to your bathroom. The simplistic design is ideal if you prefer a more minimalistic look.


Offering space for 3 rolls of toilet paper, you can safely store plenty and never be caught short! Made from Bamboo, it’s designed to last yet is naturally attractive to look at. The compact design measure 16 cm (w) by 15 cm (d) by 60 cm (h).




Wrenbury Wicker Toilet Roll Holder Basket

Wrenbury Wicker Toilet Roll Holder Basket

photo by Wrenbury


Mirroring the look of a clothes washing bin albeit, in mini form, the Wrenbury Wicker Toilet Roll Holder Basket holds 3 loo rolls. Made from full antique wash willow in a soft silver/brown colour with a woven willow handle. As it uses natural materials, each has a unique colour!


Ideal for hiding spare rolls of toilet paper in your bathroom, this wicker basket provides an innovative way of storing up to 3 toilet rolls or bathroom cleaning equipment. It measures 18 cm (w) by 18 cm (d) by 43 cm (h) and comes with a 12 months warranty.




Joseph Joseph Easy Store Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Joseph Joseph Easy Store Toilet Paper Holder

photo by Joseph Joseph


With a hidden compartment, the Joseph Joseph Easy Store Standing Toilet Paper Holder is an interesting freestanding unit. Made from stainless steel, the unit measures 22 cm (w) by 16 cm (d) by 68 cm (h) and holds four toilet rolls.


The handy shelf hides a discrete compartment below. These allow you to store sanitary items or your phone! A silicone strip on the main roll holder provides resistance when tearing and prevents the paper from unravelling too quickly. Plus you can store a further 3 rolls on the separate shaft.


A weighted base ensures good stability. Easy to care for, as it wipes clean with a damp cloth. It’s stylish, practical and compact.




Sealskin Square Toilet Butler

Sealskin Square Toilet Butler

photo by Sealskin


The Sealskin Square Toilet Butler, one accessory to serve three purposes. Much more than a toilet roll holder, it has space to store up to 3 spare rolls and a toilet brush set. Sporting a clean white finish, this Sealskin product is the perfect accessory for the bathroom or toilet.


Made from stainless steel and easy to wipe clean, the unit is both functional and compact, and ideal for your bathroom or toilet. As the toilet brush has a closing top, it is very hygienic. Easy to assemble, it measures 27 cm (w) by 20 cm (d) by 73 cm (h).




Which is the best toilet roll holder?

Having seen a range of the best toilet roll holders, hopefully, you’ve found a few you like. While we’ve tried to show a wide selection, all have a compact footprint, making them ideal even if you have a tiny under stairs loo or a small bathroom.


That said, our favourites are the Wenko Stainless Steel Freestanding Toilet ButlerHomeZone Novelty Cow Toilet Roll Holder and mDesign Rose Gold Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder.