What’s the Crestron Application Market?

Crestron Application Market

A Crestron home automation system makes life easier; by design. The system integrates with a wide range of third-party devices. However, it would be impossible for them to have a solution for every product known to man. Hence the need for the Crestron Application Market.


The idea is very similar to the Fibaro Marketplace insofar as anyone can submit a module, application, GUI that can be downloaded and used by users across the globe. There’s one slight difference, Crestron reviews every submission to ensure it matches their high standards.


With over 1,000 free and paid listings, the Crestron Application Market is a one-stop-shop for Modules, Applications, IR Drivers, and GUIs. It’s open to anyone, including Crestron dealers, Crestron Service Provider (CSP) and of course, Crestron users.


As no two Crestron systems are identical, the issues you face are likely unique. You could pay a dealer to solve these problems or take a DIY approach and search Crestron’s Application Market. You just might be lucky enough to find a solution.



Why did Crestron launch an app marketplace?

It might seem weird at first that Crestron would launch an app store, especially as they are a closed company that only sell products through highly-trained dealers. However, many Crestron users prefer to update their system and add new devices without needing a dealer.


By offering a safe way to allow programmers and enthusiasts to share software, Crestron creates a deeper sense of community between users and professionals.


Plus, as they review every submission, Crestron ensures that every piece of software (Modules, Applications, IR Drivers, and GUIs) available works. Unlike downloading software from a random website, the Crestron Application Market is a trusted resource.


Crestron controller


What’s available via the Crestron Application Market?

With thousands of software at your fingertips, the Crestron Application Market includes Modules, Applications, IR Drivers, and GUIs. You should be able to find a solution to integrate the majority of third-party devices with your Crestron system.


If you’re looking for a new theme for your tablets, there are nearly 40 different options available, including the free Smart Graphics for Homes, and ElevateGRFX – Manhattan Theme that costs $430.


There are hundreds of IR Drivers available, allowing you to seamlessly control an array of TV, AV receivers and media players.


You can even pick up Theme Creator by Ultamation, a standalone Windows application that enhances the capabilities of Crestron’s Smart Graphics platform by simplifying the creation of Smart Graphics themes.


What makes Crestron Application Market excellent is users can leave reviews with a rating. So you can base your decision on real users’ experience and not marketing hype.



How to use the Marketplace

It’s painless to find, purchase and download any software on the Crestron Application Market. So, there’s no need for you to spend hours searching for information on discussion forums or buying software from unverified providers.


Before you can get started, you need a Crestron account. You can use your existing Crestron log in, but you will need to activate it by starting a new account for the Application Market. Simply, type in the same login and password credentials as you do for the Crestron Website.


After you’ve logged on, you can simply select what you wish to download and add it to your cart (free or purchase). Once you purchase the module, it will begin to download.



Crestron online app market



Can anyone submit a module, application, GUI etc?

Crestron states that anyone is welcome to submit software for their marketplace and are happy to consider both paid and free offerings.


It’s free to submit and participate in the Application Market. However, if you’re planning on selling software, Crestron charges a commission fee of 30% on each sale.



What programming languages does Crestron use?

Crestron uses SIMPL and SIMPL+ programming languages. However, SIMPL isn’t so much of a programming language as it is a visual tool that allows you to build logic for your processors. That said, SIMPL is useful for basic programming, but is often inadequate for complex jobs.


SIMPL+ is a C-like language but is plagued with its own set of problems. Due to their proprietary nature, the main source for support is on the developer support forums.


Thankfully, you don’t have to use these proprietary languages though. Crestron supports C# via SIMPL Sharp, an open and useful language. Unfortunately for AV programmers, the implementations supported by the manufacturers are outdated.


With all that said, unless you have hours to learn these programming languages, it’s best to work with someone trained by Crestron. They can work with you to build a system that integrates all of your desired devices.



Crestron OS3 app market



Who can I ask for support with a module, application, GUI, etc.?

If you’ve downloaded a Crestron product, you can contact Crestron with any issues. With third-party downloads, you should contact the creator directly via the link on the site. You can also find the contact information in the Help File included with every download.



What happens if I download something that doesn’t work properly or is incomplete?

While Crestron does its best to review every submission to assure quality products within the Application Market, some users may encounter issues. If you find any issues, you should email Crestron directly, who will remove the software from the website until the issue is resolved.



Get started with the Crestron Application Market

With a much clearer idea of the Crestron Application Market, you should explore it and see if any software will improve your Crestron system and life. If you do, read the reviews. Next, create an account and start downloading software.